Jennifer Lopez in Bikini – What a Fat Ass!

Jennifer Lopez in Bikini - What a Fat Ass!

Right, this is a new picture of Jennifer Lopez in Bikini and she looks as terrible as ever. Seriously – What a Fat Ass!. That booty is massive. Inever liked Jennifer Lopez and all I found her good for was to take piss off her. Probably cause her usic is such a joke. She sucks almost as badly as Heidi Montag but to her credit, JLo looks better than Heidi. But that’s nothing to brag about. Heidi’s got fake boobs and that’s a loss right there.


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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez in Bikini – What a Fat Ass!”

  1. I agree with Steve and Bryan. As I recall, Jlo is now 40. With a build like that, I’ll bet it wouldnt take much effort to knock her up. She’s probably more fertile than the Napa Valley.

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