Warriors of Goja at The Ultimate Talent Show India

The most interesting part of this video is the female judge. Her mouth is so big she could blow four dicks at once and they’d still feel like they’re fucking a bucket of water. The video is from a show in India called The Ultimate Talent Show. And the group of boys who call themselves Warrior of Goja delivered. Their act is off to a slow start but picks up soon after. Too bad Indian TV editor keeps adding useless sound effects to the video and too much slow motion. Otherwise the Warriors of Goja showed how tough they are. They just went at it full throttle start to finish all the while the female host held her face and showed the hollowed mouth that was made to suck meat of huge girth.

The Warrior of Goja could start their own Indian version of Jackass. Having had their head run over by a car, eaten glass, pulled a car with teeth, had concrete blocks bashed on their chest and gone stack-up fakir on a bed of nail piled up on one another – I mean… damn! Chuck Norris must be pissed to have his match in India.

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Pamela Anderson Photo Without Make-Up (oops)

Pamela Anderson Photo Without Make-Up (oops)

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be judgmental. We all age, but as a beauty queen myself I must address shining good looks that Pamela Anderson with no make-up radiates in this photo. Maybe she was just having a bad hair day – hangover and a menstruation knocked on the door as soon as she woke up. It’s Friday the 13th afterall (pic was not taken today, though).

Without make-up or not, I have never found Pamela Anderson attractive. But then again, fake boobs give me chlamydia by just looking at them. And to be honest – Pamela Anderson is over 40 year old, if I remember correctly. I know 20 year olds that don’t look any better without make-up. Some chicks simply don’t cut it. But who would have thought that fake boobed Baywatch stars age. I thought they were invincible, like Chuck Norris.

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Mercenaries 2 – Computer Game Inspired by Techno Viking

Mercenaries 2 - Computer Game Inspired by Techno Viking

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames was just released yesterday and it looks pretty damn sick. But I could not help but notice how closely the main computer game character resembles the looks of biggest internet celebrity – Techno Viking. Remember, Techno Viking doesn’t dance to the music, the music dances to the Techno Viking.

That was a good choice on behalf of Pandemic Studios – creators of Mercenaries 2. There is nobody more intimidating looking than Techno Viking. You just can not substitute that German stare, fierce focused eyes and solid physics that could bend metal. If I were a chick, I’d want to marry Techno Viking and he’d be my mercenary.

Just in case you don’t know who I’m talking about (unless you just got out of cave where you spent 10 years of your life you must have heard of him) Techno Viking is an internet celebrity that can beat Chuck Norris with a fart. The timeless video of Techno Viking was recorded during The Fuckparade in Berlin. It starts with a shot of a blue haired chick dancing when out of the blue a random guy runs into her. At the same time mighty Techno Viking comes into view and owns the guy. The expression on techno Viking face is such that no one would want to mess with him. Ever.

Now the computer game Mercenaries 2 was released and surely enough, there he is – techno Viking himself getting the job done. Nobody touches the Techno Viking. he owns everybody’s ass.

Below is the Techno Viking YouTube video:

And a trailer video for Mercenaries 2 featuring what certainly resembles the biggest internet celebrity. Techno Viking for the win:


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