Sexting a Minor Punishment – Sandwich Board for an Hour

When judicial system turns into a joke and starts punishing offenders of no-crimes with ridiculousness, you know the society has reached the level of a Japanese Gameshow. The guy in the video is from Petersburg, Indiana. He was arrested and found guilty of sexting a minor. The judge decided not to send him to jail. Instead he was served a different punishment – he had to spend an hour promenading himself at a public space, wearing a sandwich board with an announcement on it that he’d sent obscene messages to a 17 year old whore. Actually, word “whore” was not on the board but that’s what little slut was. Wait. I hope I won’t get punished by a sandwich board for calling a spade a spade. Afterall, this spade is a minor so one has to watch his tongue.

Now that I think about it, I would actually enjoy that profusely. I don’t know any 17 year olds to sext them something obscene, but even without conviction, I should just get myself a sandwich board, write some ridiculous thing on it, such as that I am being punished for giving a minor a foot massage and promenade myself on a busy street just for the heck of it. Better yet, we should make it a Beer Steak event, get dozens of people and turn it into a mockery of the judicial system which has become a complete joke.

BTW, Oprah has suggested that the 17 year old minor responsible for the sandwich board punishment is exactly what I said above she is – filthy little slut who sucks random peen at random parties. She must be that innocent minor the judge wanted to protect from sexual predators!

Katrina Hodge Photo in Underwear

Katrina Hodge Photo in Underwear

Her friends call her “Combat Barbie” because that’s what she truly is. Katrina Hodge serves in the British Army holding the rank of Corporal hence “Combat” and she’s very good looking, hence “Barbie”. Aside from being a Combat Barbie, Katrina Hodge is also a Miss England. But despite being a female, it seems as though there has a set of brass balls somewhere in that underwear as that’s what it takes to make the kind of request Katrina Hodge presented beauty pageant judges with.

According to reports, Katrina Hodge told the Miss World Championship judges that bikini promenade is too stressful for the participants and suggested that instead of having the swimsuit round, the Miss pageants should replace it with a sports challenge. Hmm, if I were a judge, I’d reject that without second thought. Unless of course the sports challenge involves figure staking because that’s one sport full of crotch spreading in all imaginable positions you dream of exercising in bed.

As it turns out, the Miss England judges have listened to her blabber and British Telegraph has already reported that swimsuit competition will not be part of Miss England 2010. As such, Miss England just got a whole lot more boring. It is quite clear that Miss England 2010 will see the lowest ratings in history and 2011 edition will have to make up for it if they are to remain competitive. I have a suggestion – introduce pole dancing!

Oddly enough, even though 22 year old Katrina Hodge fights to have bikini exposure removed from Miss pageants, she’s no stranger to posing in bikini for cameras. Being a La Senza underwear model, she’s done a good deal of showing her skin, though with all private parts covered (see underwear photo above). Let’s hope a set of nude pictures showing those tender fleshy bits of Katrina Hodge hit the internet soon.

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27 Year Old Nitinkumar Patel Urinates on Women in Jersey City

27 year old man identified as Nitinkumar Patel was arrested after several complaints from women came that he urinated on them at a bus stop in Journal Square, Jersey City. Law enforcement officials confirmed that at least 7 women complained that they have been urinated on in the last three months. Nitinkumar Patel was eventually caught in the act and arrested while urinating on a 16 year old girl.

According to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Nitinkumar Patel spent 6 years in prison for aggravated assault convictions and was released in January 2009. Looks like it didn’t take him too long to get arrested again – only this time it’s for urinating on women. What the hell? But then again, without racial prejudice, after the video showed an image of said Nitinkumar Patel, I was no longer surprised. He looks like he came from India or Pakistan. In countries like that, it is normal for men to piss and shit in public. That’s why those countries look like public dump sites.

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Alexandra of America’s Next Top Model Falls and Gets Owned by Swinging Gong

21 year old Alexandra of Kerrville, Texas is very competitive and let things really get to her so she got double owned on a catwalk of America’s Next Top Model. It was brilliant! When a biotch who thinks too much of herself falls on her mug promenading her fat ass before the people, the feeling of happiness soars in the sky like angels. But when the same biotch collects herself and thinks she can still pull it off, but gets subsequently owned by a swinging gong, you know the world is instantly becoming a better place. The only thing that could make it better is having said Alexandra come on camera in tears and say that she’s very competitive. This video made my day. The pictures of that gay guy in yellow suit who does those gay movements with his hands and says things like “Wow” and “She’s Mad” only make it so much better.

The swinging gong told Alexandra straight up what everyone was thinking – she doesn’t belong on America’s Next Top Model and needs to get off that catwalk cause she’s too fat and ugly. When in doubt, listen to the gong.

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Corey Haim 911 Call

Corey Haim 911 Call

This is the recording of the 911 Emergency Call Corey Haim’s mother Judy Haim made after her son collapsed. The dispatcher who took the call definitely sounds very unwholesome and difficult to understand, which is also apparent from Judy Haim’s difficulties to make out what he was mumbling. She was clearly distressed over the collapse of her son but she made more sense than the 911 dispatcher himself.

The Corey Haim 911 Call was made on March 10, 2010 after the actor collapsed and was found not breathing, which is what Judy Haim told the operator. Given that 911 calls are often a matter of life and death, I’d imagine someone with more distinct speech pattern to give instructions to people on the other end of the line that could save lives. This dispatcher seemed so uninterested and uninvolved I’d be frustrated out of my mind if I had him on the phone and someone close to me dying in my arms.

