Marijuana Bong = Air, Fire, Earth, Water for Superpowers

Marijuana Bong = Air, Fire, Earth, Water for Superpowers

This picture says it all – Smoking Marijuana out of a bong brings you closer to Mother Nature who is everything to us. Marijuana Bong symbolizes the unity of Air, Fire, Earth and Water and when consumed, it makes humans closer to having superpower. The morale of the story – smoking marijuana out of a bong is natural, it’s normal, it’s healthy and it is what mother nature intended of us to do. Legalize Weed NOW!

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Rupert Grint Smoking Marijuana from a Bong

Rupert Grint Smoking Marijuana from a Bong

While I wasn’t able to confirm it 100%, but this is allegedly a photo of Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter movies smoking marijuana from a bong. It certainly does look like Rupert Grint and since he’s officially of the age of majority, he’s capable of making life changing decisions on his own. Puffing weed out of a bong is by far the smartest life changing decision a young man can make. The lawmakers may disagree, but thousands of years of medical use of marijuana stand behind my statement. Comon Rupert Grint, pass this bong around. We all need to smoke weed to spare ourselves from having to buy expensive pills which have side effects and are in a long run damaging to our health.

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Growing and Using Ganja on a Large Scale (video)

I love watching videos that inspire. And I truly felt inspired watching this video. That’s a whole lotta ganja they got there going. I don’t know where the video is from, but they’ve got a big operation happening. Seeing how some people are growing and using ganja on a large scale makes me wanna re-thing my life’s priorities. Good rave music in this video too. And lots and lots of ganja. June 25th should be the international ganja day. No particular reason, I just feel inspired. Ganja inspires. OK, I’ll shut up already. Just one more puff….

Jojo Simmons Busted for Buying Marijuana

Jojo Simmons Busted for Buying Marijuana

Jojo Simmons, 19 year old sun of legendary rapped Joseph Simmons aka Reverend Run from Run DMC and a reality TV star (Run’s House) was busted on Wadsworth Ave in Washington Heights, New York when the cops caught him buying marijuana from street vendor. Jojo Simmons decided that it was not a good day to get arrested on marijuana possession charges and was having none of that cop crap. Idea took action and next thing you see – Jojo Simmons is fighting the cops to get away from getting busted. You can’t get away from cops. When was the last time you’ve heard of someone successfully avoiding the bust after having been caught red handed?

Instead of just facing marijuana possession charges, Jojo Simmons now faces multiple charges, including resisting arrest, attempted reckless endangerment, criminal use of drug paraphernalia and criminal possession of marijuana (criminal possession of marijuana? Is there also a non criminal possession of marijuana?).

TMZ reports that Jojo Simmons was inside his BMW rolling a joint when officers knocked on his window. Realizing he just got busted, Jojo floored his BMW in an attempt to escape. First he put the vehicle in reverse and rammed the parked car behind him. Unable to escape reversing, he then took off driving forward hitting another car on his way thus miserably failing his escape attempt. As if that weren’t enough, Jojo Simmons continued to fight the officers as he was being apprehended.

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Jamie Waylett aka Vincent Crabbe from Harry Potter Busted for Growing Marijuana

Jamie Waylett aka Vincent Crabbe from Harry Potter Busted for Growing Marijuana

Jamie Waylett is best known for being the fatty bully Vincent Crabbe from the Harry Potter movies. In a string of unfortunate events, Jamie Waylett was busted for growing his own marijuana. That spoils the image of bully big time. Bullies don’t have brain capacity to grow their own weed. They drive pick up trucks, have small penises and talk about owning a gun. Potheads are cool. That only means that Jamie Waylett is a good actor. As marijuana grower he’s too cool, yet still he can pull off a role of a bully Vincent Crabbe in Harry Potter. Kudos, my friend!

Reports from Great Britain suggest that home of Jamie Waylett was busted by the police who found almost $3k worth of marijuana he’s been quietly growing himself. Jamie Waylett was apprehended by the police on April 2 as he was driving his Audi car (I told ya, he’s too cool to be a bully – dude grows his own weed and has good taste in cars). The police pulled him over because his behavior was suspicious. Personal search revealed that Harry Potter actor has eight bags of marijuana on him. Cops when raided his home where he lives with his mother and three siblings and seized 10 marijuana plants he was growing.

