Barack Obama is Dead

Barack Obama is Dead

Fabricated story about the death of Osama Bin Laden took America by the nuts yesterday. Now here’s a thing: Osama Bin Laden is either not dead or died a long time ago. Whichever it is, he was not killed by any Americans on May 2, 2011 Pakistan time. After Barack Hussein Obama made a speech that Osama Bin Laden was killed, he went back to his white painted house and laughed his ass off at gullible Americans who fell for his crap AGAIN. And after he was done laughing, he called the Bin laden family and scheduled a beer with Osama or in case Osama did in fact die in the early 2000’s – told his family that business is doing good and everything is going as planned.

Let me say it again – Osama Bin Laden was NOT killed on May 2, 2011. I will leave the Americans to believe in the change they believed in when they got fooled by Obama the first time, because they are beyond the point of repair. You just can’t beat sense into them anymore as they will worship their idol to no end and will trample everyone who dares to speak otherwise. This type of ignorance warrants swallowing of the “Osama was killed” lie and licking off the residue right off the lips. But you, non Americans – what the hell is wrong with you? Can you really not think for a minute? If Obama said that flies are shitting penguins, would you believe that too? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

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Charles Lewis Jr. Owner of TapouT Dead after Ferrari Car Crash

Charles Lewis Jr. Owner of TapOut Dead after Ferrari Car Crash

The owner of MMA clothing line TapouT Charles Lewis Jr. aka The Mask was found dead in his ultra-rare $300,000 Ferrari Modena after crashing into a light pole at high speed, slicing the Ferarri in half. The police believe that Charles Lewis was racing another driver on a Porsche, lost control over his Ferrari, slid off the roadway, hit the curb and plowed full speed into a light pole killing himself instantly. Female passenger who was in a car with him was ejected and is in a hospital in serious condition.

Fatal crash occured on Jamboree Road, at Newport Beach in Orange County, California. A Costa Mesa man believed to have been racing Charles Lewis on a Porsche has been arrested by the police later that morning. His bail was raised from original one million dollars to $2 Million. Police also believe alcohol may have been a factor in the car crash.

The police spotted speeding white 1977 Porsche 911 Targa and a red 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena driving southbound at almost 200 mph on Jamboree Road at 1am. By the time they caught up with the vehicles, red Ferrari driven by Charles Lewis Jr. was wrapped around a light pole with owner of TapouT dead inside. Skid marks on the road indicated that he hit the light pole at a very high speed – police investigation on the matter is on going. 51 year old Jeffrey Kirby, driver of white Porsche had abandoned the scene but the police caught him and his female passenger 32-year-old Lynn Nabozny of Newport Beach on Bison Avenue, not far from the car crash accident.

Jeffrey Kirby is in police custody on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Lynn Nabozny was released at 7:45 a.m. after sobering up. The police say Kirby’s white Porsche had scratches on its side consistent with scratches on red Ferrari suggesting that Jeffrey Kirby may have purposefully clipped Charles Lewis Jr. to win the race. Investigation is ongoing.

There goes the life of one of MMA icons. Charles Lewis Jr. aka The Mask, owner of TapouT is dead. His expensive Ferrari has been ripped in half with halves being 30 feet away from each other. RIP Charles Lewis Jr.

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Scott Kalitta Dead After Fatal Explosion During Drag Racing

Scott Kalitta Dead After Fatal Explosion During Drag Racing

This is very sad. Scott Kalitta an American two time drag racing champion died on Saturday after his “funny car” aka Toyota Solara exploded during Old Bridge Township Raceway Park NHRA qualifying drag race. The video of fatal explosion that left Scott Kalitta Dead is below. Above is the picture of the “funny car” as it just caught fire, milliseconds before it exploded, taking the life of Scott Kalitta away.

The crash happened during the final round of Lucas Oil NHRA SuperNationals qualifying races. Scott Kalitta’s car was leading the race and travelling at estimated 300 miles per hour when it caught fire, but continued at its speed until it hid the barrier at the end of track and exploded, killing the racer inside.

Scott Kalitta won 18 drag races during his career. He started racing in 1982. RIP :(

This is the video of Scott Kalitta’s fatal explosion from the viewpoint of TV crew cameras:

And an amateur video footage of the drag racer’s death filmed by the fan in the audience:

Image credit: Associated press.

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Taylor Bradford – University of Memphis Student Shot to Death

Taylor Bradford

Taylor Bradford was a student and a defensive lineman at the University of Memphis. Last night (Sunday) Taylor Bradford was shot to death in his own car by a bullet to the chest. There hasn’t been any arrests yet but the University of Memphis has been on lock down and all classes have been cancelled.

Taylor Bradford went out to get something form his car, the reports say, but has never returned so his friends went looking for him only to find him dead with the bullet wounds. It appears as if Taylor Bradford tried to drive himself to the hospital after being shot, but crashed into a nearby tree before he was found and taken to a nearby Regional Medical Center in Memphis where he eventually died. It looks like his death wasn’t random, but rather a targetted attack against him personally, aka murder.

Taylor Bradford died at the age of 21. His friends and family nicke named him “Booger”..

Carlos Camejo Awakens During Autopsy After Declared Dead!

Carlos Camejo

I ain’t going to Venezuela. And if I have to, I’ll pray I don’t get involved in the accident… Cause I don’t want to wake up to excruciating pain caused by the autopsy…

Carlos Camejo of Caracas, Venezuela got involved in a bad accident on a highway and was declared dead. He was taken to the morgue and when medical examiners begun an autopsy, Carlos Camejo started to bleed big time. Those medical examiners immediately realized something wasn’t quite right here and it was further proved to them after Carlos Camejo, despite having been declared dead, woke up and started screaming for the pain form the scalpel cuts was so excruciating. What a trip?

To identify the dead body, Carlos’ wife came to the morgue and oops… He was sitting in the hallway… More trippy!

This type of “dead man awakens” situation makes you wander – if funeral homes didn’t perform embalming so quickly, wouldn’t we see way more people wake after they were proclaimed dead? We know from the history long ago, that occasionally the dead people would wake (that was before embalming was introduced) and even now we have cases where buried coffins are unearthed only to find that the person that was lying inside is turned from its original position and there are scratch marks form the fingernails as they were trying to get out…

Back to the Carlos Camejo story though. Does anyone else think that someone sucks at their job and failed to properly examine the body before declaring it dead? Does anyone else think that morgue examiners are probably filing for a job change?.

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