China – a New Threat to the USA and the World

China - a New Threat to the USA and the World

Osama bil Laden may have been dead for years, but the very people who created him in the first place and used him as an excuse to execute the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York held off the announcement of his death until May 1, 2011 because timing the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world must be worthwhile. Americans would not have announced Osama’s death unless they could not have otherwise. With Obama’s ratings going down the toilet and an election time around the corner, the moment was auspicious and this one time opportunity was seized. But what now? Now that the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world has been officially eliminated – who will the Americans use to fearmonger the public with? If you take a look around, the answer will soon become clear – China.

I always used to think that there was no way a dumber politician than Barack Hussein Obama could possibly exist, but Hillary Clinton has been outdoing herself so much she wipes her ass with Obama when it comes to dumbness. It’s kind of funny given that China happens to be America’s biggest creditor, yet Hillary Clinton visits the country and yaps her low grade mouth, denouncing China for “human rights violations” and lack of democracy. And while she was in China, criticizing China for human rights violations, US Homeland Security sent their SWAT teams to crack down on and beat the shit out of peaceful student gathering by Western Illinois University. This peaceful street party which is held every year in a small town in Illinois did not involve rioting of any sorts. The police showed the students never the less (see the video at the end of the post).

So let me rephrase it – Hillary the dumb one Clinton goes to China to bitch about their poor human rights record, while American police beat, tazer, abuse and arrest anyone they want because they are no longer held accountable for their actions. Because America is under a “State of War”, anyone can be arrested and held on sheer suspicion that they may be connected with the terrorist organizations. Human rights? Please!

China has been growing economically for years and that type of steady growth did not go unnoticed. Given their powerful military, close military ties with Russia (a country with immense nuclear potential, capable of wiping out the entire human race) and potential to become the strongest economy in the world within 5 years, China has become a new threat and now that Osama bin laden is dead, the US government is taking the advantage of the momentum to declare China the new threat to the USA and the world. In order to keep the gears of war turning, there must be an enemy. And if the enemy is eliminated, new one must be invented. Otherwise the gears of war stop turning and with it stop the billion dollar profits that the war generates for the privileged ones through lucrative contracts.

Funnily enough, regardless of how much Hillary Clinton yaps about China, the USA still owes them some $2 Trillion. If China decides to dump these assets, it would denominate the US dollar to a point that its exchange value would shatter, destroying the main source of country’s power. Who’ll be the last one to laugh then, Hillary?

Speaking of human rights violations that Hillary Clinton criticized China for – why would she not focus on violations of human rights of thousands of innocent civilians affected by US bombing in Libya? Why not worry about human rights of millions affected by the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan? How about human rights violations by the US military in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo prisons? How about secret CIA prisons scattered around the world used to torture the victims? The USA should be the very last country to criticize another for their human rights violations.

But China has clearly been chosen. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear something bad told about China at least once per hour. The brainwashing campaign to set up China as the new #1 threat to the USA and the world (to replace Osama Bin laden) is well under way. But try to explain this to your average Obama sheep. They went out in thousands to cheer after the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden was announced by their master. They bow down and take the Obama cock right between their ass checks and thank him kindly for the privilege of fucking them right in the ass without lube. How could people be this blind to not see the forest for the trees? Ahh well, Obama sheep are our future, right? They are the young generation, the students, the youth. They are change we can believe in.

If you feel like, check out the video on the suppression of peaceful student gathering I spoke about earlier:

Racers – New Name for Obama Worshippers Always Pulling the Race Card

Racers - New Name for Obama Worshippers Always Pulling the Race Card

You know how those Obama sheep always refer to people who are not easily fooled, by degrading names like “birthers” for calling Obama out on his inability to provide a verifiable proof that he’s an American citizen? Well, an awesome man by the name of Tony Katz gave Obama worshippers a similar name – Racers. It doesn’t take much to notice that Obama sheep always pull a race card whenever someone points out where Obama fucked up. Again, one doesn’t have to go through hoops to search for Obama’s fucks up cause everything he touches, he fucks up big time. But try to point it out and Racers instantly pull their race card out. They have no feasible arguments, so they turn into Racers.

