Rick Rescorla – An Actual 9/11 Hero

Rick Rescorla - An Actual 9/11 Hero

Here’s a rare find – an actual 9/11 hero. His name is Rick Rescorla, a British soldier who moved to America, became a citizen and fought for his adopted country in Vietnam. He remained in service till 1990, after that he got into commercial banking. His company occupied 22 floors of the south tower of the World Trade Center.

When the planes hit, Rick Rescorla evacuated 2,700 people out of the skyscraper. When those were safe, he went back inside on another rescue mission as there were still thousands of people inside. This time he was entrapped as the tower collapsed ending his life.

Rick Rescorla is a true 9/11 hero. I tend to use word “hero” lightly as it gets attributed to people who have not done anything heroic to deserve being called one. Rick Rescorla did risk his life and at the end it cost him his life. Thanks to his doing, 2,700 people were saved from certain death. Many of those who died in crushing towers of 9/11 attacks are now referred to as “heroes”. It’s about time one of them was identified as an actual hero. His name is Rick Rescorla, may his soul rest in peace.

Picture above was shot by Peter Arnett and captures Rick Rescorla, who was a lieutenant during the war in Vietnam at the time. The image dates back to November 1965..

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