Christine Nguyen Sexy Model – Profile, Bio, Pics, Video

Christine Nguyen Sexy Model - Profile, Bio, Pics

Christine Nguyen Profile

Introducing Christine Nguyen, she’s a sexy adult model which is a little bit outside of the scoop of Beer Steak blog, but considering wide range of readers, I thought I’d bring in something new that many of you could appreciate.

Christine Nguyen Bio

Christine Nguyen is from Texas, but was born in Saigon, Vietnam. She currently resides and operates out of Los Angeles – I guess that’s closer to most adult producers. Her portfolio of life experiences includes work in the radio, appearances on the TV, some film even, as well as some modeling jobs for commercials and print advertising. Christine Nguyen has got a degree in journalism and graphics design and is an avid traveler who visited many countries around the globe.

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Christine Nguyen Sexy Video

Christine Nguyen Picture Gallery
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