Is Seeing Believing – Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing - Full 2010 Documentary by BBC Horizon

Is Seeing Believing is a documentary by BBC Horizon which taps deep into people’s minds to explore how we respond to illusions. The documentary looks into the science of illusions and explains why our sense fool us. As you watch “Is Seeing Believing”, you’ll start to understand why it’s possible to trick people’s sense of taste by just changing the color of what they’re about to eat or drink. It explains how what you hear can change by what you see.

An interesting part of the Is Seeing Believing documentary is the section about Daniel Kish – a man who lost his sight when he was a child. However despite being unable to see, Daniel Kish can create mental images of the world around him by clicking his tongue and echolocating the environment in much the same way bats do.

The case of Daniel Kish caught interest of some scientists who are running MRI scans on him to see if he may have actually rewired his brain to see through sounds. Is Seeing Believing is truly a fascinating documentary that’s worth a watch. This BBC Horizon program which was originally broadcast in 2010 is available here in full length of 1 hour. Watch it as a YouTube video below:

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What is Reality – 2011 Film by BBC Horizon

What is Reality - 2011 Film by BBC Horizon

There is a strange and mysterious world around us, a world largely hidden from our senses. The quest to explain the true nature of reality is a scientific story worthy of a detective. The 2011 film by BBC Horizon titled What is Reality raises many questions and offers answers that are presently available which in turn raises even more questions. What is reality – can such question be answered by our knowledge so far?

The BBC Horizon program begins with Jacobo Konigsberg talking about the discovery of top quark at Fermilab. Frank Wilceck follows with a theory to explain the physics of particles in the hut of countries using a pieces of fruit. Anton Zeilinger shows us the double-slit experiment and then Seth Lloyd demonstrates us the world’s most powerful quantum computer, which despite being the most powerful, still has several holdbacks. Lloyd has some interesting ideas suggesting the universe could be much like a quantum computer.

Lenny Susskind then makes an appearance to tell us about the holographic principle which he discovered after encountering an interesting hologram in the corridor. The principle was holgraphicaly illustrated by projecting an image of Lenny into itself. Max Tegmark then draws some of his favorite equations in a window and tell us that reality is mathematics before dissolution in equations.

The most interesting part of the program was an article about an experiment to build a holometer at Fermilab described by its project leader – Craig Hogan. The laser inteferometer holometer is inspired by the noise in gravitational wave detectors such as LIGO. It is hoped that if the holographic principle is correct this experiment will detect its effects.

The tracks were reconstructed from the depths of the atom, from the event horizon of a black hole, and from the confines of the cosmos. It may be that we are part of a cosmic hologram, projected from the edge of the universe. Or that there are an infinity of parallel worlds. After watching the BBC Horizon program What Is Reality, the reality will never look the same to you again. Full lenght BBC feature can be watched in a YouTube video below:

John Sudworth is an Idiot and a Worthless BBC Reporter

John Sudworth is an Idiot and a Worthless BBC Reporter

As I’m continuing on with my round the world travel, I am rather limited as to the availability of the TV channels I could watch. I really do not watch TV much, but when I do, I get a hint of the latest news so I’m in the know about what’s going on in the world. Here in South-East Asia, I typically only have two options – CNN or BBC. Since CNN is a complete Obama ass-kissing joke, I can’t stand their crap hence I opt for BBC. the British Broadcasting Corporation retains reasonable high quality level of reporting and for the most part remains objective and unbiased, but one reporter stands out like a sore thumb and repeatedly demonstrates that he has no business being a reporter – John Sudworth.

How does BBC employ someone as worthless as John Sudworth? He’s a complete idiot with reporting that always and only contains bullcrap propaganda. Because of recent attack on a South Korean warship, John Sudworth, who is a BBC foreign correspondent in Seoul got a lot of air time to report on the tensions between South and North Koreas.

In his stupidity and useless reporting, John Sudworth repeatedly implies that sinking of the South Korean warships was the doing of North Korea and forces the viewer to take sides with its southern neighbour.

