Honda FCX Clarity – First Commercial Hydrogen Car

Honda FCX Clarity - First Commercial Hydrogen Car

Japanese auto manufacturer Honda started production of first commercial hydrogen car in the world – Honda FCX Clarity or simply – Honda Clarity. According to automaker’s reps, Honda Clarity is the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered car certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for regular, commercial use. Say good bye to expensive to run, gas powered cars.

Honda‘s been kicking lots of ass lately and FCX Clarity is another step in the right direction. The times are moving on and despite massive financial potential of petrol companies, it seem like they will no longer keep holding us by the balls and economical cars will make their way to the consumer, setting off a decline in rip off practices from those gas companies. Genepax Invented a Car that Runs on Water, Extreme Biofuel is pacing its way around… it’s happening folks, we’re gonna see cars that are more economical to run very soon. Honda FCX Clarity will be mass sold shortly. And I’m happy to share the news about it.

Obviously, we’re gonna need shit loads of hydrogen fuel stations, but they will start to pop up as soon as the people start buying hydrogen cars. However Honda only plans to lease about 200 of their FCX Clarity model over the next three years, so this is just a very beginning for hydrogen cars. The fact that there are not many hydrogen fuel stations is the main obstacle hence first owners of Honda FCX Clarity will be carefully chosen form among those who live within the range of one.

As for the car itself, Honda Clarity runs on electricity which is produced by a fuel cell battery powered by hydrogen. All this car emits is steam. You could go 280 miles before you need to fill the talk up with more hydrogen – which is a pretty decent range.

Even though hydrogen cars are not a thing of immediate future, Honda FCX Clarity proves that alternative power sources for cars are reality and we’ll be able to buy those on a large scale in a few years. Yay 😉.

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