Hot Russian Curling Team Women – Anna Sidorova and Ludmila Pivivkova

Hot Russian Curling Team Women - Anna Sidorova and Ludmila Pivivkova

Unless you’re Canadian, curling may seem like a boring sport. This twisted perception would however only last until you have seen the pictures of Hot Russian Curling Team. Women in Russian curling team easily count as the hottest at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The photo above shows Anna Sidorova (19 year old brunette on the left) and Ludmila Pivivkova (23 year old blonde on the right). At least I think that’s Ludmila Pivivkova on the right. She’s less important anyway so even if I got her name wrong it wouldn’t matter, becuase this pic is all about Anna Sidorova. That’s plain hotness right there. Even with that grumpy Russian face, Anna Sidorova is the hottest female athlete at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Yay for Russian curling team.

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