Jesse Ventura Talks About The Politics, War and Fascism in America

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura for president. Seriously, Jesse Ventura is one of few men who actually make sense in everything he says. He doesn’t fluff around, gets right to the core and cuts through without bullshitting. In this video interview by AlJazeera, Jesse Ventura talks about the politics, war, fascism in America, 9/11 and more.

Jesse Ventura was one of top wrestlers back in the day. He also stared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in predator as Sgt. Blain Cooper. He’s pretty much the most bad ass guy alive today.

From January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003, Jesse Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota. He didn’t seek second term in the office despite gaining the highest approval rating of any governor in Minnesota history.

His political views are fascinating. Jesse Ventura says that the US is on the brink of fascism today and seriously questions that official story of 9/11 served to the people by the government. He says Republicans and Democrats pretend to be enemies in the eyes of the public, but behind the scenes they go hand in hand as good bodies cutting deals that best serve their personal interests.

Ultimately, Jesse Ventura says American needs to destroy two main political parties and start over. He says “war is the complete failure of politics.”

The awesomeness of Jesse Ventura can be viewed in the video below. The only downside is the incapable interviewer. He’s completely gay and would not let Jesse finish the sentence. He appears to be a Democratic puppet, based on when he stopped Jesse Ventura and when he opposed him. The dude was useless and probably had a vibrating bullet up his ass as he was interviewing. Jesse Venture is however completely awesome.


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