Milorad Cavic Won, Michael Phelps Lost, Race was Rigged (Proof)

Proof That Milorad Cavic Beat Michael Phelps

Are you also one of those who fell for false propaganda of a rigged race? Michael Phelps is not a good enough swimmer to beat Milorad Cavic. Michael Phelps plain and simple lost that race, but was made a winner, because that works well for many people, including the organizers of the Olympics. Beijing would surely love to be mentioned each time someone refers to an athlete who won most gold medals in single Olympic Games. And let’s not forget Omega watches, who were official providers of the time keeping for the event and who have close ties with Michael Phelps – one of their ambassadors. They would surely love for their spokesman to be the winner. This race was rigged, Michael Phelps = FAIL!

Men’s 100 meter butterfly style swimming event took place a week ago, but the controversy remains and the closer you look at the evidence, the clearer it becomes that Michael Phelps lost that event. Milorad Cavic won, Milorad Cavic beat Michael Phelps but the race was clearly rigged.

Not only a better swimmer, but also a better person than Michael Phelps, Milorad Cavic congratulated his opponent after the race. The photo above captured the last fractions of seconds of the race, clearly showing Milorad Cavic (in picture on the right) touching the board first. Slow motion video below shows Michael Phelps on the right touching the board second, but continuing to move forward after Milorad Cavic has already stopped. Michael Phelps did NOT win the race, Milorad Cavic did.


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7 thoughts on “Milorad Cavic Won, Michael Phelps Lost, Race was Rigged (Proof)”

  1. First of all, you can’t even tell if Cavic is touching the wall in that picture. Second of all, you can’t see a thing from that video, it proves nothing. Finally, omega admits to having faulty timing to a degree of 0.02 seconds. That’s why you don’t get disqualified in a relay if you reaction time is -0.02. If Cavic actually did touch first (which I’m not saying he did), it’s his fault he had such a shitty touch that it didn’t registrar on the touch pad right away.

    That being said… It is very possible that Cavic’s finger tips did get there first and that a more accurate touch pad might have had him come first. But any quality swimmer is aware of this and doesn’t blame the equipment for a 0.01 second difference. And it clearly wasn’t rigged. Phelps won fairly.

  2. As per usual, the Serbs refuse to accept defeat.

    It’s bizarre that they actually consider this guy [Cavic] to be a “Serbian hero”. Just like Nikola Tesla, he wasn’t even born in Serbia, therefore not a real Serb, at least not by a non-ethnic nationalist definition. Also, he trained and still lives in the US. You must be so proud! Well, I am equally proud NOT to be Serbian! Hooray!

    In regards to this picture which supposedly confirms Phelps defeat – zoom in. Neither is touching. However, there are other underwater photos that show one of them clearly touching, but you conveniently failed to post those.

    But I’m sure those are just edited, right?;)
    Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    Abra, Omega did not admit that the American Cavic was first – someone who works for them did.

  3. “he wasn’t even born in Serbia, therefore not a real Serb”

    Uh, what?

    “at least not by a non-ethnic nationalist definition”

    Oh…. uh… what?

  4. I don’t care about who “appeared to touch the wall first.” Let’s face it, if the two of them swam in 2 different heats there would be no discussion. We would simply go by the clock and there would be no 2nd guessing. But because they both swam in the same heat we have to wonder if our eyes caught it better than the clock did. I say hogwash. The clock determines who won. Plain and simple.

  5. Phelps did win fair and square. If you are a competitive swimmer, you will understand that Cavic agreed that it is whoever who triggers the pad first, not who touches first.

    Even if Cavic touched first, he did it too softly for the pad to register. The pad is 1cm from the wall. If there was no pad, then he would not have reached the wall while Phelps did because he placed in more pressure.

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