Muslim Population by Country

Muslim Population by Country

Given frightening growth of Muslim population worldwide, let’s take a look at Muslim population by country, with special focus on countries with highest and lowest population of Muslims in the world.

List of Countries with Muslim Population of 100%

In these countries, everyone is a Muslim and I’m guessing that unless you embrace Islam, you are not welcomed:

  • Libya
  • Maldives
  • Mauritania
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Somalia
  • Western Sahara

List of Countries with Muslim Population of 99%

These are the countries where basically whole population are Muslims, but some weirdoes of unknown origin are spoiling their numbers. Only 1% or less of total population are Muslims:

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Gaza Strip
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Yemen

List of Other Countries with Muslim Population of More than 90%

List of other countries with super high Muslim population, even though they have more than 1% of non Muslim people there.

  • Azerbaijan
  • Comoros
  • Djibouti
  • Egypt
  • Gambia
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Mayotte
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Senegal
  • Tajikistan
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Senegal

…and to offset it:

List of Other Countries with No Muslim Population (0%)

These are the countries that are free from Muslims:

  • Angola
  • Antigua Barbuda
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • Bhutan
  • Bolivia
  • Cape Verde
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Greenland
  • Granada
  • Guam
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Iceland
  • Jamaica
  • North Korea
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Taiwan
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Looks like countries in Central America and the Caribbean do the best job keeping themselves free from Muslims. Iceland and Greenland are also on top of it, though I was surprised to find out that Slovakia, one of the nicest countries in the world has 0.2% Muslim population. I guess that’s what they get for being in Europe. Muslim population in Indonesia, a country with largest Muslim population in the world is at 86.1%.

These Muslim population by country statistics have been collected from the CIA World Factbook and are based on each country’s respective census. Some may be outdated or inaccurate due to deliberate provision of twisted facts. For more information, go to:

Muslim population circular graph image by the University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences

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50 thoughts on “Muslim Population by Country

  1. Vazul


    Just a little update. (cia.woldfactbook uses mostly 2001 census datas)
    You can remove from the “free from muslims” the following countries:
    -North Korea (officially everyone is atheist)
    -Mexico (you can even find a nice mosque)
    -Papua New Guinea (lately an Islamic center was founded)
    -Puerto Rico

    You’re welcome.

  2. Ahmed

    Dear Fellow human being:
    Islam will spread into the four corners of the world and in every house on earth and whether you like it or not.Do you know how many people converted to Islam since September 11? Check it out and you will be surprised. Whay I know this as a fact.. God said in the QURAN. Find out…what are you afraid off the truth?
    My apologies if I offend anyone with my comments.
    Thank you.
    May god pless us all.

  3. Shaikh

    You can also delete Haiti from the list of FREE FROM MUSLIMS as there are more than 4000 muslims in Haiti.
    WHile I respect your effort in compiling the Data on muslim population Im disappointed on the fact that this data was gathered as you feel endangered on growing muslim population.
    May Allah give you peace n wisdom

  4. SIOE

    Dear Ahmed,

    Your religion is a poisonous, hateful, misogynistic, backwards, homophobic, violent one, and people like you are trying to drag us all back in to the dark ages. Just try and spread your hate to the rest of us who appreciate science, reason and gender and sexual equality and see what happens. There are only around a billion of you, and a lot of ‘kuffar’ ready to strike you down the minute to try to force your hateful, ignorant bile down our throats.

    May your foul god desert you.

  5. siddiki

    Dear SIOE,

    the meaning of islam is peace.n i think ur far away from dis it’s my humble suggestion 2 u dat please read QUR’AN once, i think insha allah ur point of view towards islam will surely change.
    allah says in qur’an “let there be no compulsion in religion: truth stands out clear from error” (QUR”AN 2:256).
    so if u think ur religion is true than its really good, but before this read QUR’AN once.

    i apologies if i hurt anyone with my comment.
    may allah bless us.

