China – a New Threat to the USA and the World

China - a New Threat to the USA and the World

Osama bil Laden may have been dead for years, but the very people who created him in the first place and used him as an excuse to execute the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York held off the announcement of his death until May 1, 2011 because timing the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world must be worthwhile. Americans would not have announced Osama’s death unless they could not have otherwise. With Obama’s ratings going down the toilet and an election time around the corner, the moment was auspicious and this one time opportunity was seized. But what now? Now that the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world has been officially eliminated – who will the Americans use to fearmonger the public with? If you take a look around, the answer will soon become clear – China.

I always used to think that there was no way a dumber politician than Barack Hussein Obama could possibly exist, but Hillary Clinton has been outdoing herself so much she wipes her ass with Obama when it comes to dumbness. It’s kind of funny given that China happens to be America’s biggest creditor, yet Hillary Clinton visits the country and yaps her low grade mouth, denouncing China for “human rights violations” and lack of democracy. And while she was in China, criticizing China for human rights violations, US Homeland Security sent their SWAT teams to crack down on and beat the shit out of peaceful student gathering by Western Illinois University. This peaceful street party which is held every year in a small town in Illinois did not involve rioting of any sorts. The police showed the students never the less (see the video at the end of the post).

So let me rephrase it – Hillary the dumb one Clinton goes to China to bitch about their poor human rights record, while American police beat, tazer, abuse and arrest anyone they want because they are no longer held accountable for their actions. Because America is under a “State of War”, anyone can be arrested and held on sheer suspicion that they may be connected with the terrorist organizations. Human rights? Please!

China has been growing economically for years and that type of steady growth did not go unnoticed. Given their powerful military, close military ties with Russia (a country with immense nuclear potential, capable of wiping out the entire human race) and potential to become the strongest economy in the world within 5 years, China has become a new threat and now that Osama bin laden is dead, the US government is taking the advantage of the momentum to declare China the new threat to the USA and the world. In order to keep the gears of war turning, there must be an enemy. And if the enemy is eliminated, new one must be invented. Otherwise the gears of war stop turning and with it stop the billion dollar profits that the war generates for the privileged ones through lucrative contracts.

Funnily enough, regardless of how much Hillary Clinton yaps about China, the USA still owes them some $2 Trillion. If China decides to dump these assets, it would denominate the US dollar to a point that its exchange value would shatter, destroying the main source of country’s power. Who’ll be the last one to laugh then, Hillary?

Speaking of human rights violations that Hillary Clinton criticized China for – why would she not focus on violations of human rights of thousands of innocent civilians affected by US bombing in Libya? Why not worry about human rights of millions affected by the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan? How about human rights violations by the US military in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo prisons? How about secret CIA prisons scattered around the world used to torture the victims? The USA should be the very last country to criticize another for their human rights violations.

But China has clearly been chosen. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear something bad told about China at least once per hour. The brainwashing campaign to set up China as the new #1 threat to the USA and the world (to replace Osama Bin laden) is well under way. But try to explain this to your average Obama sheep. They went out in thousands to cheer after the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden was announced by their master. They bow down and take the Obama cock right between their ass checks and thank him kindly for the privilege of fucking them right in the ass without lube. How could people be this blind to not see the forest for the trees? Ahh well, Obama sheep are our future, right? They are the young generation, the students, the youth. They are change we can believe in.

If you feel like, check out the video on the suppression of peaceful student gathering I spoke about earlier:

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Hot Russian Curling Team Women – Anna Sidorova and Ludmila Pivivkova

Hot Russian Curling Team Women - Anna Sidorova and Ludmila Pivivkova

Unless you’re Canadian, curling may seem like a boring sport. This twisted perception would however only last until you have seen the pictures of Hot Russian Curling Team. Women in Russian curling team easily count as the hottest at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The photo above shows Anna Sidorova (19 year old brunette on the left) and Ludmila Pivivkova (23 year old blonde on the right). At least I think that’s Ludmila Pivivkova on the right. She’s less important anyway so even if I got her name wrong it wouldn’t matter, becuase this pic is all about Anna Sidorova. That’s plain hotness right there. Even with that grumpy Russian face, Anna Sidorova is the hottest female athlete at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Yay for Russian curling team.

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Oymyakon in Siberia, Russia – The Coldest Town on Earth

Oymyakon in Siberia, Russia - The Coldest Town on Earth

Well, Oymyakon is not really a town. It’s a village. With population just a bit over 500, Oymyakon in Siberia, Russia is otherwise pretty insignificant. The only thing that gives it some significance are the weather and low temperatures Oymyakon occasionally gets. While I don’t doubt Oymyakon is pretty darn close, it does seem that some facts about the weather there get rather twisted.

