Sevin Nyne Photos of Lindsay Lohan

Sevin Nyne Headshot Photo of Lindsay Lohan

We all know Lindsay Lohan has been going broke for a while. She was fired from all the TV shows she was involved with, leaving her with nothing, including nothing lined up. Yes, Lindsay is a major show off who like attention of the paparazzi and always tips them on her whereabouts to make damn sure they are there. For as long as pictures of her are published, she remains in people’s minds and gets her tones of attention whoring. But the bank account is still running dry. Time to monetize on popularity (albeit incompetence, but still popularity). Here it comes – Lindsay Lohan introduces Sevin Nyne, her own personal self tanning spray line and these are first promo shots from the photo shoot for Sevin Nyne, that she purposefully made available for People’s Style Watch.

Lindsay Lohan revealed to People that she loves the sun, but exposure is so not good for you, hence introduction of Sevin Nyne, which will solve this terrible dilemma – to tan or not to tan. Well, with Sevin Nyne you tan, but you don’t. Everyone wins. Lindsay lohan says she tried countless tanning products but none was good enough for her tender legging covered skin, so she developed her own tanning line that works wonders.

Sevin Nyne tanning spray line is the result of cooperation between Lindsay Lohan and spray tanner Lorit Simon. Lindsay says the formula is natural and doesn’t have a lot of chemicals and dyes. Sevin Nyne will cost $35 and will only be available exclusively in Sephora stores starting beginning of May.

Promo photos of Lindsay Lohan for Sevin Nyne tanning spray are below:

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