Robert Pattinson Naked? No Way… Actually… Yes Way! Check it Out!

Robert Pattinson Naked

Not here, geeee. Beer Steak Blog is a safe for work site. But we know where to go to see the pic of Robert Pattinson naked. And I will tell, but let me tell you first – the kid has grown up on me. I used to see just a hairy dude, now I see Edward Cullen. And I’m not even a 12 year old girl and I kind of enjoyed Twilight. Does it mean I’m gay?

If you didn’t know, Robert Pattinson played Salvador Dali in the upcoming movie Little Ashes (release date set for May 8th, 2009). Little Ashes is rated R and as it turns out, at one point Robert Pattinson aka Salvador Dali poses in front of the mirror butt naked with his penis tucked in. Pubes are showing, not sure about butt. Does talking about naked dudes make me even more gay?

Click here for NSFW pic of Robert Pattinson Naked!

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