Kathy Ireland Nude in Vintage Sports Illustrated

Kathy Ireland Nude in Vintage Sports Illustrated

Don’t get mad at me. This is what they called “a nude” back when those pictures were taken. It’s technically an implied nude, but Kathy Ireland is not wearing any clothes in that pic, hence she’s nude. Good tits, but you got to love the hairdo. She’d be laughed off nowadays if she showed up wearing that magpie nest on her head. Anyway, these are ancient pictures of Kathy Ireland in a vintage issue of Sports Illustrated. One of the pictures has Kathy Ireland nude, even if you don’t think she is and the other one has her in bikini.

Kathy Ireland was a supermodel back in the day and was considered the shit. I was too little to appreciate that, but I do appreciate nice old school pictures of sexy women. And Kathy Ireland must have been a good lay back then. Now she’s all about making billions of dollars. That makes her even sexier in my eyes. Talk about great life…

Kathy Ireland in Swimsuit in Vintage Sports Illustrated.

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