Frozen Man Encased in Ice in Detroit’s Roosevelt Warehouse

Frozen Man Encased in Ice in Detroit’s Roosevelt Warehouse

This shocking picture is from Detroit. Frozen man was found encased in ice with just his feet sticking out like popsicles. He was discovered by a group of explorers who took the rush of entering ruined Roosevelt Warehouse to play hockey in ice covered basement. Looks like they were proceeded by another explorer who may have been seeking shelter from freezing temperatures that did not avoid Detroit, rather than seeking thrill. Obviously, his adventure did not go as planned.

The investigation is on going. Since the discovery of a frozen man, there have been speculations as to what happened to the guy. Since Detroit is trigger happy city, it is possible that man was murdered prior to being dropped off at abandoned Roosevelt Warehouse and as cold snap hit the city, his body got trapped in two feet of ice. Or maybe he just got really fucking drunk, didn’t make it home and took a nap while it was -15 Celsius outside and woke up to being encased in ice. Or maybe he was a homeless guy who was rampaging Roosevelt Warehouse for loose iron he could exchange for money and fell as he slipped on slick ice.

Who knows. Perhaps further investigation casts some light into this mystery. One way or another, this is not quite the way I would wish to be found if it was my time to go. Damn…

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