3D TV Sets for Sale

3D TV Sets for Sale

If you have recently purchased a brand new TV set (a Christmas present for the family, perhaps), you’ll be pretty pissed off to hear this one. Commercially available 3D TV Sets will be available for sale to end consumers this year. It is expected that new 3D TV Sets will be only about $300 more expensive than same size flat screen TV Sets without 3D capability. You’ve heard it right – a 3D TV experience right in your living room. This is gonna change the way you watch porn forever.

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said that his studio will release each of their new movies in 3D versions, because 2010 will be the year of 3D TVs. Sony, Discovery and Imax are joining forces to create the first fully 3D TV channel that could go live as early as towards the end of this year. HDNet owner Mark Cuban also said that his channel will start broadcasting most of its prime time and weekend shows in 3D soon. Disney owned sports network ESPN is planning to start with 3D broadcast on June 11, 2009 with the World Cup soccer.

The question now remains – which company has produced 3D TV Sets? People behind International CES – the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow said they expect Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi and Vizio to unveil their 3D TV models at this week’s show (takes place between January 7 and 10, 2010 in Las Vegas). Consumer trends analysts anticipate 3D TV Sets to become an instant hit. As many as 45% of household in North America may feature a 3D TV Set by 2014 – the analysts anticipate.

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Photoshop Fails to Make Miley Cyrus Look Good

Photoshop Fails to Make Miley Cyrus Look Good

When I saw these pictures of Disney’s top skank Miley Cyrus I could not help but feel sorry for retouchers whose job it was to make her look good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, these guys surely know how to use photoshop and have done an amazing job on Miley. I wonder whose legs they’ve used to paint over Miley’s real ones. Cause these slick, smooth, sexy legs did definitely not grow on someone with this face. No matter how much the photoshop artist work on Miley Cyrus, those upper gums that make her look like mad horse on rabies cannot be fixed. All this work was in vain. Any attempt to make Miley Cyrus look good with photoshop is bound to fail.

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Cheetah Girl Naked? You Bet – Adrienne Bailon Nude Pictures Are Here

Adrienne Bailon Naked Pic

Another Disney chick graced us with slutty naked pics scandal. Adrienne Bailon, the oldest member of The Cheetag Girls pop band went all skanky on camera, saved those nude pictures on her laptop, the laptop got stolen, nude pictures hit the web. That’s a no compromise sequence of events that anticipates all slutty Disney whores. Still, Vanessa Hudgens remains the sluttiest of the Disney whores.

25 year old Adrienne Bailon had her laptop which magically contained nude pictures of herself got stolen at JFK airport (I don’t get how people get their shit stolen at airports – there’s security personnell everywhere). The label representing Adrienne Bailon and The Cheetah Girl got a phone call from a dude who said he had the laptop which appears to belong to Adrienne Bailon and was willing to return it for $1000 cash.

Meeting was set up, anonimouse man returned the laptop but slutty nude pictures were gone. Fast forward few days ahead – internet gets flooded with naked pics of Adrienne Bailon. Of course it does. We need to see her naked booty too. How unfair would it be if finder kept her slutty ass for himself. Share nude pictures. Everyone wants to see some naked cheetah.

Adrienne Bailon says she went slutty and took nude pictures for her boyfriend – Robert Kardashian, who’s a brother of that other fake-ass skank Kim Kardashian. BTW, what’s up with Adrienne Bailon’s boobs? Does she have fake tits too?

For more nude pictures of The Cheetah Girl visit Adrienne Bailon Naked Pics from Stolen Laptop

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