China – a New Threat to the USA and the World

China - a New Threat to the USA and the World

Osama bil Laden may have been dead for years, but the very people who created him in the first place and used him as an excuse to execute the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York held off the announcement of his death until May 1, 2011 because timing the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world must be worthwhile. Americans would not have announced Osama’s death unless they could not have otherwise. With Obama’s ratings going down the toilet and an election time around the corner, the moment was auspicious and this one time opportunity was seized. But what now? Now that the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world has been officially eliminated – who will the Americans use to fearmonger the public with? If you take a look around, the answer will soon become clear – China.

I always used to think that there was no way a dumber politician than Barack Hussein Obama could possibly exist, but Hillary Clinton has been outdoing herself so much she wipes her ass with Obama when it comes to dumbness. It’s kind of funny given that China happens to be America’s biggest creditor, yet Hillary Clinton visits the country and yaps her low grade mouth, denouncing China for “human rights violations” and lack of democracy. And while she was in China, criticizing China for human rights violations, US Homeland Security sent their SWAT teams to crack down on and beat the shit out of peaceful student gathering by Western Illinois University. This peaceful street party which is held every year in a small town in Illinois did not involve rioting of any sorts. The police showed the students never the less (see the video at the end of the post).

So let me rephrase it – Hillary the dumb one Clinton goes to China to bitch about their poor human rights record, while American police beat, tazer, abuse and arrest anyone they want because they are no longer held accountable for their actions. Because America is under a “State of War”, anyone can be arrested and held on sheer suspicion that they may be connected with the terrorist organizations. Human rights? Please!

China has been growing economically for years and that type of steady growth did not go unnoticed. Given their powerful military, close military ties with Russia (a country with immense nuclear potential, capable of wiping out the entire human race) and potential to become the strongest economy in the world within 5 years, China has become a new threat and now that Osama bin laden is dead, the US government is taking the advantage of the momentum to declare China the new threat to the USA and the world. In order to keep the gears of war turning, there must be an enemy. And if the enemy is eliminated, new one must be invented. Otherwise the gears of war stop turning and with it stop the billion dollar profits that the war generates for the privileged ones through lucrative contracts.

Funnily enough, regardless of how much Hillary Clinton yaps about China, the USA still owes them some $2 Trillion. If China decides to dump these assets, it would denominate the US dollar to a point that its exchange value would shatter, destroying the main source of country’s power. Who’ll be the last one to laugh then, Hillary?

Speaking of human rights violations that Hillary Clinton criticized China for – why would she not focus on violations of human rights of thousands of innocent civilians affected by US bombing in Libya? Why not worry about human rights of millions affected by the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan? How about human rights violations by the US military in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo prisons? How about secret CIA prisons scattered around the world used to torture the victims? The USA should be the very last country to criticize another for their human rights violations.

But China has clearly been chosen. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear something bad told about China at least once per hour. The brainwashing campaign to set up China as the new #1 threat to the USA and the world (to replace Osama Bin laden) is well under way. But try to explain this to your average Obama sheep. They went out in thousands to cheer after the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden was announced by their master. They bow down and take the Obama cock right between their ass checks and thank him kindly for the privilege of fucking them right in the ass without lube. How could people be this blind to not see the forest for the trees? Ahh well, Obama sheep are our future, right? They are the young generation, the students, the youth. They are change we can believe in.

If you feel like, check out the video on the suppression of peaceful student gathering I spoke about earlier:

9/11/01 + 3/10/11 = Game Over

9/11/01 + 3/10/11 = Game Over

In the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami – easily the most horrific natural disaster in modern history – speculations are rising over the symbolism of the date on which the earthquake was started. As can be seen from the equation in the picture above, adding up the numbers from the date of one of the largest manmade disaster in modern history – the 9/11/2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York – to the numbers from the date of the largest natural disaster – the 3/10/2011 earthquake in Japan – we’d get to what is widely believed to be the date of the end of the world – 12/21/2012. Is this coincidence or could this really be the game over?

