Lady Gaga Saggy Breasts Photos

Lady Gaga Saggy Breasts Photos

Yes, Lady Gaga has saggy breasts. Shocked? I’m not. I’m only shocked that so many of you are falling for her marketing game. She’s got you all fooled and I’m on the bandwagon only because whole society follows. I’ve tried though, I have to admit. When everyone started buzzing about Lady Gaga, I pulled out the photos, pulled out my junk and started jerking off but it didn’t work. How can someone get excited over saggy breasts of such epic proportions. At least we know she doesn’t have a penis – which is sort of apparent from the set of pictures… unless she found a way to skillfully tuck it in her ass so well that it literally disappears from view.

Lady Gaga is like Megan Fox – not so perfect anymore. While Megan Fox has toe thumbs, Lady Gaga has saggy breasts. But it doesn’t end there. On top of that she’s also a terrible musician, awful piano player, sucky songwriter and a lame dancer. Yet still, she’s admired and jerked off to. I must be missing something. Those saggy breasts must be keeping me confused.

Photo infestation of saggy breasts mounted on Lady Gaga’s chest in the gallery below. Yuck!

Photos of Lady Gaga and her saggy breasts by Fame Pictures

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8 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Saggy Breasts Photos”

  1. Oh my gosh! I really cannot see Lady Gaga’s attraction at all. She should try and wear things that are actually flattering to her age.

  2. I’m a 30 something male, like rock music, generally hate pop.

    Lady Gaga seems to be the exception with a lot of talent (she writes her own songs AND they ARE incredibly catchy, having been a songwriter for over 15 years, I can tell you that that’s not easy).

    Plus the fact that, yes her breasts are slightly sagging for a 22 (whatever) year old, but I for one find it incredibly hot!

    She’s real – not some plastic fake like Jordan or any other celeb “it girl”.

  3. Sorry, but I felt I had to react to this.

    I don’t like GaGa’s music. I think she gets way too much media attention. She’s actually getting on my nerves a bit.

    But there’s ONE THING that I DO appreciate her for – and that’s for showing her tits. No, they’re not perky. They’re not inflated. They’re a bit flat. But they’re natural! Me myself, I’m younger than GaGa, and my breasts are like hers. And I’m not the only one. Check this ( gallery – all girls and women with natural breasts. Real breasts. And, honestly, breasts are often not like those you see in ads and porn movies.
    Unless you’re a guy that hasn’t seen a lot of real girls naked, you know they all look different. Sometimes perky, but ever so often soft and saggy, or flat, or asymmetrical. And that’s what makes each pair beautiful.

    So GaGa, thank you for showing us your breasts, all natural, loud and proud! Nothing ‘yuck’ about that. Next time, show us a picture of your body, let’s see what we can say about that…

  4. I agree. She is real! Her breasts are natural and I think they are very beautiful in my opinion. I really prefer her breasts over the fake and so nasty silicones.
    Silicones are yuck in my opinion..

  5. I actually think that it is absolutely great that she has saggy breasts and goes braless to show them off. Why? Well, she has tons of young girls as fans – the ones she calls her “little monsters”. Today, girls are exposed to all kinds of messages about how importnt it is to have a perfect body – whatever “perfect” means. Here comes a different, and most welcome message from her – it’s OK to have saggy boobs. I have a daughter who has had saggy breasts to some degree since she was thirteen, and who, at eighteen, has breasts looking pretty much as Lady Gaga’s breasts do. For her, Lady Gaga is a big empowerer, telling her that her breasts are OK and sexy, too. So I’m extremely grateful that Lady Gaga has saggy breasts and chooses to demonstrate it in public.

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