Kevin Blatt – Profile of a Sex Tape Promotions Broker

Kevin Blatt - Profile of a Sex Tape Promotions Broker

Kevin Blatt is a celebrity sex tape broker. His biggest achievement so far is One Night with Paris – the Paris Hilton sex tape deal he promoted, brokered and closed. He did a great job with it and made himself shit loads of money.

Now the name of Kevin Blatt is being spoken again, and again it’s in relation to sex tape promotions. And it’s another celebrity, this time around it’s the sex tape of Verne Troyer aka Mini-Me. And as it was with Paris Hilton sex tape, the promotion comes to Kevin Blatt itself.

Having Verne Troyer Sex Tape under his control, I can imagine what his reaction when he learned about the lawsuit Mini Me filed against TMZ. Kevin Blatt jumped right up in the air and screamed from the bottom of his lunges – “Fuck Yeah”! All the media are gonna pick the story up and talk about it, all bloggers are gonna talk about it, all forum boards are gonna have discussions about it and what does all that mean for him – another shit loads of money that he’s gonna make. His $100 000 worth of Verne Troyer sex tape is all of a sudden worth 10 times more. And he didn’t have to move his finger. What a lucky bastard, that Kevin Blatt..

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