BTW – yes, it is true that the big 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011, not March 10 as is used in the equation, however that’s when the original big tremors started.

Statue of Liberty Reopens the Crown to the Public on the Independence Day 2009

Statue of Liberty Reopens the Crown to the Public on the Independence Day 2009

The White House announced today that the crown of the Statue of Liberty will reopen to the public this Independence Day – July 4, 2009. The Statue of Liberty’s crown was closed after the 9/11 attacks. At the time it was concluded that the spiral staircase leading to the crown is too narrow with low handrail which does not meet modern safety codes.

The delays in reopening were caused by the difficulties in finding the way to evacuate people quickly and efficiently in case of emergency. The base of the Statue of Liberty did not reopen until August 3, 2004. The torch of the Statue of Liberty has been closed since 1916 when it was damaged by a bomb.

Once the crown of the Statue of Liberty reopens, only up to 10 people will be allowed up there at the same time. If each stays for approximately 20 minutes (which is an average time people used to spend in the crown), 30 people will be let in per hour. That limits the number of visitors to only about 50,000 a year so the access will be chosen by the lottery.

It’s great to see the long overdue reopening of one of New York’s landmarks timed for the National Holiday. The view from the Statue of Liberty must be breathtaking. Even though many argue that the statue should never be open for public. The staircase to the top was not built for heavy public use. It was meant for occasional maintenance. And should a case of emergency (such as fire) occur, evacuating people from there would be excessively difficult and that could result in casualties. It’s a disaster in the making so both opponents and supporters of crown reopening have valid arguments.

Beverly Eckert – 9/11 Widow Dies in Buffalo Plane Crash Aboard Flight 3407

Beverly Eckert - 9/11 Widow Dies in Buffalo Plane Crash Aboard Flight 3407

Beverly Eckert lost her husband Sean Rooney to the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. As a 9/11 widow, Beverly Eckert became a co-chairwoman of “Voices of September 11” an organization that pushed for investigation of 9/11 and proper memorial for all victims. In other words, she grabbed at the opportunity to leave her 9 – 5 job for something less stressful and more rewarding. Late last night, Beverly Eckert got on the Continental Airlines plane to fly to Buffalo to commemorate her deceased husband’s 58th birthday. She never made it. Flight 3407 crashed outside of Buffalo, everyone aboard died.

Investigation into what caused Flight 3407 to crash is ongoing. There were 47 people aboard the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 jet when it took tumble and crashed into a house. All 47 passengers died, one additional person was killed on the ground. Seven and a half years after her high school sweetheart’s death, Beverly Eckert is reunited with her husband Sean Rooney on the opposite shore of river Styx.

Beverly Eckert Photo by Derek Gee, Buffalo News

Jesse Ventura Talks About The Politics, War and Fascism in America

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura for president. Seriously, Jesse Ventura is one of few men who actually make sense in everything he says. He doesn’t fluff around, gets right to the core and cuts through without bullshitting. In this video interview by AlJazeera, Jesse Ventura talks about the politics, war, fascism in America, 9/11 and more.

Jesse Ventura was one of top wrestlers back in the day. He also stared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in predator as Sgt. Blain Cooper. He’s pretty much the most bad ass guy alive today.

From January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003, Jesse Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota. He didn’t seek second term in the office despite gaining the highest approval rating of any governor in Minnesota history.

His political views are fascinating. Jesse Ventura says that the US is on the brink of fascism today and seriously questions that official story of 9/11 served to the people by the government. He says Republicans and Democrats pretend to be enemies in the eyes of the public, but behind the scenes they go hand in hand as good bodies cutting deals that best serve their personal interests.

Ultimately, Jesse Ventura says American needs to destroy two main political parties and start over. He says “war is the complete failure of politics.”

The awesomeness of Jesse Ventura can be viewed in the video below. The only downside is the incapable interviewer. He’s completely gay and would not let Jesse finish the sentence. He appears to be a Democratic puppet, based on when he stopped Jesse Ventura and when he opposed him. The dude was useless and probably had a vibrating bullet up his ass as he was interviewing. Jesse Venture is however completely awesome.


