Prince William Naked Penis Exposed (pics)

Prince William Naked Penis Exposed

Paparazzi got a million dollar shot capturing the pics of Prince William’s naked penis as he was pissing in the field during a polo game. I don’t know what one would expect from a pic of a penis – it kind of looks like a penis to me, but fact be told – it’s a royal penis. That one penis that belongs to future king of Britain. Or as Brits would say – that’s Willy’s willy…

I’m not posting no pics of Prince William Naked Penis on here. But if you’re a fan of watersports or just like seeing pics of penises, the uncensored version of heir’s to the British throne’s piss gushing, uncircumcised penis can be found on the link below (it’s NSFW):

Prince William Penis Pics – Pissing and Uncircumcised

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