  6. Lothar Cantare

    Interesting info! I’m trying to find a new country to live in that is as far from the Islamic Menace as possible. I’ve got a feeling the Western World is going say “enough is enough” and spray them and I don’t want to be any where near any Muslims when it goes down. Thanks for the info!

  7. Fasa

    What the hell is going on here, why you scared of Muslims what the hell is your problem 1 billion and growing, aren’t wrong every where you look you would see a non Muslim cursing a muslim replying may peace be on you, who is evil then you have to be retarded for that kind of behaviour…… Are you? think……? Yes you are mate yes you are.

  8. Imtiaz Ali

    One Day Shall come, The Pakistan Role All Over The world.Pakistan Is Nuclear Muslim State,It Has 100 Atom Bombs! thanx

  9. Aslam Javaid

    For the sake of correction in record it may be noted that the list of countries “free of Muslims” is incorrect.In fact out of the 32 listed countries most have thriving Muslim communities whereas in other countries Muslims are present in small numbers.CIA factook has been quoted as source,whereas the reported list does not match with the data of CIA Factbook.The International Religious Freedom Report released annually by the US State department contains detailed statistics.Only the following countries/territories are two countries free of Muslims.

  10. deq blaque

    the great sadness of the ‘descent into hell’ is that so many of the world’s tragically intellectually deficient are using a simple common denominator to wrest control of the enlightened, and that is simply by birth rate and propaganda and brain washing.
    knowing that learning institutions for example in the world’s newest islamic state of australia are rolling over and suggesting that the nation was ‘terra nullis’ when muslims arrived is a crime that is every bit as vile as was the atrocity of september 11. as the phrase goes with friends like these, who needs enemies.

  11. Qadim

    Well for your information…..

    The information which is posted on this might be old or may be wrong.

    Why I am saying it because Allhamdulilah by the help of Allah I have the list of the countries and with the name of the muslim brothers living in that country.

    In the above article the list of the countries with 0% muslims is wrong. You yourself can find on internet and Google it just type ” Muslims in ________ (the name of the country)”..

    Anyways I live in Florida and my city Ameer sahb is reverted he was a Musician in Brooklyn Club Allhamdulilah Allah have blessed him with Imaan and Islam he embraced Islam and now Allhamdulilah he goes in Tablighi Jamat(to make Iman and spread peace and love) every where in the world. Before last year he was in Jamat in Haiti and there are Muslims in in Haiti too..

    InshAllah Islam will reach every corner of the world so that All the human beings be safe from Hellfire and live in peace and tranquility. SO ple

  12. Not important

    Every religion has its good and bad people, you cant compare over a million to something that a few did! i personally know of many non muslims who smoke, kill, steal, do drugs, break many many rules and yet no one is offending them as much as they are offending muslims.
    Take a second to think about this, if muslims were cruel and killers then all non muslims would have been murdered by now and islam would be the only religion left on this world!!

    Please get ur facts straight and stop hating because karma is not fun


    It is Allah promise,that islam will enter every single corner of the world no matter what what it will caused it to be.Allah almighty is always truthful and also free from error.i am calling to our others religious neighbour to go over the quran and pounder over it meaning,and they will surely discover the wisdom behind it.

  14. Mohammad

    Hello to all Non-Muslim(KUFFAR)
    ISLAM is the greatest religion. ISLAM means ‘PEACE’ which we will INSHALLAH spread all over the UNIVERSE. Our mission is the BEST, TRUE & EVIDENT.
    But the country named AMERICA who is the world’s biggest nuclear power challenges as the leader & torch-bearer of HUMAN RIGHTS who is killing numerous people(mostly WOMEN’S AFTER RAPING THEM & CHILDREN) without even counting them in Iraq & Afghanistan & both are Muslim countries which are called as the world’s worst countries to survive just because of America.
    From OCT 7,2001 to NOV 12,2001 US FORCES killed around 90,000 innocent peoples including children of every age group without any reason.
    In last 10 years(decade)US bombings killed 1,000,000 MUSLIMS which were not terrorists because from this amount 600,000 was children.
    Now tell me what u would say “What a PEACE” hhm. NOW u people would abuse us all the MUSLIMS & ISLAM but unfortunately that would not hide the truth especially u MR.SIOE.
    First do the research & then speak.
    For ur more Information the all News which u listen via any medium is mostly wrong.
    And the Owner’s name is MR.KEITH RUPTER MUDOCH.

