Shocking – Barack Obama Reveals the Size of his Penis

Shocking - Barack Obama Reveals the Size of his Penis

Well, I kind of figured it would be this big, Mr. Barack Obama, but thanks for filling us in. And trust me, I know what it feels like having clit for penis. This picture of Barack Obama revealing the size of his penis was taken at a Caterpillar plant in East Peoria, Illinois. Barack Obama formerly showed up to talk about creating new jobs after Caterpillar announced it would fire 20,000 of their employees. Among all the sweet talk regarding global recession and what not, Barack Obama used hand signals to hint onlookers regarding his penis size.

I’m not having any of that. We all know men exaggerate when it comes to showing how big their dicks are. By my calculations, man of presidential ranks would exaggerate the dick size twice fold. That would mean what – Barack Obama’s penis is half inch long? I’m assuming that’s erect. No man talks about his flaccid size. Everyone talks erect.

I guess he could always say that he’s got huge penis, but for a smaller body. Maybe the size of Verne Troyer. Unless Barack Obama was talking about the size of his horns that he gets hidden every day before he goes public. That would actually make more sense than penis. I don’t even know anymore. I don’t work for Caterpillar, I was not at that meeting. I can only guess what Mr. president was referring to. But I swear next time there is a picture of Michelle Obama showing the same size with her fingers, then we’ll know for sure how big a penis Barack Obama has.

Barack Obama pic by Scott Olson, Getty Images North America

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5 thoughts on “Shocking – Barack Obama Reveals the Size of his Penis”

  1. Oh look, another little puckered white guy trying to slam President Obama. Hey clown, everyone knows the President “walks softly and carries a REALLY BIG STICK”. That’s why he always wears those pants with pleats and lots of room in the crotch, he needs the room for willie and he doesn’t want to attract all the closeted straight white guys who will do nothing but stare at it all the time while calling him a muslim or no birth certificate…..

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