There is no conclusive evidence that it was North Korea that sank the ship but John Sudworth never clearly acknowledges it. He always avoids mentioning the possibility that the ship may not have been sunk by North Korea but never fails to say that the act of North Korea was an act of unprovoked aggression and asks what action is the international community going to take against North Korea even though it was likely not them who sank the ship.

As I watch BBC, I notice that most of their reports are vastly objective and unbiased, so why does BBC employ someone like John Sudworth who purposefully and forcibly offers heavily biased and prejudiced reports? Why does BBC bring itself down to a level of CNN? CNN is a joke and for as long as BBC continues to employ John Sudworth, they will remain a joke as well.

Each time BBC puts the face of John Sudworth on the screen I instantly anticipate skewed reports and John Sudworth never fails. Not only is he an idiot by purposefully twisting the news and forcing the viewers to believe his false propaganda, he’s also a worthless reporter about which an established corporation like BBC should feel ashamed.

Photo of joke reporter John Sudworth is from BBC website

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BBC News Presenter Ray Gosling Confesses to Killing His Lover (video)

BBC News Presenter Ray Gosling Confesses to Killing His Lover (video)

This is quite a shocking revelation. BBC News Presenter Ray Gosling used his position of being a TV personality to confess to something he has done in the past, something that has likely burdened him for a long time. Ray Gosling starts his confession with a simple: “I Killed Someone Once”. To admit you killed someone in the past before the cameras takes some serious balls. I’m sure Ray Gosling has thought it over before he went ahead with the confessions, yet it’s still a strange thing to come up with.

During filming of Inside Out – a BBC documentary on death and dying (my favorite topics) which Ray Gosling was commissioned to host, the 70 year old BBC news reporter confessed to killing his gay lover who was suffering from AIDS. According to his own words, he had a pact with his lover and promised him he would take action should his health deteriorate rapidly. After witnessing his pain and being told by a doctor that there is nothing more anyone could do for the man, Ray Gosling smothered his AIDS-suffering lover with a pillow.

In his confession, Ray Gosling did not name the hospital, nor his lover. The police are investigating into the matter while internet is speculating whether this was a murder or an assisted suicide. Great way to draw attention onto yourself at 70, Mr. Gosling. I guess you have nothing much to lose at this point in your life. If I were you, I’d probably do the same. You don’t feel any regret and that’s fine. Afterall, you have done what your lover asked you to do to him. It is obvious that he would have killed himself with his own devices if he still had any strength left, but after devastating rage of AIDS, he was no longer apt and needed your help. You are 70 year old and you came out with it like a champ. Whether persecuted or not, I’m sure when your time to leave this life comes, you will go in peace to re-unite with your lover in heaven. God bless!

The video of BBC news presenter Ray Gosling confessing to killing his lover on a camera is below:

Naica Crystal Cave in Mexico

Naica Crystal Cave in Mexico

I occasionally find out about new wonders of the world that no-one knows about, yet they are absolutely astounding. Naica Crystal Cave in Mexico is definitely one of them. Discovered only recently, Naica Crystal Cave contains world’s largest natural crystals (translucent beams of gypsum) some of which are as long as 11 meters. It’s very hot inside Naica Crystal Cave – temperature reaches 50 Degrees Celsius and humidity is almost always near 100% making for challenging visits. Sharp edged crystals along with unbearable environment resulted in Mexican Naica Crystal Cave labelled as one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of the Crystals) – as Naica is known among native Mexicans will be featured on “How Earth Made Us” program broadcast by British BBC and on The Deadliest Places on Earth feature by National Geographics in early 2010. You can seen the video with first footage ever recorded in Naica Crystal Cave in Mexico below. Filmed by Italian cave explorers, the video offers great perception on how hot and humid it is inside the cave.