Rick Rescorla – An Actual 9/11 Hero

Rick Rescorla - An Actual 9/11 Hero

Here’s a rare find – an actual 9/11 hero. His name is Rick Rescorla, a British soldier who moved to America, became a citizen and fought for his adopted country in Vietnam. He remained in service till 1990, after that he got into commercial banking. His company occupied 22 floors of the south tower of the World Trade Center.

When the planes hit, Rick Rescorla evacuated 2,700 people out of the skyscraper. When those were safe, he went back inside on another rescue mission as there were still thousands of people inside. This time he was entrapped as the tower collapsed ending his life.

Rick Rescorla is a true 9/11 hero. I tend to use word “hero” lightly as it gets attributed to people who have not done anything heroic to deserve being called one. Rick Rescorla did risk his life and at the end it cost him his life. Thanks to his doing, 2,700 people were saved from certain death. Many of those who died in crushing towers of 9/11 attacks are now referred to as “heroes”. It’s about time one of them was identified as an actual hero. His name is Rick Rescorla, may his soul rest in peace.

Picture above was shot by Peter Arnett and captures Rick Rescorla, who was a lieutenant during the war in Vietnam at the time. The image dates back to November 1965..

Sneha Philip – Back on the List of 9/11 Victims

Sneha Philip – At Last on the List of 9/11 Victims

The name of Dr. Sneha Philip will be read at Ground Zero today, including her on the list of 9/11 victims. Her name was taken off the list 4 years ago when it was believed that she wasn’t killed, just disappeared into the unknown.

Sneha Philip vanished on September 10, 2001. Her image was recorded on a security video camera as she was buying lingerie and after that there’s a big nothing. In 2004, court ruled that her name be removed form the list of victims as it was impossible to say for sure whether she was a victim of the terror attacks or what exactly happened.

The family of Sneha Philip fought for years to get her name cleaned up and put her back on the list believing she died as she was helping with rescue missions. One of the reasons why she was taken off the list was her reputation as drug user and a whore. But it looks like court now decided to debunk these claims and call Sneha Philip a hero instead.

Ronald Lieberman, husband of Sneha Philip fought really hard to get his wife back on the list – somehow that’s not surprising as that would mean 9/11 compensation fund money for him. Her body was never found, he could have easy offed her by taking advantage of 9/11 mess and not only be rid of his wife who spent most of her night sleeping with somebody else, he’d also get paid by the government for it. Talk about smart fish… God knows what really happened, though. RIP to all the victims.

Sneha Philip Image credit: Maisel/News.

Why There Were No Terrorist Attacks Against the US Since 9/11

Terrorist Attack on 9/11

Have you ever wandered why there hasn’t been another terrorist attack against the US since 9/11? It seems like Europe has been attacked by the terrorists few times since 9/11, yet even though USA is hated more than any of the European countries, there has been fewer terrorist attacks on the US soil that there has been in Europe. I do not have the answer to why, I’m just thinking aloud here.

So how come the USA have not been attacked by terrorists since 9/11?

One of the possible reasons is that US secret service busted all terrorist act attempts yet at the very beginning, before they were actually able to strike.

Another possibility is that terrorists find it easier and more effective to attack European (but not only, there’s also India and Philippines and other) countries because it’s easier to infiltrate their borders than it is with the US.

Or maybe it is that the USA got what due on 9/11 and now it’s time to strike others?

I think it attacking the USA has in fact become more difficult then it was before. It’s also a fact that being of Arabic descent raises red flags and is likely to put such person through enhanced “random” search.

Fact remains – they don’t really need to attack the US again, do they. Just look how much chaos this one attack caused. Everything is going well for them. They wanted the war and they got it. Now they can pick us apart one man at a time. It has damaged the US on many levels in the aftermath – economical situation is worsening, international position of the US has weakened, domestic front is all upside down. Their 9/11 aftermath is working just fine.

But then again – maybe the terrorists can see that the USA is doing enough damage to itself so they don’t even have to bother. US citizens are under terrorists attack from within….