Because Jamie Waylett was found growing the drug, if convicted, he could be facing up to 14 years in jail. God fucking damn. 14 years in a choker for growing weed? Fuck me with a cork screw!

When the cops pulled Jamie Waylett over, he should have pulled out his magic wand and pull a magic spell at them screaming “Cannabis Maximus”

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Uncontrolled Farts at City Council Meeting in Medina, Ohio (video)

Members of city council in Medina, Ohio met for a regular meeting to discuss important issues when an unknown culprit let out a loud fart. City council members tried hard to continue with their agenda, but as much as they were trying to stay serious, focused and on topic, continuing uncontrolled farts brought everyone into uncontrolled laughter. Medina, Ohio is gonna have some funny bylaws passed very soon. They may even legalize marijuana out of these fart meetings. I need to move to Medina. I’d even apply for city council position and attend meetings after a few puffs from a joint. I’d probably laugh so hard I’d start to fart uncontrollably myself.

There’s a video of the fart incident, but it’s really hard to pinpoint which city council member could not hold his farts. They sound pretty effin loud and greasy too. They probably didn’t stink much, but the sound is impressive. Never mind the balls for letting out a loudy like that at a public meeting. Medina in Ohio rocks!

I know it sounds too much like a fake and farts are edited in, but Fox8 claims it’s real! I hope it is real, it gave me much needed lulz.

EDIT: Upon further review (yes, I can’t get enough of farts), I came to conclusion that the farts were real, but they were not heard in the video. Since we don’t know which council member let those out, it’s obvious he/she didn’t have the microphone by their ass to deliver a lour ass munch that would be clearer than speech of people talking into the microphone. Everyone does laugh at real farts, but whoever posted the video on YouTube, added those loud fuckers there manually, cause the video just didn’t have the punch without it. Aren’t I a genius?

Dr. Dean Ornish on Healing Marijuana and Genes vs Fate (video)

Dr. Dean Ornish on Healing Marijuana and Genes vs Fate (video)

Dr. Dean Ornish is a world renown authority on fighting diseases with lifestyle and dietary changes. As clinical professor at University of California, San Francisco he has undeniable credentials and brain capacity to have his words taken seriously. The video below has a speech of Dr. Dean Ornish in Monterey, California on genes and how lifestyle changes can positively impact changes in genes and lead to increase of brain cells. You may or may not know, it’s corrupted genes that cause cancer. As big supporter of Marijuana legalization and making it fully available for medical purposes, I especially enjoyed the part where Dr. Dean Ornish points out healing properties of weed.

According to Dr. Dean Ornish: “when you eat healthier, manage stress and exercise more, your brain gets more blood flow and more oxygen.” I have been replaced big part of my diet with organic food, have cut down on eating fast and processed food and walk 10 minutes to and from work. I believe this part of lifestyle changes is not difficult and anyone can do that. What I do see as bigger challenge is stress management. Managing stress is definitely challenging in today’s difficult economical and social climate. It’s not like one can live a stress free life when you’re getting bombed by creditors and threats that they’re gonna put collection agencies on your ass. I assume Yoga or Tai Chi would be a great start as far as stress management goes. But let’s get back to Marijuana:

Dr. Dean Ornish recommends following to increase brain cells:

  • Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Blueberries
  • Moderate intake of Alcohol
  • Stress management
  • Canabinoids (aka Marijuana)

That’s right, such capacity as Dr. Dean Ornish recommends smoking marijuana in order to increase the brain cell count and turn your gene to work for you, not against you. How is that for the medicine? Let’s take a look at what Dean Ornish recommends to stay away from as these decrease brain cells:

  • Saturated fat
  • Sugar
  • Nicotine (only smoke marijuana, not tobacco)
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Large intake of alcohol
  • Chronic Stress

And it’s not only your brain that benefit from these lifestyle and dietary changes, as is outlined by Dr. Dean Ornish in the video. It’s also beneficial for your skin, so you age slower, it’s beneficial for your heart, so you are less prone to heart disease (it can help unclog your arteries), occurrence of prostate cancer is significantly lower and most of all – your genitals will get more blood flow so you will be able to get erection. This is probably why I can easily masturbate to on line porn – I smoke marijuana, not cigarettes, so erection is not a problem.

