Lady Gaga Saggy Breasts Photos

Lady Gaga Saggy Breasts Photos

Yes, Lady Gaga has saggy breasts. Shocked? I’m not. I’m only shocked that so many of you are falling for her marketing game. She’s got you all fooled and I’m on the bandwagon only because whole society follows. I’ve tried though, I have to admit. When everyone started buzzing about Lady Gaga, I pulled out the photos, pulled out my junk and started jerking off but it didn’t work. How can someone get excited over saggy breasts of such epic proportions. At least we know she doesn’t have a penis – which is sort of apparent from the set of pictures… unless she found a way to skillfully tuck it in her ass so well that it literally disappears from view.

Lady Gaga is like Megan Fox – not so perfect anymore. While Megan Fox has toe thumbs, Lady Gaga has saggy breasts. But it doesn’t end there. On top of that she’s also a terrible musician, awful piano player, sucky songwriter and a lame dancer. Yet still, she’s admired and jerked off to. I must be missing something. Those saggy breasts must be keeping me confused.

Photo infestation of saggy breasts mounted on Lady Gaga’s chest in the gallery below. Yuck!

Photos of Lady Gaga and her saggy breasts by Fame Pictures

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Megan Fox Lesbian Sex Video

Congrats to Megan Fox who is slowly pacing her way towards imminent career of a porn star. She should have skipped that acting crap and get straight down to boinking for money. The video above is some really low quality, likely cell phone bootleg of the lesbian sex scene featuring Megan Fox and some other hot chick in an upcoming movie the name of which I can’t recall at this moment. There is no nakedness, but lots of hot lesbian kissing and a red sign in top right corner posted by uploader of the video. It offers help with penis sizes. Don’t click. First of all, all penis enlargement pills are bogus and secondly – you don’t want to identify yourself on line as a man with small penis. Comon.

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Megan Fox Shows Her Giant Camel Toe

Megan Fox in Paris Sporting Giant Camel Toe

Megan Fox must have had a glassful of camel milk for breakfast that morning in Paris. Paparazzi caught up with her just as she was about to board a plane and they were greeted by a giant camel toe peaking at them form between her thighs. You know camel toes are a sign of undeveloped pussy right? Healthy vulva has protruding labia to chew on. Camel toes suggest that the labia is near non existent which makes any pussy look like an extended ass crack. Megan Fox can make up for camel toe with really wicked hair.

I like the way she’s dressed. Chicks can never go wrong wearing casual house clothes. For one it makes the camel toe stand up (for those who care) and secondly – you don’t have to kill your erection spending five minutes undoing some stupid belt. Some belts are a bitch to undo. With simple sportswear like Megan Fox is wearing in these photos, you just pull it down and inside the camel toe you go. Simple, easy to remember. I also like how Megan Fox developed an ability to casually hide her nasty thumbs.

Gallery with more Megan Fox Camel Toe pictures is below. All images by Bauer Griffin Online

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Megan Fox Toe Thumbs – Not So Perfect Anymore (pics)

Megan Fox Toe Thumbs - Not So Perfect Anymore

While I don’t mind Megan Fox and would certainly like to bury my perfect fingers in her perfect vagina, I never found her anything that exceptional. However many men think Megan Fox is perfect. Well… wake up – she’s not. Despite decent face, sexy body, presumably hot vagina and uber presumed ability to take it in the ass, Megan Fox is not perfect. This idol of so many men has toe style thumbs. Those are thumbs that look like bit tow on Oprah’s feet. Nothing you would want to suck on while she’s sucking on your penis.

While Megan Fox toe thumbs are not breaking news, many don’t seem to be aware of the fact and there is nothing more pleasurable than revealing the shit parts of women who think they are perfect. The joy of blowing self esteem of otherwise self important woman up her ass is the most rewarding experience ever.

Since her thumbs look like toes, I kind of hoped her toes would look like thumbs, which would make for an incredibly satisfying laughter, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. As it turns out, Megan Fox has actually half decent feet so no mocking her that way. She also looks like kind of a chick who would have properly developed vagina. Women with undeveloped vaginas have that odd Barbie doll look. Labia on Megan Fox surely is a decent size. I was also thinking – toe thumbs, while not appealing to men will likely appeal to women – cause they look like butt plugs. I can see lesbians getting all worked up over the pics of Megan Fox toe thumbs. Ummm, yumm!

Gallery of photos with Megan Fox’s toe thumbs is below:

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Hot Megan Fox Picture Gallery

Hot Megan with Brian Austin Green

That dude in the picture with Megan Fox is Brian Austin Green and he grabs at Megan’s ass no more. Megan Fox did what every hot chick should do – dump her boyfriend’s ass so nice dudes like me and you can get their shot at that ass. I’d even shower if Megan Fox let me stick my hairy moobs between her ass cheeks. Yeah, Megan Fox is single and available to suck on a new dick. Imagine those luscious lips wrapping around your cock… fap, fap, fap. To celebrate the Ash Wednesday and the singleness of Megan Fox, Beer Steak Bullshit Blog brings you the picture gallery of this hot piece.

