Racers – New Name for Obama Worshippers Always Pulling the Race Card

Racers - New Name for Obama Worshippers Always Pulling the Race Card

You know how those Obama sheep always refer to people who are not easily fooled, by degrading names like “birthers” for calling Obama out on his inability to provide a verifiable proof that he’s an American citizen? Well, an awesome man by the name of Tony Katz gave Obama worshippers a similar name – Racers. It doesn’t take much to notice that Obama sheep always pull a race card whenever someone points out where Obama fucked up. Again, one doesn’t have to go through hoops to search for Obama’s fucks up cause everything he touches, he fucks up big time. But try to point it out and Racers instantly pull their race card out. They have no feasible arguments, so they turn into Racers.

So did the host of this MSNBC program but Tony Katz shut her right up. I can’t believe how she would bring George Bush up out of sheer despair. Yeaeh, you’re a Racer, miss and Tony Katz humiliated you for being an Obama sheep. Not that that’s any difficult cause Obama sheep are, well… like sheep. Though I must apologize to sheep for insulting them by comparing them to Obama worshippers. And I hate Dubya just as much as the other guy. I’m not even an American, but if you’re an Obama asskisser and can’t see how retarded that makes you, then you deserve nothing less. And on top of it all, you’re also a Racer!