Zombies in Austin – Construction Signs Hacked

Zombies in Austin - Construction Signs Hacked

Insert funny Zombie line here – for example: “Run, Zombies are coming!”. Anyway, the city of Austin in Texas woke up to construction signs informing drivers and pedestrians of Zombie infestation in their city, warning them to pack up and run. Nazi Zombies are coming. How awesome is that. Turns out that some hackers hacked into the computer that controls construction signs and changed message displayed into this cool Zombie prank. It didn’t last too long, but nice job anyway, hackers.

I think kids did a good job. It appears that most people from Austin took it that way too, however some were outraged. I think those folk just need to lighten up. And prepare for Zombie attack – you never know when they crawl up on you. Or maybe Austin just has no idea what is going on. Maybe hackers just tried to warn the people of what’s really coming up at them and all they got is mockery. Zombies are real, they’ll eat your brainzzz!

Zombies in Austin video is below

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