David Blaine Upside Down Stunt is a Joke – Proof Inside

David Blaine Upside Down Stunt is a Joke - Proof Inside

You didn’t actually think David Blaine Upside Down Stunt would be real, did you? Santa Claus is real. Bullshitters of the ranks of David Blaine or Criss what’s his lame ass name Angel are a joke. I take great joy in mocking lame street illusionists – probably because it’s easy. Because their camera tricks and paid for audience are so obvious it’s laughable. David Blaine and his latest stunt where as he’s supposedly going to be hung upside down over Central Park in New York is right up there when it comes to lame jokes.

Our friends at Molly Good dispatched one of their friends who lives in New York to spy on David Blaine and send back real deal reports on what exactly is happening. Don’t believe what the screen tells you. David Blaine will not be hung upside down for three days and two nights straight. He gets turned horizontally for multiple check ups and then he gets lowered down above the ground so he can chat with on lookers and other paid for cheering crowd. Yet another FAIL on behalf of a street illusionist David Blaine.

Seriously, those jokers should start blogging instead. It takes far more skill to bitch about David Blaine than to be David Blaine.

David Blaine Upside Down Image Credit: Sara, Molly Good.

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