  15. sajid khan

    Brother muhammad truly said

    Jesus (peace be upon him) was killed by JEWS
    Jesus (pbuh) is called one of the great prophet and messenger of GOD by
    it’s according to you (non-muslims) still you hate muslims

  16. SADIK (MUBI)

    ALHAMDU LILLAH…ALLAH SAY (1)when the victory of Allah has come and the conquest(2)and you see the people entering religion of Allah in multitudes(3) then exalt him with praise of your lord and ask forgiveness of him indeed he is ever accepting repentance Quran 110:1-3

  17. robert

    I have noticed that most predominantly Muslim countries do not enjoy the freedoms that are enjoyed in the great country of the United States. Why are so many Islamic people inundating countries in Europe? Are they being mistreated in their predominantly Muslim country? If it is not religious persecution, what kind of persecution is it? Or is the immigration due to predominantly economic reasons? Hear this, everyone: Any nation where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached is a blessed nation. No nation is perfect. No nation has perfect governments or perfect citizenry…….nevertheless, when people hear the truth of the living Word, they are a blessing to the general population. People from other nations see the blessings and flock to the blessed nation.

  18. Jummai

    Muslims are the ones who afraid of the other religions. No body is afraid of Muslims. Who guys are so preoccupied with converting the world, do you think the world is in your back yard? If Islams is the true religion? Why then Muslims kill those who want to leave the religion? Many Muslims are converting everyday in many Muslim countries and despites all the killings of non-muslims by muslims there are Christians and other religious groups in Muslims countries. Iran 2010 there many university students converting to Christianity. Your population does intimidate the world. Many who converting to Islam are going back to their religion again. Since other religion belief that their God is greater than human, they do not need to tell the world how many people are converting. In my country there are just handful of Christians but the Muslims have been trying to convert them by killing women and children but have never succeeded. If you cannot get 72 virgins on earth surely you cannot get that your heaven. BLOOD OF THE INNOCENTS WILL CRASH YOUR RELIGION. you also bomb each other too. REMEBER NOBODY IN THE WORLD IS AFRAID OF YOUR THREATS OR BLOOD THIRSTY MESSION

  19. nonislamicnutcasewithlotsabigguns

    I’m all for peaceable Muslims, but for those of you islamic nutcases who think islam will rule the ‘four corners’ of the world, all we have to say is ‘come get some’.

    You sword wielding camel jockeys have been bombed back into the stone ages before and it’ll happen again until you learn to take your seat and behave like good little boys and girls.

    You want violence and you may well find it.
    Remember that you aren’t the only people on this planet who have been willing to die taking down an enemy.

    The beautiful thing about islam is this;
    You fight among yourselves and destroy your own kind. You rape your own women and butcher your own children.
    You wont need the infidel to tame you because in the end you will destroy yourselves by your own hands.

    A house divided against itself will not stand.
    Islam is doomed, as she always has been, to rise for a time and then be decimated by her struggles against herself, against humanity and against common sense and honor.

    Islam will fall. She will disappear into the night. And no one will remember her or honor her memory.

  20. Javed.Sayyed

    Your religious head honchos have a deep study of Islam,whatever revealed is coming true before you day after day,every word of quran is protected by Allah himself you cannot destroy it so you trying to destroy its followers,firsr go and save holy bible which renewed every year with new testament,you change your religious laws to save your depriciating community,you allow gays@lesbians to marry so that they remain Christians,your girls give birth to basterds than you get them Christianise in church,these and there are many kind of examples of you and your fake popes religion,I won’t insult it saying Christianity its stupidity,coz true Christianity is corelated to Islam,coz Jesus is also our prophet and he had also revealed about Islam and Muhammad pbuh in original bible,@ he is going to come back one day and reveal that Islam is the only true religion.Allah your eyes and heart before you die or may Allah save you Ameen.

