Is Seeing Believing – Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing - Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing is a documentary by BBC Horizon which taps deep into people’s minds to explore how we respond to illusions. The documentary looks into the science of illusions and explains why our sense fool us. As you watch “Is Seeing Believing”, you’ll start to understand why it’s possible to trick people’s sense of taste by just changing the color of what they’re about to eat or drink. It explains how what you hear can change by what you see.

An interesting part of the Is Seeing Believing documentary is the section about Daniel Kish – a man who lost his sight when he was a child. However despite being unable to see, Daniel Kish can create mental images of the world around him by clicking his tongue and echolocating the environment in much the same way bats do.

The case of Daniel Kish caught interest of some scientists who are running MRI scans on him to see if he may have actually rewired his brain to see through sounds. Is Seeing Believing is truly a fascinating documentary that’s worth a watch. This BBC Horizon program which was originally broadcast in 2010 is available here in full length of 1 hour. Watch it as a YouTube video below:

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