Lisa Raye Cheated on – Her Husband Michael Misick did Rocsi

Lisa Raye Cheated on - Her Husband Michael Misick did Rocsi

Lisa Raye, an American actress who’s married to Michael Misick, the Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands (yes, it’s the same Turks and Caicos where Bianca Golden and Nikki Blonsky got arrested) had her husband cheat on her with “106 and Park” host Rocsi. Damn, I’ve never even heard of Turks and Caicos and all of a sudden there’s so much action going on around there. Way to boost tourism industry on the island.

It’s such a love triangle. We have Rosci aka Raquel Roxanne Diaz who is a popular Black Entertainment Television (BET) VJ hosting Top Ten video chart called 106 & Park. Then we have Premier of Turks and Caicos who is facing corruption and rape charges and then we have Lisa Raye McCoy-Misick, who is an actress from All of Us and Beauty Shop and wife of potentially corrupt politician Michael Misick.

Lisa Raye’s spokes person released a statement that while his client Lisa Raye was in New York, Rosci stayed with her husband Michael Misick at their house and hosted guests as if it was her place.

Michael Misick has some serious nerve going for him. Lisa Raye is a hot piece of meat. She’s still with him despite rape charges. And now to add salt to the wound, he included cheating to it. I’m expecting divorce coming very soon and this hot piece of ass Lisa Raye will be available again. Somebody give her my number. I won’t cheat on her.

But I’m not a prime minister either :(.

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  1. Premiere Michael Misick from Turks and Caicos is getting targeting because the locals don’t like him bringing in Europeans, Americans or other travelers. I met the Premiere at Palms and believe me, he is a really great person that you would love to meet. He has so much charisma and charming, worldly personality. He makes Turks and Caicos a special place- VIP and celebrity status. It’s now the second most jet set destination. I hope he sticks around and continues to bring in all the international tourists and money they pump into the island!

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