Cameron Diaz Legs Photos – Long and Sexy

Cameron Diaz Legs Photos - Long and Sexy

Cameron Diaz may be 38 year old, but she still has legs long and sexy like a gazelle. Who would have thought? Despite her acne infested face and a mouth that can take four stiff cocks in, Cameron Diaz looks pretty damn hot in the right outfit. It’s all in the legs and she’s got them.

The pictures are from the set of an upcoming movie Cameron Diaz stars in – it’s called Bad Teacher. In the movie, Cameron Diaz plays the role of Elizabeth Halsey who’s an annoying teacher that feeds off of a sugar daddy but shit hits the fan after sugar daddy dumps her (no matter how sexy your legs, they are always replaceable and there’s bound to be somebody out there with hotter legs yet – this is just a movie though). Freshly dumped, the bad teacher starts hitting on her well-loved colleague. Justin Timberlake is also in the movie.

I’d totally get my car washed at Jammers Car Wash. Cameron Diaz would have to smear my glass with soapy sponge held with her feet so I get good visual of those long, sexy legs. Gallery of more pictures of Cameron Diaz’ legs is below:

Cameron Diaz Legs Photos by FAME

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