The Philosopher’s Stone – A Must See Video on US Economy

The Philosopher’s Stone (how appropriate) video features quotes by Ron Paul and Peter Schiff regarding US economy. It is definitely a must see video. To everyone who can see past their nose, Ron Paul was the only presidential candidate who appeared to have a clue and was in the presidential race with sole purpose of helping America and its people. That’s why he was eliminated so early.

The Philosopher’s Stone doesn’t deal with that phenomenon, but I can’t help but take this opportunity to rant about it. How could American people not see that? How could they not see that both Barack Obama and John McCain were supported and sponsored by the same people who own US monetary system, the same people who made sure Ron Paul, the only true threat to their schemes was eliminated early in the race, before he was able to make a significant impact.

Ron Paul obviously understood bad spendings of the government and bad monetary system of the US and wanted to “change” (yes, “change”, the real change, not Barack Obama breainwash change) things for the better. Take the leash from hands of the elite and give it to the hands of the people. The elite could not let this happen. And now their top man, the man who is there to make sure everything goes as the elite wishes has been elected president.

What’s more shocking, though is not only the fact that so many Americans gave Barack Obama their votes, it’s the fact that they still can’t see forest for the trees and believe he’s the shit who will fix Amrica’s problems and deliver “the change”. Barack Obama was given the office. It was predetermined long before November’s elections. He was given the office because he’s sincerely evil in his heart and will keep things the same. He will not deliver the change. The worst is yet to come. Barack Obama could be the antichrist.

Watch The Philosopher’s Stone. it’s a great, 10 minutes long video skit that will make you think. Unless you’re one of those who voted for Barack Obama. If that’s the case, you’re pretty much helpless. The brainwash is embedded so deep, there’s no helping you. One can only show you the door, you are the one who has to walk through it. By voting for Barack Obama you’ve clearly demonstrated that you’ve got no clue and will never get it. You should watch The Philosopher’s Stone never the less, though.

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