So did the host of this MSNBC program but Tony Katz shut her right up. I can’t believe how she would bring George Bush up out of sheer despair. Yeaeh, you’re a Racer, miss and Tony Katz humiliated you for being an Obama sheep. Not that that’s any difficult cause Obama sheep are, well… like sheep. Though I must apologize to sheep for insulting them by comparing them to Obama worshippers. And I hate Dubya just as much as the other guy. I’m not even an American, but if you’re an Obama asskisser and can’t see how retarded that makes you, then you deserve nothing less. And on top of it all, you’re also a Racer!

Osama Bin Laden Has Been Dead for Years – Irrefutable Proof by Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Osama Bin Laden Has Been Dead for Years - Irrefutable Proof by Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Countless, countless inside sources, including Dr. Steve Pieczenik who personally worked with Osama Bin Laden have confirmed that Osama died nearly a decade ago and his corpse has been on ice ever since. However the news of his death has been purposefully withdrawn from general public to be announced at a more politically convenient time. As we have witnessed over the past few days, this time has now come. Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years, however announcing his death back then would not have delivered an anticipated impact.

There has been nothing but withdrawn statements, fake pictures, story of his body being dumped into the sea and other lies from Barack Obama and his fellow high officials who are having hard time fooling everyone. Obama sheep stick their noses deep up his ass, but not everyone is that clueless.

In April 2002, Steve R. Pieczenik – member of Council on Foreign Relations, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker, told Alex Jones that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months”. Osama Bin Laden had been dead for months In April 2002! We’re in 2011 now – it’s been years since his death.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is one of the most fearless former high politicians who knows what he’s talking about. It doesn’t get any more credible than that. Because George Bush’s presidency gained momentum when he declared war on terror, there was no sense in trying to boost his ratings in the eyes of average American any more so the people behind the curtain left this high card in their sleeve until the end of Barack Obama’s presidential term. Barack Obama is otherwise a major failure so if killing of Osama Bin Laden is assigned to him, he would be seen by majority of Americans as a hero which would both boost his pre-election ratings, but it would also take focus away from collapsing economy and ongoing war in Middle East which takes money away from the tax payers to give it to private contractors who are raking in trillions of dollars.

Back to Steve Pieczenik – aside from serving under three different administrations as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Dr. Steve Pieczenik also worked under Reagan and Bush senior, and still works as a consultant for the Department of Defense. Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a former US Navy Captain, achiever of two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards at the Harvard Medical School where he simultaneously completed a PhD at MIT.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik developed the basic tenets for psychological warfare, counter terrorism, strategy and tactics for transcultural negotiations for the US State Department, military and intelligence communities and other agencies of the US Government, while also developing foundational strategies for hostage rescue that were later employed around the world. He was originally recruited by Lawrence Eagleburger.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik also served as a senior policy planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker and worked on George W. Bush’s election campaign against Al Gore. He is without doubt one of the best connected men in intelligence circles, with his connections extending over the past three decades.

As was confirmed by Dr. Steve Pieczenik many times before, auspicious announcement by Barack Obama that Osama Bin Laden was dead just over a year prior to him seeking re-election changes nothing on the fact that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years. Latest interview with Alex Jones further confirms this information.

As Dr. Steve Pieczenik mentions in the video (below), General Tommy Franks accidentally confirmed that Osama Bin Laden is dead in a verbal slip that pissed off many people in the high places. Osama Bin Laden suffered from Marfan Syndrome which is a disease that significantly shortens the lifespan of patients who suffer from it. It is unlikely that a person who suffered from Marfan Syndrome would survive for extra 10 years.

General Tommy Franks was not the only one to officially confirm Osama’s death. There is in fact a very long list of officials who clearly suggested that he was dead. Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State under President Clinton said that the Bush administration may already have captured Osama bin Laden and will release the news just before next year’s presidential election. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari said in 2009 that counterparts in the American intelligence agencies hadn’t heard anything from Bin Laden in seven years… I don’t think he’s alive. All of the photos and videos of Osama Bin Laden released after 2001 were proven to be fake.

So what’s the deal? Is Osama Bin Laden Dead or Alive? Check out the interview between Alex Jones and Dr. Steve Pieczenik which tells the truth about what is really going on and casts light on the issue of Osama’s death closing it once and for all.

