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Earthquake in Chile Photos

Earthquake in Chile Photos

South American country of Chile was hit by a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake on February 27, 2010. This is a set of photos documenting the devastating effects of the Earthquake in Chile but I fear that even though Chile was struck much harder than Haiti, they will not see as much international help because unlike Haiti, Chile doesn’t base their existence on looking poor and whining.

An 8.8-magnitude earthquake is an extremely powerful shake. The epicenter of the earthquake was only a little more than 300 kilometers from Santiago de Chile – nation’s capital city and 115 kilometers Chile’s second-largest city Concepcion. The earthquake destroyed the infrastructure affecting many areas, including Santiago which was left in darkness while buildings and bridges around were collapsing. Many areas were flooded and ocean resorts wiped off the face of the planet after tsunami evoked by the earthquake mercilessly struck the coastline.

Below is the gallery of photos documenting the devastating effects of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. It’s a horrible tragedy.

Photos from various sources collected by Big Picture.

Burj Dubai Skyscraper – Photo of the View from the Top

Burj Dubai Skyscraper – Photo of the View from the Top

United Arab Emirates remains one of the more dangerous countries of the world, a country with proven track record of torture, child slavery, unfounded imprisonment and rape, but it’s also a country where the tallest building in the world is. Burj Dubai Skyscraper has been everything but success it was supposed to be for UAE – the opening was delayed and almost didn’t happen but then they had to close it down again and it’s just gonna go on like that. Still – Burj Dubai remains the highest man made building in the world and to give an impression what it looks like being on top of the world, I’m posting the picture of the view from the top of Burj Dubai. Keep in mind – do not financially support UAE unless you have no other way around it. Don’t take a trip to this predominantly Muslim country. Instead go to a civilized country where people and children (damn kids) are treated with dignity.

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Teachers Suspended After a Lapdance at Churchill High School in Winnipeg

If you read Beer Steak Blog religiously like you should, you already know I have a major beef with getting teachers who like to play with genitals of their students busted for engaging in sexual conducts with these youth. Most of the time it’s the case of a female teacher and a male student who gets a taste of quality MILF boinking while he’s still young. This is not the case of the lapdance at Churchill High School in Winnipeg which saw two teachers suspended pending further investigation of this video.

I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Cool female teacher from Churchill High School was sitting on a chair while male teacher gave her a lapdance which also included simulated oral sex. This was supposed to be a fun pep rally but parents who were present got all feisty and reported their asses. I hope the students whose parents are responsible for making a big deal out of this entertainment piece get bullied and mocked for the rest of their lives. Instead of a couple of cool teachers who are up for anything fun, Churchill High School in Winnipeg will now be served by strict protocol-followers with no sense of “cool”. Great job! Petition to unsuspend the teachers should be immediately initiated and students should refuse to study until their awesome teachers have their positions reinstated… and do a lapdance for everyone at least once a week. Afterall, this is Winnipeg, Manitoba. They copulate with each other like inbreds all the time. Leave teachers alone, I mean it!

French Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign Pictures

French Anti-Smoking Campaign Ad Picture with Young Girl Giving Cigarette Blowjob to a Tobacco Exec

The French group for the rights of non-smokers (Les Droits des Non-Fumeurs) has launched a new anti smoking campaign with the release of these cool anti smoking ads. The meaning is that smoking cigarettes is like giving blowjobs to tobacco execs. The text on the campaign ads reads in French: “Fumer c’est etre l’esclave du tabac” which translates in English into “Smoking is like being tobacco’s slave”.

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Thomas Bruso Interview

Thomas Bruso Interview

Thomas Bruso aka the Epic Beard Man who put young punk of a thug in place in an episode of poetic justice onboard a bus is one of those guys you would want to buy a drink for. Having become a celebrity overnight after his epic ownage of a thug who attacked him, people from the area caught up with Thomas Bruso and filmed this interview. As expected, Thomas Bruso proved he’s as bad ass as we think he is. the only fail during the interview were his last words where he kissed Obama’s ass. That was pure FAIL, but otherwise Thomas Bruso is for the win. Video with an interview is below:

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Beautiful Solstice Time Lapse Video

I can’t think of anything better to do than to watch a solstice time lapse video on a Thursday afternoon. I already did and it felt very uplifting and now I’m sharing this experience with you so you can enjoy those same moments. Thursday is no humpday, but it can be enjoyable just as much. Watch this beautiful solstice time lapse video. It’s got some breathtaking scenery and very nice photography of the sun.

