Warriors of Goja at The Ultimate Talent Show India

The most interesting part of this video is the female judge. Her mouth is so big she could blow four dicks at once and they’d still feel like they’re fucking a bucket of water. The video is from a show in India called The Ultimate Talent Show. And the group of boys who call themselves Warrior of Goja delivered. Their act is off to a slow start but picks up soon after. Too bad Indian TV editor keeps adding useless sound effects to the video and too much slow motion. Otherwise the Warriors of Goja showed how tough they are. They just went at it full throttle start to finish all the while the female host held her face and showed the hollowed mouth that was made to suck meat of huge girth.

The Warrior of Goja could start their own Indian version of Jackass. Having had their head run over by a car, eaten glass, pulled a car with teeth, had concrete blocks bashed on their chest and gone stack-up fakir on a bed of nail piled up on one another – I mean… damn! Chuck Norris must be pissed to have his match in India.

Beautiful Solstice Time Lapse Video

I can’t think of anything better to do than to watch a solstice time lapse video on a Thursday afternoon. I already did and it felt very uplifting and now I’m sharing this experience with you so you can enjoy those same moments. Thursday is no humpday, but it can be enjoyable just as much. Watch this beautiful solstice time lapse video. It’s got some breathtaking scenery and very nice photography of the sun.

iPad and Flash Support Lacking Feature – Get Used to Seeing Blue Legos

iPad and Flash Support Lacking Feature - Get Used to Seeing Blue Legos

Apple iPad tablet was intended to be a replacement for notebooks, yet it lacks support for one of the most important components needed to surf the net – Flash. Without Flash support iPad will not be able to show content of website where Flesh elements are used (many, many websites use that) so instead of seeing their attractive, interactive features, you will see blue legos on the screen of your iPad. Great win on behalf of Apple. Fanboys can wipe off the cream from their panties.

iPad is the biggest technological failure of last few decades. It’s made by Apple so expecting it to suck is fair, but Apple went way overboard delivering suckiness when iPad was released without support for Flash.

Did you realize that all YouTube videos are playable on your computer only because your computer supports flash? That’s right and it’s not only YouTube. Most of the big players in online video sharing use flash platform to offer video streaming. The videos you see when you go to DailyMotion, LiveLeak, MySpace Videos, Google Videos, MetaCafe, etc – they all stream files with .flv extension which is an extension for Flash Video. So if you surf any of those websites on an iPad, instead of seeing their vids, you will see blue legos. Because that’s how Apple rocks. Blue Legos everywhere flash is needed. Count millions of websites, many of which are some of internet’s most visited portals. iPad = FAIL

Busted at Christmas Party Video

This seems too awesome to not be fake, but let’s pretend we believe just for one second. Christmas or not, when you need to bust you nut, you need to bust your nut and they say chicks are hornier in winter than in summer cause they are not getting as much of it. This Busted at Christmas Party video appears to have taken place at a workplace. Some kind of storage room full of filing paper is entered by a guy and a girl in heat ready to whip it up and celebrate Christmas in style – along with sperm decorated Christmas cake. I kind of thought the bust would be in that chick having a penis but it didn’t happen to be the case. It was a set up never the less. The chick was quite possibly part of the team that put it all together. Must have sucked for the guy cause the two were likely co-workers so he had this crash on the chick whole year and now it looked like Christmas was the best time of the year to make a move and everything went as he’d desire from the beginning…

I betcha 15 minutes later, after the guy came to he excused himself and went to finish off his horny nut in the washroom.

Jerking Off to a Picture of Fruit in a Glass Bowl (video)

There’s nothing like a little jerk-off to a picture of fruit in a glass bowl. If you’ve never jerked off to a picture of a fruit in a glass bowl – OWM, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Here’s a video to give you some inspiration and seriously… don’t pass up on the best this life has to offer. Jerk it off… to a picture of fruit in a glass bowl. Hellz yeah!

Time-lapse Video of the Life Cats Have While You Are at Work

This cute timelapse video will answer the question that’s been on your mind forever – what do my cats do at home while I’m at work. The answer is in the video but let me spoil it for you – a big pile of nothing. They sleep, then sleep some more, then twitch and sleep on. Life of cats is this tough. Cute

Forget Free Hugs – Deluxe Hugs for Mere $2 (video)

Free Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe Hugs

What would happen if a prankster came on a site dominated by free hugger and offered paid hugs? Obviously, it sounds like something from a Japanese prank show, but this was done right here in our backyard. The video above shows what it would be like if a prankster with a sign which says “Deluxe Hugs $2” invaded the territory where a hippie offers hugs for free? Would people actually pay to get a hug on the street? Watch the video which is actually pretty hilarious and find out what might surprise you for yourself. People are weird!

Cockpit Video of Emergency Landing on Havendale Boulevard

Cockpit Video of Emergency Landing on Havendale Boulevard

Videos of men who have balls of steel are always cool to watch. This video is from the cockpit of a small plane that made an emergency landing on Havendale Boulevard in Florida. It’s fascinating how the men inside the cockpit were looking the death in the rectum yet they kept their cool, picked the best place when to attempt an emergency landing and landed with grace so that there were no life losses, no injuries, not even any property damage. And at the end they just parked their plane on the side like it was a car. Truly awesome.

The pilot of the plane was only 22 year old. His name is Kyle Davis – he was flying the plane along with his buddy Joe Surowiec who is seen in the video sitting next to him. The two took off from Winter Haven and were heading to the Lakeland Sun n’ Fun Fly-In when one of the plane engines failed. Realizing the urgency of situation, the men knew they had to attempt an emergency landing and so they did. The whole ordeal (even though it wasn’t one) was recorded on two cameras – one in the cockpit and another one somewhere behind the engine.

After engine had failed, Kyle Davis started looking for a place to land. They first considered a few fields that were in the area but decided it would be difficult to land there, so they chose to land on Havendale Boulevard while cars were casually passing by. This whole emergency landing was done with both men entirely calm and relaxed, like landing on the street was normal. Kyle Davis is a great pilot, obviously. Especially considering he’s only 22 year old. Check out the video below:

Robert Muraine aka Mr. Fantastic on So You Think You Can Dance

Robert Muraine aka Mr. Fantastic on So You Think You Can Dance

I never watch So You Think You Can Dance as it always ends up being really effing gay. However, I stumbled across this audition performance of Robert Muraine aka Mr. Fantastic and I was blown away. Guy has mad skill. He’s extremely flexible and even though this type of dancing style does nothing for me, I appreciate sick skills.

The only thing that this video is missing is less of the judges. They spoiled entire performance. Why did cameras point at their mugs anyway? And what’s that loud mouthed bitch in the middle called anyway? She needs to shut the fuck up. Damn she’s obnoxious. She screams at you even if she whispers. Anyway, Robert Muraine kicked ass at So You Think You Can Dance and it’s really worth checking out this video. I think it dates back to 2008 – yeah, I’m this up to date 🙁

Dirty Drawings for Dirty Minds

How dirty is your mind? Mine is very dirty and so is yours. Don’t try to pretend it isn’t. Check out the video with “dirty drawings” which are not so dirty, just your dirty mind makes them so. Excellent artist, excellent drawings and drity, dirty minds.

It looks as though the artist is Brazilian. The music is Brazilian which makes me assume the artist would be too. Why otherwise would you put a soundtrack with weird foreign language on your video? Excellent skill. Just watch the video and be blown away. That is of course you haevn’t seen it yet. I remember seeing it a long time ago. It’s an oldie, but one of the best vids out there. Worth reminding us how dirty our minds are.