Barack Obama is Dead

Barack Obama is Dead

Fabricated story about the death of Osama Bin Laden took America by the nuts yesterday. Now here’s a thing: Osama Bin Laden is either not dead or died a long time ago. Whichever it is, he was not killed by any Americans on May 2, 2011 Pakistan time. After Barack Hussein Obama made a speech that Osama Bin Laden was killed, he went back to his white painted house and laughed his ass off at gullible Americans who fell for his crap AGAIN. And after he was done laughing, he called the Bin laden family and scheduled a beer with Osama or in case Osama did in fact die in the early 2000’s – told his family that business is doing good and everything is going as planned.

Let me say it again – Osama Bin Laden was NOT killed on May 2, 2011. I will leave the Americans to believe in the change they believed in when they got fooled by Obama the first time, because they are beyond the point of repair. You just can’t beat sense into them anymore as they will worship their idol to no end and will trample everyone who dares to speak otherwise. This type of ignorance warrants swallowing of the “Osama was killed” lie and licking off the residue right off the lips. But you, non Americans – what the hell is wrong with you? Can you really not think for a minute? If Obama said that flies are shitting penguins, would you believe that too? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

People who own an iPad send an undeniable signal to everyone around that they are dumber than a bag of wet mice. To pay more to be able to do less is a sign of lacking wits and limited brainpower. In other words, a person who owns an iPad is plain and simple DUMB. But to take that iPad to a public space and use it for everyone to see takes it to a whole new level. Yet that’s still nothing since one Spike Lee, a guy sporting an iPad in the photo above showed us that the level of dumbness is not finite. Using an iPad to take pictures with? Really, Spike Lee?

So if Spike Lee is the “Dumb” in this photograph, then who is the “Dumber” you ask? Well, just take a look at who Spike Lee is trying to photograph with his iPad – Barack Hussein Obama. Yeah, it doesn’t get any dumber than that. Unless of course Spike Lee is trying to smack Barack Obama over his head with that iPad – to beat the dumb out of him. Cause if that’s the case than we’d simply have the dumber without the dumb.

Ted Williams – Who Is He?

Ted Williams - Who Is He?

I know it’s been at the back of your head ever since you’ve seen the video of him showing off his golden voice. There was something to the face of Ted Williams, but who is he exactly? Well, let the picture above reveal his secret identity.

Ted Williams takes his good looks from two of the most socially awkward characters in the universe today. Take twisted features of John Kerry, combine them with Muslim complexion of Barack Obama and you will no longer have to ask: “Ted Williams – Who Is He?” because then you will know. Awkward!

Monkey-Like Behavior of the Oprah Show Audience Members Explained

Videos of scenes from the Oprah Show showing audience members acting like they’re monkeys have been going viral, puzzling internet users with questions like: why do people on the Oprah Show regress to crying monkeys? I’ve looked at the video myself (seen above) and knew the answer right away. The audience members on the Oprah Show are all Obama voters. That explains it all. You can’t anticipate sane behavior from an Obama worshipper. They are dumbed down to the max already. They can’t get any dumber so acting like rabid monkeys is natural to them. There you have it – the monkey-like behavior of the Oprah Show audience members explained in just one short paragraph. Nothing more to add.

Staged Faintings at Barack Obama’s Speeches

Barack Obama won’t stop at nothing. Sadly, there are many… way too many people who get to five trying to add two and two so you never have to walk too far to stumble across an Obama ass kissers. But if you take a closer look at how Barack Obama was able to brainwash them into falling for his crap, you’ll laugh your ass of in dismay – staging faintings at his speeches.

That’s right, any person with half a brain and basic observation talent can notice the pattern set up by the team Obama. A loser is hired to faint at a given time and Obama is then played back the lines he needs to recite from the teleprompter to make the crowd believe he’s a friggin saint. And the crowd… you know it. They fall for it with a cheer.