For your information, the news of Megan Fox breaking up with Brian Austin Green was first released by US Weekly. The report says that their relationship had run its course. Of course it had, she must have stumbled upon my blog, immediately fell in love with me, broke up with her boyfriend and is now eagerly awaiting my call. Hot Megan Fox Picture Gallery is below. Don’t fap at work, m’kay?

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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Leaked Movie Trailer

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Leaked Movie Trailer

The trailer for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movie was not scheduled to go on line until Monday (tomorrow) but leaked version is already available. The trailer has been played in front of Friday the 13th remake and as it goes – ever present bootleggers recorded everything and now it’s available on line.

The quality of the trailer is not the same as we will have once the official, not bootlegged version is made available by DreamWorks/Paramount Pictures – the distributors of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen motion picture. However even low quality recording has something to it and gives decent idea on what amount of destruction the world will be facing once Transformers 2 hits movie theaters on June 26th, 2009. Official release date was set to June 24th, 2009 but Paramount Pictures postponed it by two days.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is a sequel to 2007 Transformers movie and is directed by Michael Bay with Steven Spielberg being an executive producer. Shia LaBeouf will again star in a role of Sam Witwicky with Megan Fox being the main female actress. That giant thing in the trailer is a Decepticon. Rumor has it a big part of the movie will be taking place in Egypt. Enjoy leaked trailer below:

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Olivia Wilde to Rub Pussy Juice with Megan Fox

Olivia Wilde to Rub Pussy Juice with Megan Fox

No, you’re not the only one who’s never heard of Olivia Wilde. I’m just as lost here. And if it wasn’t for Megan Fox who said she’d like to rub pussy juices with Olivia Wilde she would have never come to anyone’s attention. Actually, she was getting there.

An otherwise unknown actress Olivia Wilde has been making her rounds and getting noticed by playing Dr Remy Hadley on the TV show called House. Don’t ask me, I don’t watch those stupid TV series for girls 11 year old or younger. I’m all grown up, I can even masturbate with my left hand already.

Megan Fox, who stared in transformers said she feels like strangling a mountain goat when she sees Olivia Wilde. She attached some form of sexual pod text to it and also listed Jenna Jameson as her fantasy partner is mutual pussy rubbing. I sense a sex tape threesome with Olivia Wilde, Jenna Jameson and Megan Fox. Tito Ortiz can be the producer. Jenna will foot fuck the two. I’d totally jerk off to that. I’d jerk off to Megan Fox doing that mountain goat, cause that’s how I roll.

Check out really bad quality video with Olivia Wilde on Regis and Kelly below.

PS – I’m not sure who took that sexy picture of Olivia Wilde posted above. If you know who it is, let me know so I can credit..

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Megan Fox Topless Pics

Megan Fox Topless

But she’s wearing some shit over her nipples. WTF? Megan Fox went to amaze us all with her exposure of breast skin but covered her nipples and areola. That’s pretty lame.

The result are pictures that look like they are work safe, but if someone sees your monitor screen, it’s gonna look to them like you’re staring at bare tits. Shittiest pics ever. The reason why I’m posting it is that I’ve just spilled drink all over my full-of-mess desk and my keyboard. It’s so wet, it makes bubbly sound as I type. I may have to get myself a new one tomorrow. In the meantime, my paper covered desk has just been turned into sludge. Damn I hate that shit.

Due to possible conflits with our advertisers, I was foced to censor the already covered nipples of Megan Fox and make it more safe for work. To see the NSFW version, visit our friends at Alberta Adult Board and click on Megan Fox Topless Photos..

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Megan Fox Giving Paparazzi a Finger

Megan Fox Giving Paparazzi a Finger

Wow. Well, Megan Fox was giving that middle finger to by standing paparazzi, but this is the same finger she rubs inside of her vagina with. I betcha it still smells like tuna. Yumm.

Actually, she should try her left hand. I’ve heard masturbating with your left hand feel like someone else is doing you. Mind you, I know nothing about fingering, haven’t tried doing my own ass. I’d do Megan Fox’s brown eye anytime. I wouldn’t let her finger me though. Unless she massages my balls too. Those pouty lips must count for something. And there’s also a hint of pencil eraser nipples smiling at me.

Anyway, this is everyone’s favorite Megan Fox at the airport in Vancouver. And BTW, I made it all up. Megan Fox probably doesn’t finger herself. Maybe she’s still a virgin. Or maybe she’s got one of them Jack Rabbits that rub on all parts of your crotch that feel nice. I’ve heard you can also wear butt plus while walking. Do you think she’s wearing one in this pic?.

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