Feres Twins Pics – Bia and Bianca, Hot Synchronized Swimmers from Brazil

Half Naked Feres Twins - Synchronized Swimmers from Brazil

It’s Friday afternoon, we need some items for men. Bia and Bianca Feres are identical twins form Brazil. The twins practice synchronized swimming and almost made it to the Olympic Games in Beijing to represent their home country of Brazil but didn’t make it on the boat. It makes no difference to the fact that they are one extremely hot couple of beach bodies. Surprisingly enough, the Feres Twins don’t look typically Brazilian. They are actually hot and natural. Both are naturally blond, have their own boobs and no penis in the underwear. Nice feminine look to both of them and that must be the first time I’m saying that about a Brazilian chick – I’d hit that. OK, I’m lying, I’d even hit a tranny if it came down to it, I’m so sex deprived but it changes nothing on the fact that Bia and Bianca Feres are ridiculously hot.

To make good use of the fact that Bia and Bianca are identical twins and that they both look incredibly hot, MTV Brazil employed the twins and gave them their own show. I can already see piles of North Americans buying new satellite receivers that can get Brazilian channels. Portuguese may still be an issue, but who cares what two blonds blabber about, just show those asses and we have a deal.

The gallery with lots of pics of Feres Twins is below. Nice material.

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