Julia Lemigova – New Girlfriend of Martina Navratilova

Julia Lemigova - New Girlfriend of Martina Navratilova

Former tennis star Martina Navratilova has eventually come public with her new partner in pussy – Julia Lemigova. Martina Navratilova appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! last year and mentioned she had a new, drop dead gorgeous girlfriend but there were no other hints who exactly she’s rubbing vaginas with. The secret is no longer the secret. Julia Lemigova is a combined peen sucker as well as clit licker (aka bisexual) and a former bewuty queen who represented Soviet Russia on Miss Universe in 1991 in London. Martina Navratilova is 52 year old already, her new girlfriend Julia Lemigova is 36. Julia is the one with big, saggy tits.

The pictures of Julia Lemigova and Martina Navratilova are from St Tropez in South France where the couple went on a little sexy trip together. It was the first time Martina went public with her new girlfriend so it turned into a big deal. French media speculate that the clit lickers may be engaged to each other, judging by the fact that both were wearing rings on their left hands when photographed in France.

Julia Lemigova was Soviet Russia’s last Miss as after 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed and was no more. Aside from being a Miss Universe pageant contestant, Julia Lemigova is a successful entrepreneur. She’s lived in Paris, France since the 90’s where she owns a beauty spa called the Joiya and a cosmetics company White Russia. She turned rich after she pulled a successful gold digging move and got engaged with peen sucking sessions with big time French banker Edouard Stern. The name of Julia Lemigova didn’t mean much to anyone until 2005 when her affair with Edouard Stern surfaced following his murder by his mistress Cécile Brossard during a BDSM session. Edouard Stern was found shot dead, bondaged up and wearing latex outfit. Julia Lemigova is still reaping benefits of correct gold-digging move from back then.

Julia Lemigova had her path crossed by Cécile Brossard before the death of Edouard Stern. The beginnings of her gold digging with this French banker date back to 1997. She was doing everything right, sucked on that banker’s dick and when the chance came, she had his sperm collected inside her vagina and spawned a kid in 1999. Maximilien only lived to be 5 months old. He was found dead in March of 2000 and autopsy report says he died of internal injuries. Julia Lemigova believed he was killed by the nanny she hired shortly before his death. The nanny, who was from Bulgaria disappeared after Maximilien’s death and has not been heard from since.

The case of Maximilien’s death was closed in 2002 for lack of evidence, but took a strange turn in 2004 when Julia Lemigova got a phone call from Cécile Brossard who told her she knew the truth regarding her son. Cécile was probably just pissed that Julia was doing better as gold digger than her who also sucked on banker’s dick but never got to spawn his kid and collect heavy paycheck.

So that’s the woman who swapped one billionaire dick for one celebrity clit. She knows how to keep the gold digging money flowing through. Bloody Russians. Martina Navratilova is now going though legal crap with her ex girlfriend who wants some checks for sucking on the tennis clit as well. It’s all about the money.

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