  21. Abdul Khalil Afghani

    Dear Author
    Thanks for collecting such information, But an author having such kind of one sided/hateful mind cant provide the accurate information because he will always jealous and will hide some information.
    But one thing that Right is always Right and you will compel to update very soon your information because thousands of people daily admit such Right and convert to Islam.

    thanks once again for your efforts and hardworking.
    A.Khalil Afghani

  22. ansar


  23. Saad badshah

    Fellow non muslims many of you are so blinded by hate that you can not see what’s plane ahead of you, the spread of islam has never been faster.It is the fastest growing religion and it is GOD’S promise that he’ll make islam shine over the entire world.Please read our history,we have faced many challenges before and we have overcame them,the crusaders,the mongols,the brits and the soviets all failed in their attempt to undermine islam.
    I humbly request you to please read the Quran once,and Inshalah your life would change.


    I humbly request all non muslims not to hate the muslims world as only a fraction of the percentage of muslims do voilence which itself is against islam. Please do understand Islam has not been spreading by sword or blood and can not withstand if we try to spread it by sheedding blood. Quran says “No compulsion in religion” and so if you don’t like islam live you and let muslims to live.

  25. ananda

    i respect all region…………. but i have question about muslim that it is
    a religion that dominate the female right? and make them a house servant for the whole life. it doesn’t make me sense y muslim people are being backwards as compare to other countries in the world……. try to think one more time and respect all religion from your place…..though you are muslim.

  26. Abdul Khalil Afghani

    Dear Anada!

    Hope to be fine,
    Please try on what the rights are given by Islam to women. In our religion mother, sister, ant, grandmother and wife etc have their great respects and special respect rinks.
    the men are responsible to earn for all household expenses and women are just enjoy the men earned in their homes.
    if you see the history, Muslim scientists are the pioneer in science world.
    As currently Muslim countries are faced with great conspiracies of non-muslim countries and they are interfering in their internal affairs, like in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palastin, Iraq, Libya etc. on the other hands if you see the cruelty, oppression, injustice of Israil, NO ONE SAY ANYTHING.

    Please just read the rules and regulation of islam , you will find the right way.


  27. Afghani

    Dear Anada!

    Hope to be fine,
    Please try on what the rights are given by Islam to women. In our religion mother, sister, ant, grandmother and wife etc have their great respects and special respect rinks.
    the men are responsible to earn for all household expenses and women are just enjoy the men earned in their homes.
    if you see the history, Muslim scientists are the pioneer in science world.
    As currently Muslim countries are faced with great conspiracies of non-muslim countries and they are interfering in their internal affairs, like in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palastin, Iraq, Libya etc. on the other hands if you see the cruelty, oppression, injustice of Israil, NO ONE SAY ANYTHING.

    Please just read the rules and regulation of islam , you will find the right way.


  28. Ali

    By the way, Muslim is not a race, their forefathers in various countries converted to Islam.
    As an example, the forethhers of people of Indonesia, Malaysia were probably idol worshippers, and they converted to Islam, after they met other Muslims visiting their country from Arabia.
    By the same tokenj, forefathers of most of the 500,000,0000 Muslims living in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan conveted to Islam, the forefathers of half a billion Muslims in the region were not Arabs.
    Similarly, Islam is the fasters growing religion in Canada, America and Europe,even today, and nobody is forcing them to become Muslims.
    non Muslims of various countires who convert to Islam.
    Muslms is not a race, like Hindus are generally from the same race, or Jews are generally from the same race, or Christians in Europe are from the same race, caucasian.

  29. Thelma Lou

    Also as far as the women being taken care of and all expenses paid… well we all know they cannot tell their husbands NO… so where is the freedom there??? What a trash religion (if you can call it that) women are animals in your culture. Why do you not respect them to vote and have equal pay… are you afraid they will leave your sorry buts???? And why dont the women get 72 untried men when they die a violent explosive death.

