Prince – Cover of Creep by RadioHead at Coachella (video)

Prince - Cover of Creep by RadioHead at Coachella (video)

This video is center of shit loads of controversy. Prince is a complete loon and should pull his funny head out of his ass. Back on April 26 of this year, Prince performed a cover of RadioHead song Creep at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. You all know Creep right? It’s that classic from Radiohead everybody thinks of as soon as you say Radiohead. Yeah… that’s the one.

Prince has been going loonie suing YouTube, Ebay and Pirate Bay over what he says is illegal use of his music. While general idea is fine, he’s going all bloody murder about it and making himself look like a complete imbecile. His live performance of Creep was recorded by fans at Coachella and video soon popped up on YouTube. Needless to say, he got all pissy and came all boo boo at YouTube so the videos were being removed, leaving a little notice that the video went poof due to copyright violation reported by Prince’s label NPG Records (he founded it in 1993).

The thing is, Creep is NOT his song. Creep is a song by Radiohead and Radiohead, as you may recall, were one of the pioneers of free music downloads over the internet – offering their latest album “In Rainbows” as digital download with optional pricing. NIN are very successful at it and Trent Reznor made $750 000 after allowing free downloads of his new album. Prince seems to be the only one who’s still 20 years backwards and doesn’t get it.

Radiohead came back at Prince telling him to unblock the Creep video because it was shot by fans and the song is theirs, hence he has no right to claim copyright over it. Watch the video below. So far there’ still this copy on YouTube and hasn’t been removed. Watch it if you give rat’s penis. If you were wandering, after all these years, Prince still looks gay.

Image: Splash.

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