Kristina and Karissa Shannon Naked Pics

Kristina and Karissa Shannon Naked Pics

Hugh Hefner needs not worry for loss of belowed Kendra Wilkinson who fled to rub her vagina against the big toe of Hank Baskett. His replacement makes for Kendra three fold. Kristina and Karissa Shannon, blonde twins who decided it was their turn to pass on some of their own vagina juices onto the face of Hef himself got the wish granted. And the twins don’t waste nobody’s time. They stripped naked, threw vaginas in the air and Playboy photographers snapped. These are the Kristina and Karissa Shannon Naked Pics.

I still think Hef has terrible taste in women. He always goes after plastic looking fake blondes and calls them girls next door. he needs to pull his head out of his old man’s ass and figure out that we’re not in the 60’s. Girls next door today mean something else. Kristina and Karissa Shannon are not them. However they get extra brownie points for being clit licking twin sisters. Must be fun to rub vaginas with a twin sister with whom you’ve grown up since your first day on this Earth. I understand Hef, he got himself a treat. Too bad all he can do is watch Kristina and Karissa rub their vaginas together and double dildo each other. Wander if he watches them naked.

Kristina and Karissa Shannon Naked Pics below. I had to camouflage the vagina of that one of them (God knows which one it is… can’t tell them apart). Must keep the site work safe, most readers read it at work. I actually write it at work, but my boss is off till Monday 😀

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