Marijuana is good for you. But don’t only take my word for it, listen to Dr. Dean Ornish – he’s an authority like no other. Big drug companies don’t want Marijuana legalized, because if anyone could grow such potent medicine freely in their backyard, people would be healthy and that would put incomes of a $600 Billion a year drug industry in jeopardy. Check out Marijuana Documentary called The Union for more info on that. Video of Dr. Dean Ornish on Healing Marijuana and Genes vs Fate is below (courtesy of TED)

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The Union – Marijuana Documentary from British Columbia

The Union - Marijuana Documentary from British Columbia
The Union: The Business Behind Getting High is basically a Marijuana Documentary about Marijuana industry in British Columbia, Canada. The main premise of the documentary is to present Marijuana through clear and understandable facts. It doesn’t focus much on BC as its main area, instead the focus is on comparison of Marijuana to tobacco or alcohol – the drugs that are legal yet more harmful. The message is to legalize Marijuana and is supported by arguments that are factual, compelling and backed up by reliable sources.

Marijuana has been used for millennia and has thousands of uses. The reasoning behind making Cannabis illegal is questionable and should be reviewed. Many people however continue to grow, sell and use Cannabis and even though outlawed, Marijuana trade industry has grown into a giant business. According to The Union documentary, the Cannabis industry could be responsible for up to CAD $7 Billion in sales each year. About 85% of BC’s Marijuana makes its way to the United States making this trade an international issue.

Adam Scorgie – filmmaker responsible for the documentary introduces Marijuana industry that commands billions of dollars and still remains illegal. The film crew visits Marijuana growers, activists, patients, police, politicians and whole plethora of other people whose lives have been affected by obsolete anti Marijuana laws. It also provides an outlook on what effects it would have on society if Marijuana was legalized. There are many excellent points presented.

It kind of makes you feel weird watching a documentary that makes so much sense. And you don’t even need to light up a doobie to totally agree with it. And considering current global economic difficulties, it’s amazing to learn how much of a spruce up an economy could get if Marijuana was legalized and taxed. Even government is a business. Don’t they get that part? Hemp is the shit. Legalize it now! But then again, if Marijuana was legal, entire tobacco and alcohol industries would take a heavy tumble. And they’re not gonna allow it. There’s too much money in stake and they won’t part with it willingly. For as long as these lobbyists have the power, legalizing of Marijuana will not be coming anytime soon.

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Miss Louisiana Teen USA Lindsey Evans Loses Crown

Miss Louisiana Teen USA Lindsey Evans Loses Crown
Miss Louisiana Teen USA Lindsey Evans Loses Crown

Busted! Lindsey Evans, who until today was a reigning Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 was stripped off her crown after a major FAIL from yesterday. No crown for you no more, Lindsey Evans. You’ve been served!

I don’t know what got Lindsey Evans the title of Miss Louisiana Teen USA, but it obviously wasn’t brains. It started after she skipped out on paying the $46.07 bill from Posados Cafe in Bossier City, LA. Lindsey Evans darted out of the restaurant without paying but forgot her purse. Restaurant manager picked up the purse, found her drivers license and called the cops. The purse had one more surprise – a bag of marijuana. Dumb!

Why is it that all pretty faced barbie dolls are by default dumb as fuck? Lindsey Evans is definitely not an exception. She said she was gonna pay the bill, but the service at the restaurant was slow so they left. She’s now booked with theft and marijuana possession.

Paula M. Miles, the president of the company that’s in charge of Miss Louisiana Teen USA pageant said that Lindsey Evans “has been relieved of her duties as Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 effective immediately”.

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