Sheep in Turkey Gives Birth to Lamb with Human Face

Sheep in Turkey Gives Birth to Lamb with Human Face

I wouldn’t believe this story if you bribed me with blowjobs from your sister, but since masses at large out there are prone to believe anything they are served (Barack Obama becoming the president is the proof of the previous statement), let me tell you about a sheep in Turkey that gave birth to a dead lamb with human face:

Turkish veterinarian Erhan Elibol performed Cesarean section on the sheep in Izmir, Turkey but when lamb came out, it had snout that resembled human face (has Barack Obama been to Turkey recently?). Given that this story originates from Turkey one would have to think twice before they believe it. Mutating a sheep with human genes would not be that easy but then again, Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country (almost everyone is Muslim – 99%) and you never know what a Muslim would stick his dick into.

If you add to it the fact that most deformities come from these parts of the world (India rules in this regard), you could easily come to conclusion that this story is real, regardless of how crazy it may seem at first. Of course there are no videos of the lamb with human body, only questionable quality pictures and locals burned the body after it was born so scientists couldn’t study it and confirm the claims. You believe Barack Obama is the savior of the world, feel free to believe a sheep in Turkey gave birth to a lamb with human face. Meantimely, I’ll go and enjoy quality time with your sister.

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