Thomas Bruso aka Vietnam Tom – Epic Beard Man Identified

Thomas Bruso aka Vietnam Tom - Epic Beard Man Identified

Remember the Epic Beard Man? The hero of the 21st century who was viciously attacked by a worthless thug but put him in place with his no-shit-taking fists? He’s been identified. Real name Thomas Bruso but he’s also known as Vietnam Tom or Tom Slick. Thomas Bruso obviously takes poop from no one and after yesterday’s heroic beat-down of a thug on the bus, he’s become the most talked about internet celebrity. How long before we see the epic beard man Thomas Bruso take on that other thug – what’s his face… Kimbo Slice and knock him down too? The interweb needs MOAR Thomas Bruso. He needs to put a Superman type outfit on and patrol our streets. 67 year old, but still agile enough to take down a thug. There’s nothing more entertaining that listening to some idiot cry “Bring da ambalamps”. Go Thomas Bruso!

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BBC News Presenter Ray Gosling Confesses to Killing His Lover (video)

BBC News Presenter Ray Gosling Confesses to Killing His Lover (video)

This is quite a shocking revelation. BBC News Presenter Ray Gosling used his position of being a TV personality to confess to something he has done in the past, something that has likely burdened him for a long time. Ray Gosling starts his confession with a simple: “I Killed Someone Once”. To admit you killed someone in the past before the cameras takes some serious balls. I’m sure Ray Gosling has thought it over before he went ahead with the confessions, yet it’s still a strange thing to come up with.

During filming of Inside Out – a BBC documentary on death and dying (my favorite topics) which Ray Gosling was commissioned to host, the 70 year old BBC news reporter confessed to killing his gay lover who was suffering from AIDS. According to his own words, he had a pact with his lover and promised him he would take action should his health deteriorate rapidly. After witnessing his pain and being told by a doctor that there is nothing more anyone could do for the man, Ray Gosling smothered his AIDS-suffering lover with a pillow.

In his confession, Ray Gosling did not name the hospital, nor his lover. The police are investigating into the matter while internet is speculating whether this was a murder or an assisted suicide. Great way to draw attention onto yourself at 70, Mr. Gosling. I guess you have nothing much to lose at this point in your life. If I were you, I’d probably do the same. You don’t feel any regret and that’s fine. Afterall, you have done what your lover asked you to do to him. It is obvious that he would have killed himself with his own devices if he still had any strength left, but after devastating rage of AIDS, he was no longer apt and needed your help. You are 70 year old and you came out with it like a champ. Whether persecuted or not, I’m sure when your time to leave this life comes, you will go in peace to re-unite with your lover in heaven. God bless!

The video of BBC news presenter Ray Gosling confessing to killing his lover on a camera is below:

Old Man Owns Mouthy Black Thug Who Attacks Him on the Bus

Mouthy black thug opens his fat mouth at an old man on the bus and keeps being obnoxious to which an old man responds by moving away to avoid needless conflict. Mouthy thug follows old man who states in the video that he is 67 year old and attacks him. Old man responds with slew of grandpa punches owning mouthy black thug in style. Complete and otter humiliation and ownage. Justice was served, there is still hope for humanity.

Stupid loud-mouthed girlfriend of the fat-mouthed thug was egging him on but changed the tone of her voice quickly when old man ripped thugs face open with his fists. She thought her wimp boyfriend was a big macho but when a man 45 year older put him to place, she learned what a loser he was. The best part came in the end when destroyed and humiliated mouthy thug pulls back bleeding after getting owned and states: “next time I’ll fuck you up.” Yeah right, kid. You couldn’t battle a lady bug if it sat on your nose with wings broken. What a loser. Total props to the old man for destroying this low life.

Controlled Demolition of the 1515 South Flagler Tower in West Palm Beach

Controlled Demolition of the 1515 South Flagler Tower in West Palm Beach, Florida counts as one of the largest implosions carried out in the United States ever. The 1515 South Flagler Tower once served as a hotel but was damaged when several hurricanes struck Florida in 2004 and has been unoccupied since due to safety concerns. The 279 feet tall, 30 story building was taken down on Sunday with well executed controlled demolition while a large crowd of onlookers enjoyed the spectacle. The Advanced Explosives Demolition Team used up to 3,000 pounds of dynamite to implode the building and as you can see from the video, it went down smoothly.