I am not sure whether Naca Crystal Cave is open for tourists, but given that a human can only survive for some 10 minutes in such harsh environment without specialty protective clothing, I somehow doubt that. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who visited the area to find out what really is going on. Naica Crystal Cave is located near Delicias in Chihuahua state of Mexico. It was discovered in 2000 when Mexican miners were pumping mineral rich water from a well covering the cave. Neico is a range of mines in the Chihuahu state where mining has been done for year. A visit to this world marvel must be interesting. Too bad Mexico is so dangerous nowadays. Check out the mindboggling video below:

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Lindsay Lohan Documentary About Child Trafficking in India – BBC Trailer

Lindsay Lohan Documentary About Child Trafficking in India - BBC Trailer

Lindsay Lohan may have spent whole last week sun tanning in St. Barts with fiasco in the end, but apparently she’s been busy trying to get her PR in order by filming a BBC sponsored documentary about child trafficking in India. Yes, by looking at Lindsay Lohan’s past, one would have to be blind to not have noticed what desperate attention whore she is, but she must have hired good publicist to put her in path of this documentary cause that’s just about what could work.

Lindsay Lohas is useless as actress and unable to score any decent gigs and whoring herself out as lesbian is getting old, so what could she do to stay in spotlight and improve her public image? How about a documentary about child trafficking in India. That should work. Many people will see it as an effort to make change in child’s life, others could simply see Lindsay Lohan in a movie, regardless of whether it’s a documentary or not so it will give an impression that her acting career is not completely dead… And then there are those of us who believe that she doesn’t care one bit about child trafficking in India but it’s a good opportunity to put her name back in the spotlight so she jumped right on it.

BBC has released first trailer from the upcoming documentary featuring Lindsay Lohan which is now available on YouTube. You can watch the trailer below. There isn’t that much to see yet, but could be interesting.

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Rare Roxana Saberi Photos – Imprisoned in Iran

Roxana Saberi Photo Reporting for US National Public Radio, the BBC and Fox News

Roxana Saberi is a Iranian born US journalist who spent last six years back in Iran where she worked as freelance journalist reporting for Fox News, the BBC and NPR (National Public Radio). 32 year old Roxana Saberi is a dual citizen with both Iranian and US passports. She was arrested on January 31 and was held in Evin Prison in Tehran, where many political prisoners are held. Charges? Roxana Saberi was accused of spying on Iran and passing documents and information to a hostile state (USA). This is a collection of rare photos of Roxana Saberi along with her story:

Roxana Saberi was born in Iran but grew up in Fargo, North Dakota. She won Miss North Dakota pageant and started to work on her career as a journalist. Six years ago she moved back to Iran and worked from there. Her press credentials were revoked and she was facing up to a life in prison.

When Roxana Saberi to call her father from prison, she told him she was arrested because she was buying an alcohol (bottle of wine) from someone on the street who then reported it to Iranian authorities. Since alcohol is illegal in Iran, Roxana Saberi was arrested and imprisoned.

On Monday, May 11, 2009 it was announced by Abdolsamad Khorramshahi – a lawyer representing Roxana Saberi that she was released from prison. She was originally sentenced to 8 years, but the appeal court of Iran reduced her sentence to 2 years suspended. In mid April Roxana Saberi launched a hunger strike but was forced to end it after hospitalization.

The case of Roxana Saberi even got before US president Barack Obama who appealed to Iranian authorities asking for her immediate release, calling her imprisonment unfounded, assuring Iran that there is no way she could have been involved in any form of espionage. She is free to leave Iran any time she wants now and according to her father Reza Saberi, they will be heading back to Fargo within next few days.

Next few days? If I were unfairly imprisoned, I’d shoot off with first available plane. What the hell do they feel like sticking around for few more day for? Another thing I could never understand – why is Roxana Saberi wearing that head scarf in all photos? She grew up in the USA, it’s a free country. She doesn’t have to follow that humiliating culture? Yet many women still choose to jump on the brainwash wagon and fall with it. I don’t get it. You live in a free country, embrace the freedom.

More photos of Roxana Saberi in the gallery below:

Roxana Saberi photos by Getty Images, Reuters