Caroline Kennedy Photos – JFK Daughter in Swimwear

Caroline Kennedy Photos - JFK Daughter in Swimwear

Here’s a sight you don’t see too often – daughter of a dead president in swimwear. JFK’s daughter Caroline Kennedy was photographed by ever present paparazzi going for a swim in the ocean wearing single piece swimwear. Too bad she is not brave enough (or maybe she is, just didn’t feel like) to put on the bikini, otherwise we’d have far more interesting set of Caroline Kennedy photos.

I’m trying to think of something positive to say about Caroline Kennedy, but she was a Barack Obama ass-kisser during his presidential campaign which basically renders her completely useless. Caroline is the only daughter of former US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy who is still alive. In January and February of 2009 there were rumors on the web that Caroline Kennedy had an affair and that her husband Edwin Schlossberg filed for divorce. The rumors were either played down by smart couple or were believed to have been related to other some other Kennedy (perhaps confused with Mary Kerry Kennedy – Caroline’s cousin?).

Below is the gallery of photos of rather flat-chested Caroline Kennedy. I give her kudos for keeping her natural breasts, regardless of how big or small they are. Furthermore – Caroline Kennedy is one hot MILF:

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13 thoughts on “Caroline Kennedy Photos – JFK Daughter in Swimwear”

  1. Caroline Kennedy is the only daughter of JFK ,who is STILL ALIVE?I guess you meant the other daughter JFK,and Jackie had before Caroline was born.

  2. I am JFK’s daughter and I am 62 and alive. You have never heard of me because my mother was 17 when I was born. I am the hidden child. Caroline looks like me, Everytime I read that Caroline is his only daughter I get angry.

  3. Sick and tired of stupid people making out their father was someone famous. Get a life and do somethng good for someone Shirley.
    You never have and never will be his daughter
    you have pipe dreams. Go and help the homeless.

  4. Thank You disgusted, someone read my post and you have a right to think the way you do. You have jumped to a conclusion without any proof. You see I have the proof however unfortunaly people react exactly like you.

  5. Caroline you look fantastic, people are mostly mean, I think they are jealous and even though I know better, I fight back. You are the only sister I have and throw my book Code Name Apollo in the trash, its my life but it doen’t matter.

  6. Hey Jim send me your address and I will send you my book, Code Name Apollo ( A Kennedy Legacy, No I have been certified sane.,

    Hey Mary, I would not call you a liar, I would ask to see your proof. I myself have the proof. Send me your address or even better call me and I will send you my proof.
    my email address is

  7. Oh just one more thing, being his daughter is not all that it is cracked up to be. My entire life has been turned upside down and I did not even know why untill a few years ago. I wish you all the best.

  8. yeah he was my dad too even though im 16…so yeah see y’al at the family reunion 🙂

  9. I am 62 years old and he was my mother’s sperm donor who took his job very serious. And I am sure Caroline will never invite me to the family reunion and if she did I would not go. I myself do not respect her or the family very much.

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