R Kelly Verdict After Six Years – Not Guilty

R Kelly Verdict After Six Years - Not Guilty

The verdict over Child Pornography charges claiming that R&B singer R Kelly was producing and participating in child pornography came after six years and one day of jury deliberations. The verdict is – Not Guilty.

Cook County jury consisting of nine men and three women acquitted R Kelly of all 14 counts filed against him.

R Kelly has been denying it was him in the tape and even the victim, who is now 23, said it wasn’t her in the video. The prosecutors based their case on key witness who said she had a threesome with the singer and that girl who may have been as young ass 13 years old at the time. The defense based theirs on the fact that R Kelly has a giant mole on his back where as the man in video doesn’t.

41 year old, Grammy award winning Robert Sylvester Kelly is best known for his hit single “I Believe I Can Fly”..

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