I have to give it to Barack Obama’s team, though. Staging faintings to improve the image of their puppet is truly a smart tactics of crowd brainwash. And brainwash they fall for with a capital B. This is the most typical scenario:

  1. Barack Obama reads his speech from the teleprompter
  2. A person in a crowd faints at appointed time (several persons are set up for this purpose per event)
  3. Obama interrupts his speech to alert the medics of a person in need of assistance (instant brownie points from Obama worshippers right there)
  4. Obama asks for water for fainted person but ends up offering his own
  5. Obama turns from a campaigning politician into a life savior by conducting crowd management (by requesting people to make room for paramedics) or instructing the crowd on what to do (by telling them to give the person more room and water)
  6. To make himself look like Jesus Christ able to resurrect a dying person, Obama proclaims the victim fine, though he can’t have a damn clue what exactly happened to that person (but since it’s all staged, he knows they are not suffering from a heart attack so he can freely make a statement from the stage that they are OK)
  7. Staged act successfully concluded, brainwashed sheep stand in awe over how amazing their idol is
  8. Act is repeated with other actors as necessary

The Only Sane Man in a Crowd of Liberals Calls Barack Obama a Liar

The Only Sane Man in a Crowd of Liberals Calls Barack Obama a Liar

The fact that there were people who added two and two to get five and voted for Barack Obama is pretty embarrassing, but the fact that there still are Obama worshippers bowing to bury their noses in his ass is beyond shocking. To have the right to vote and wasting it on Obama must be one of the most shameful mistakes a man could have made in life. What will you see when you find yourself on a death bed and the story of your life flashes before your eyes? That you voted for the biggest idiot the race of men has produced? That’s gotta be something to be proud of.

Let’s take a look at the video full of people who still can’t pull their noses out of their idol’s stuttering ass. Many of them gathered at a rally at Bowie State on October 7th, 2010 to worship the speech read from the teleprompter like it’s the holy word. But within a crowd of clueless, dumb morans there was an odd, sane man (plus a girl) with common sense and the ability to think for themselves. I don’t know what they were thinking to mix themselves in a crowd of idiots, but they did and brought a pair of brass balls with them (especially the guy).

The brave man called Barack Obama for who he is and shouted out loud: “You’re a liar!”. Obviously, speaking the truth in a mob of hateful Liberals is a near death sentence, but for some reason, this fine man made it out alive. Threats of physical harm were made – that’s something that could have been expected from a blindfolded Democrat who’d do anything for their idols, but he still made it out alive.

Why do Liberals react with threats and outrage when someone speaks the truth? And why are they not on their knees when their God speaks (understand – stutters as he reads from a teleprompter)? OH, and what’s wrong with me being surprised that the Liberals can’t handle the truth? That bunch of sheep is so predictable it’s laughable. The moment you abandon rational judgement for dogmatic, uncritical obedience, that is exactly what you become – a sheep.

I suppose the right to freedom of speech is unacceptable by the Liberals. One can’t say what they think in their presence without being harassed, pushed and threatened. Yet if any of them Obama asskissers got pushed like that, they would have screamed “fascists” and all sorts of other insults.

Man, I hate teabagging Conservatives, but sheepish Obama worshippers are just plain dumb. I will just applaud to this brave man and call him a HERO for having the balls to speak the truth. Watch the video of his heroic deed below:

101 Year Old Zhang Ruifang from China – Woman with Devil Horns

101 Year Old Zhang Ruifang from China - Woman with Devil Horns

Meet 101 year old Zhang Ruifang from Linlou village in Henan province, China. Zhang Ruifang began developing the protrusion on her head last year which grew into a 6cm long devil horn. Another devil horn is starting to protrude on the opposite side of the top of her forehead making the appearance of the devil complete. Barack Obama is probably aware of it and is on his way to China as we speak.

There is no scientific explanation as to why horns started to grow on the head of Zhang Ruifang but some speculate that this is what’s known as a cutaneous horn. Cutaneous horns could form up as a result of excess of protein called keratin. Compacted keratin is what human hair and nails are made up of. In animals, keratin forms feathers, wool and… horns. This just made Barack Obama cry. He thought his right hand has descended on the Earth, but an old woman in China is not the devil. The devil is me, I have just not developed the ability to grow horns.

Video of 101 Year Old Zhang Ruifang aka Woman with Devil Horns is below. Pretty crazy but why does the camera operator have to keep poking her in the other horn. She should gore her like a bull with the big horn.