Not only has the 911 dispatcher failed to comfort distressed Judy Haim, he failed to provide her with clear instructions on what she could do to potentially save him and eventually hung up on her cause he could not be bothered talking to her anymore. How idiotic is that? Who hired that guy to such important post that has no room for douchbags? Corey Haim 911 Call video is below:

Wall of Death Ride by the Diamond Maruti Car Circus of India

The Diamond Maruti Car Circus in Delhi, India performs one of their dangerous acts called the Wall of Death. The ride involves riding of the motorcycles and driving of the cars on a circular wall while your vehicle is in near horizontal position.

2010 World’s Richest Man – Carlos Slim of Mexico

2010 World's Richest Man - Carlos Slim of Mexico

Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican guy who controls telecommunication industry in Mexico ranks are the world’s richest man for 2010 ousting Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. According to just published Forbes list of billionaires for 2010, net worth of Carlos Slim Helú is $53.5 Billion US, which half a billion more than Bill Gates’ worth who ranked second with the sum of $53 Billion US. Given billions upon billions of his own dollars that Bill Gates gives to charities every year through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates remains the richest man in the world despite Carlos Slim banking in an additional $500 Million.

Mexico, as we all know is a war zone. One of the most dangerous places in the world, right up there with other super dangerous countries such as The Philippines, riddled with gang wars that try to outdo one another with brutality. There are more murders in Mexico each year, than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined and that’s where the rule of Carlos Slim Helú is set in. Whether he’s the world’s richest man on paper for 2010 or not, Bill Gates remains the real richest man in the world. But take a look at who else is in top ten richest men in the world – mining and energy tycoons from south Asia and South America. The full list of World’s Richest Men for 2010 as published by Forbes is below:

  1. Carlos Slim: $53.5 billion, telecommunications
  2. Bill Gates: $53 billion, founding software giant Microsoft
  3. Warren Buffett: $47 billion, shrewd Berkshire Hathaway
  4. Mukesh Ambani: $29 million, petrochemicals in India
  5. Lakshmi Mittal: $28.7 million, steel giant ArcelorMittal
  6. Lawrence Ellison: $28 billion, founding software firm Oracle
  7. Bernard Arnault: $27.5 billion, luxury brands Louis Vuitton and others
  8. Eike Batista: $27 billion, mining and oil in Latin America
  9. Amancio Ortega: $25 billion, South America fashion firm Inditex
  10. Karl Albrecht: $23.5 billion, grocery discount chain Aldi

Photo of 2010 World’s Richest Man Carlos Slim Helú of Mexico by Bloomberg News

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Funny Craigslist Ad – Large Fist Paperweight

Funny Craigslist Ad - Large Fist Paperweight

Funniest Craigslist Ad yet! Mom’s beloved son went off to college so she’s trying to sell some of the stuff she found in his room, such as this, Large Fist Paperweight. Now that her son is gone, mom should explore new sexual practices with the milkman or the postman. She may be able to find out what black fist made of floppy silicone rubber is for. Good she never caught her son’s unflushed poop in the toilet. She’d be surprised with its girth, after having fist sized dildo up his ass. Funny as hell!

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Jan on Dutch Rendition of Move Like Michael Jackson (video)

Dutch fellow Jan likes Michael Jackson a lot. So he auditioned to be a part of Move Like Michael Jackson show in Holland. The video above is the dance he pulled at his audition and I have to say I agree with the judges (I admire their politeness in this matter). Jan definitely has a passion for Michael Jackson and his dance was a sincere shot at the show. He needs to learn how not to stare at his feet but look at the audience instead, cause that’s the first sign that you are lost. Pros know that their feet must do the job without the dancer looking at them. Jan failed at that.

Regardless, judges had some supportive words to say to Jan even though he was told “No” by all of them. I give young fellow a thumb up for trying. You go Jan, believe in yourself. You can do it 😉

Who is on Dancing with the Stars 2010 – Full List

Dancing with the Stars 2010

Attention whore extraordinaire also known to some as Kate Gosselin will be on TV again. She made it! Yes, Kate Gosselin will be a star in the 2010 edition of Dancing with the Stars. Full line up of “Dancing with the Stars” stars was revealed last night after grand finale of The Bachelor. And since the “Who is on Dancing with the Stars 2010” question is killing you, let me get right down to it. So without further ado, below is the full list of failed stars who will get one more chance to get on TV:

  • Kate Gosselin – irritating fame whore who would make even the likes of Lindsay Lohan blush
  • Pamela Anderson – owner of nastiest fake tits and overused expert in fake orgasms vagina
  • Nicole Scherzingerorhwatever – failed pussy cat queef
  • Chad Ochocinco – hand egger with small dick
  • Jake Pavelka – LULz The Bachelor who just picked Vienna something to be his pickle licker
  • Brenda Walsh – she’s still alive?
  • Aiden Turner – All My Children kid
  • Neicy Nash – Reno 911 ho
  • Erin Andrews – thanks for the peep hole video
  • Evan Lysacek – gay figure skater
  • Buzz Aldrin – Apollo 11 astronaut

So there you have it, the cast of Dancing with the Stars 2010. Are you gonna watch the grace, cause I’m not.