  30. Sohail

    Judaism and Christianity are not “other” religions just the message of God sent through the predecessors of Mohammed(pbuh). Islam merely completes His guidance to and communications with humanity. Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed delivered the same messages of faith and personal conduct.

    Why does the world hate Muslims? Not because Islam’s a bad religion but because of how it is practiced. Just compare the Ten Commandments with the core teachings of Islam regarding faith, piety, integrity, honor and principle and you will immediately see they are the same.

    My suggestion to those who criticize Islam is to do some comparative study and you’ll be amazed. And if you want to bring up the question of “rights”, talk about them in the context of socioeconomic realities of the specific cultures and geographies, not religion.

    My suggestion to those defending Islam is to practice it. Your rhetoric regarding dominance and and cursing and cussing simply cements the opposite beliefs. Follow traffic laws, stop littering, stop killing each other over difference of opinion, etc. and you will command respect.

    Chinese and Indian populations taken individually are greater than Muslim populations. These countries carry many of the same societal characteristics of thought and deed as represented in the author’s comments. Perhaps the author should broaden this discussion to include other societies as well. Otherwise the argument would seem merely a hate speech rather than a poignant reminder of the opportunity for growth humanity has missed.

  31. sangawe

    All in all,christianity is the only true religion in the world!everybody deserves to be christian where peace,love and happiness is preached!May christianity prevail in the world!!amen

  32. Aida Ford S.

    I know there are nice, good muslim people, but,the ones who want to dominate the world are crazy bastards who will kill us and will kill their own muslim “brothers” if we don’t do what they say.We will be raped and they will kill us because is our fault,according to them.You have to be blind to ignore the danger we are in.Please, wake up, do something to stop those crazy muslims trying to rule the world. I prefer to die than live with those savages. In Egypt, they are killing and raping women and girls because they don’t want to be muslims, and they will do the same everywere. WAKE UP! PLEASE!

  33. John Christian

    dear all Muslims,
    as per my knowledge, all muslims are not supporting terrorists. but some of ur are surely supporting. and mostly terrorists grows from “Madresa”. so my questioan is, can’t U stop sending ur child to Madresa? may be teachers of Madresa would teach or make wrong meaning of Holly Quran. most of terrorists are misguided. they kill innocent people for Islam? Islam imeans Peace. is killing people gives peace to Islam? in Islam, women have their place & respect. wearing Burka gives respects to women? she can’t see properly even. and if Burka gives respects to women, then why men have no limits? they can get married to 2-3 women. where would U find respects for women when her husband get 2-3 wives? and last, why only muslims fights with other religions? like Christians, Jews, Hindus. can’t muslims stay peacefully or respects others religion? all the time Pakistani hates Indian. after all Pakistan is a part of India. and one Indian named Mr. Gandhi provided money and other things to Pakistan while partition. Pakistan is safe under Indians. if paki have 100 nuclear bombs, but India would not give chance to activate or deploy. Thnx.

  34. Human being

    Dear people…
    Tell me one thing. Why is religion so important to you guys?
    I am an upper cast Hindu from India and my partner is Muslim from Afghanistan. I love him and he loves me. So why for others religion is important? Why cant all of you just live in peace and harmony? No religion is superior or inferior. Every person is same. Please stop criticizing each other. Lets be in love with humanity and become humans rather than being Muslims or Hindus etc. If every person in this world becomes a human then many of the problems will simply go away. Love and be loved. Thats it.
    Thankyou all.
    Hope you all will try and become humans and try to live with brotherhood and humanity. May God bless you.

