Ashlee Simpson Has Anal Sex with Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson Has Anal Sex with Pete Wentz

Note – that idiotic maggot Pete Wentz is purposefully cropped out of this pic. You can see part of his faggy shoulder next to Ashlee Simpson’s gay coat. I seriously can’t stand that maggot’s mug. He’s got the most irritating face in the world. It’s one of those stupid mugs that calls for you to punch it in the face to save it from itself. And he walks like he’s got the broom up his faggy ass.

Pete Wentz paid visit to the Howard Stern show and guess what – they talked about sex. No fucking way… a Howard Stern guest who talks about sex? When did this trend start… Not fucking funny, moron. To sum it all up, Ashlee Simpson takes it in the ass from Pete Wentz. I’m surprised those two lamers know what anal sex is. I mean, I know. I’ve seen it on the net. But Ashlee Simpson having anal sex with Pete Wentz… Something doesn’t add up here.

Pete Wentz probably thought he’s gonna come out of it as fucking jock when Howard Stern asked him about women he slept with, but Ashlee Simpson is not impressed. Skank just gave birth to a kid that’s not mine. You know what that means? That means that someone other than me sprayed his stinking sperm all over her cervix leaving her pussy in pure man juice mess. How fucking disgusting. Did you get the same visual I got? Gross fucking shit. Imagine that man juice is from that maggot Pete Wentz… I won’t mind if you can’t hold vomit any longer. I puked all over my testes myself. That shit’s just fucking disgusting. And they’d named the kid Bronx Mowgli. Enough said!

Pete Wentz fucks Ashlee Simpson in the ass… when she lets him. Totally… those two have anal sex together. Who would have imagined. Pete Wentz probably shoved his mini man in Ashlee Simpsons belly button and it felt like ass to him. Now he’s bragging to Howard Stern about it.

“We have an amazing sex life,” that’s what he said. Yeah right. Maggot watched Titanic and imagined himself in a fogged vintage car when Ashlee was sleeping. Amazing sex life my ass.

Anyway, no real point here other than according to Pete Wentz, he has anal sex with Ashlee Simpson. He should put lube on his hand – it’ll stop feeling like Ashlee Simpson’s ass and he’ll get the impression of her vagina instead. Change is good, moron!

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