Pedo Alert – Britney Spears Toxic Cover Re-Enactment by a 9 Year Old from Peru

Pedo Alert - Britney Spears Toxic Cover Re-Enactment by a 9 Year Old from Peru

Hold your pedo dicks. This is not a child exploitation site, I’m just posting a video that’s on YouTube. This little girl is 9 year old and is from Peru. She’s re-enacted the music video of song Toxic by Britney Spears scene after scene. While production of the cover is pretty impressive, watching a 9 year old pulling off adult moves screams Pedo Alert big time.

It is important to recognize that anywhere in the world this girl will be seen as cute and awesome for pulling this off. In North America people will be outrage and will call for censorship of the internet. The land of the free!

The video is below. It contains footage of a 9 year old shaking her booty to Toxic the same way Britney Spears does in the same video:

Miley Cyrus Boobs Flopping Up and Down (pics)

Miley Cirus Boobs Flopping Pic

Miley Cyrus loves to show off her boobs. She does. Nevermind the pedobear, this is the fact – Miley yrus loves to provoke and have her boobes out just enough so her nipples and areola are covered. One more thing she likes to do is show up with her clearly homosexual boyfriend Justin Gaston. That guy is gayer than American Football.

Miley Cyrus boobs decided to go for a little jog with her homosexual boyfriend Justin Gaston. The two picked the best place for jogging ever – a road. There are cars behind them, cars before them, exhaust smog, paparazzi and pedo bear everywhere you look. Makes sense right? If your name is Miley Cyrus, this is exactly the place where you’re gonna show how much your boobs flop, isn’t it?

To top it all up, Miley’s choice of jogging wear consists of bikini bathing suit, fashion sneakers and jean shorts. Was she really jogging or just showing her boobs off to the paparazzi? I’m sure Billy Ray Cyrus approves. Whatever draws more attention to his little ho and makes more monye is fine with him.

More pics of Miley Cyrus Boobs Flopping Up and Down in the gallery below:

Miley Cyrus and Justic Guston Picture credit: Wenn, Splash

Miley Cyrus Ass Pic – First Ever!

Miley Cyrus Ass Pic - First Ever!

That’s a rare occasion. We have first ever Miley Cyrus ass pic. The world’s most famous underage whore is slowly getting all of her body parts revealed. Plus we on Beer Steak Bullshit Blog are having an ass day it seems. So much ass in one day… wow.

This latest (and first ever) Miley Cyrus Ass Pic is a continuation of the saga started when hacker who calls himself TrainReq hacked into the phone of Miley Cyrus and posted leaked shower pictures on warez forum The pictures spread like fire throughout the internet and we had them posted too. If you haven’t seen the goodness yet, click on this –> Miley Cyrus Hacked Shower Pics For Nick Jonas.

When those first racy pics were leaked, TrainReq mentioned that he has some more “worse pictures” of Hannah Montana’s star. He’s releasing them bit by bit to keep the momentum alive and it’s working. Now that we have the ass pic, the anticipation for something even “worse” has built up. Damn, where’s that pic of a pedo bear? Or that retard Chris Hansen?