  35. Zwngshar

    I know that Muslims have only one aimbition,i.e. to dominate the entire world n let no other caste or religion lives. But it is not the law of universe, n is impossible that only one race or religion rules the world. God,even Allah has never words about such, but, by me, this are all what the muslims desires to create.. Since from time immortal, muslims have been trying to dominate completely but they can’t gain success coz its not of there lack of power or courage but due to the trying of converting impossible into possible. Muslims action by thought are ‘ impossible but just near to possible’ not ‘possible but just near to impossible’ which are for the human races in there true way…

  36. Shafira Dian

    Well, firstly sorry for disturbing your so-called debating in this blog
    I’m shafira and I’m a muslim from Indonesia, you can see that indonesia got the 1st place with the biggest muslim population in the world (its an achievement for me :))

    From what I see all the comments from you guys really disturbing me between christians and muslims. Keep debating on who’s wrong or right, who’s evil or not, who’s the better religion, who’s the raper, who’s the bomber, who’s this.. Who’s that..
    It was annoying guys, if you come to Indonesia, you can see the harmony living that we make between muslim, christian, buddhist, konghuchu.. We lived in harmony without even tried to harm eachother. So why don’t we try to live in harmony like my country did (eventough we are the biggest islamic country) but we still respect another religion.. We’ve got mosques, church, temple and were not trying to harm eachother.
    And for the terorrist that ever bombed some places in indonesia, we don’t called them as a muslim.. Cause muslim do not kill people.. They just bunch of jerks that claim themselves muslim and do jihad (war in the name of اَللّهُ).. They just bunch of jerks that have wrong perspective about muslim and about jihad.

    So, please we don’t have to judge wheter this or that religion is bad from one side.. And for the author please don’t see that some country with a muslim population aren’t nice.. We have to respect christians, we also have to respect muslims and other kind of religion :)

    Thank you
    May allah bless all of us (⌒˛⌒ )



  38. Ibrahim babangida

    hoping disbelievers convert to islam. muslims belongs to d power of Allah and rules, who ever want to destroy a single muslim ya allah help him to understand what islam is. If he/she undestand den contnior hate muslims ya allah delete them and let muslims live ameen ya allah.

  39. Mobetua

    Hi guys and girls..

    One thing you have to understand… There is no religion that is right – There is no God! When you are dead you are dead ! No heaven, no hell, no 72 virgins.. Dead! – going back in the circle of life :)

    Forrest Gump said Stupid is who does stupid things.. And you all do ! Belive in something you cant see !
    Let people control your faith – because a book said so .. stupid..

    its always someone who understand the rules better after what they want to accomplish.. like muslims women have to cover their hair – stupid ! and looks stupid too.. !
    You keep saying that muslims are peaceful.. yeah right.. like the cristians in the older days – cruaders – witch hunts and stuff.. the priests used it for power – their own power.. ! Like the sects – brainwashed young woman’s to free use for old men.. or many woman pr man.. like in utah.. its all about power.. !

    I dont care about any religion.. Nobody are going to tell me that I have to follow the rules of a book written by some guy long long time ago. Times have changed.. It is no longer dangerous to eat pork.. In the old days it was practical because of many trichinas in the pork meat. Muslims should have no problems eating pork.. Its good… Why do you let a book or a “priest” “imam” or whaterver.. set limitations of what you can do ? or not do !

    As long as you live your life whiteout hurting anyone else you can do whatever you want.. !
    Dont steal, threaten , be mean or kill anyone. Help those who need help.. Dont do things or not because a book claim to have the recipe of life.. The life does not get any better if you go to church every sunday – as long as you hit your wife every other day.. or if you bend over to allah several times a day.. but make a woman go covered in a blanket from top to toe.. and go nowhere without a husband. That is not freedom, that is to be mean and power sick..

    I know many without religion – who are more “religious” than most religious people I have met..
    All of you that belive.. I know its because you are afreaid.. Afraid of death.. Stop being afraid.. You will die sooner or later – no matter what they tell you – you wont get everlasting life in heaven or 72 virgins when you die.. ! Why dont you try make a difference while you are here.. And I am not talking about blowing things up.. I m talking about good things!

    Stop beliving in invisible stuff and get involved in what you acctually can see.. !


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