Take a look at the video below. It’s from some British TV series about the most extreme places on Earth. It’s nicely done, no doubt, but I live in Edmonton, which is hands down the coldest metropolitan city in the world and the cold weather we get here is real. I know what -32 feels like and it’s not quite the way this video presents it as. I somehow doubt it was truly -32 Celsius when the video was filmed.

Having lived in extreme cold most of my life, I often get asked whether various degrees of freezing cold make any difference to the way it is perceived. The cold is the cold is the cold. Well, not it isn’t. If you have lived in cold climates long enough, you will be able to handle most freezing temperatures, but -30 is the threshold. It doesn’t matter how used to this cold you are, -30 will get you. -40 is beyond brutal but we have to deal with that for at least a couple of weeks each winter. Last winter we had temperatures of below -40 for two months.

Things can be manipulated for the camera. Given its position in cold Siberia, Oymyakon is without doubt a cold village, but let’s not make it colder than it is. If any of Oymyakon were to try Edmonton for just one winter, their attitude on cold would change. Anyway, the video from Oymyakon is below. Looks like a nice place.

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Vitim River Bridge in Russian Siberia – Dangerous Drive to Cross

This broad river is Vitim River in Siberia, Russia. The bridge that’s provided to get you across is made of wood and not in a very good condition. It’s only wide enough for one car but it’s 570 meter (1870 feet) so it takes good 3 minutes to drive across it if you’re a skilled driver. If you’re not so skilled (female driver for example), you could be looking at a 15 meters drop into the Vitim River, which ain’t no fun.

In this video, a driver with the balls of steel cross the Vitim River Bridge in one go without any problems. The video gives good perspective of driver’s balls as it offers the vide of the front of a car as it passes along narrow bridge. The video makes it look pretty easy, but to keep the vehicle in straight line for such a long time while all you see on both sides is a 15 meters drop off into cold water is something else.

And that’s really nothing. Vitim River Bridge is in Russian Siberia. For those who don’t know, it get brutally cold there most of the year with temperatures way below Northern Ontario and everything covered in snow and ice. This bridge turns into an icicle with no traction yet locals drive up and down this bridge as it’s often their only way across Vitim River.

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Alina Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin Have a Son Dimitry Medvedev

Alina Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin Have a Son Dimitry Medvedev

This flexible contortionist with big mouth that can take a large chunk of meat in the picture above is 26-year-old rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva from Russia. Alina Kabaeva was pregnant and rumors were that it was the sperm of former Russian president turned Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin that knocked her up. The rumors (as it seems) were true – Alina Kabaeva was pregnant with Vladimir Putin’s baby and gave birth to a son whom they have named Dimitry Medvedev. As it goes with powerful men, they like to keep a girlfriend who happens to be their mistress and Vladimir Putin was no exception to the rule.

Alina Kabaeva is a rhythmic gymnastics champion with two gold medals from the Olympic Games and 18 golds from World Championships. That makes Alina Kabaeva the most successful gymnast in history (a gymnast with most gold medals). The rumors about her connection to the penis of Vladimir Putin started circulating the web back in 2006 after she had retired from professional competition. Smart girl – owned the sports while she was young and agile and sucked on rich and powerful dick when she reached the age at which her career as a professional sportsman could start going down the drain. Talk about perfect life and perfect timing.

Since Vladimir Putin is very careful about what his public image looks like, none of major Russian media reported on the birth of Dimitry Medvedev and the speculation that he’s Putin’s son remain in the internet domain (I love speculations). When news of 57 year old Vladimir Putin divorcing his wife Ludmila to marry Alina Kabaeva were published by Russian newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent last year, the paper was shockingly shut down by the owner Alexander Lebedev who went on to purchase London’s Evening Standard. Strange sequence of events. As is the fact that Russian public is withdrawn from being made aware of the fact that their prime minister has a son… out of wedlock.

Father of Alina Kabaeva is Tatar from Tashkent, Uzbekistan where Alina was born. That makes Alina Kabaeva half Muslim. Who cares, she is a gymnast who can strike any pose a man could wish for. Spreading those legs is a breeze for the likes of Alina Kabaeva. Vladimir Putin knows what he’s doing. Congrats to the birth of Dimitry Medvedev.

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Tatiana Kozhevnikova – Woman with Strongest Vagina in the World

Photo of Tatiana Kozhevnikova And Her Vaginal Exercise Balls

Tatiana Kozhevnikova from Russian Novosibirsk holds a world record for lifting a 14 kg glass ball with just her vagina. If she keeps it up, soon enough she’ll be able to lift a man up by his penis with her vagina. Tatiana Kozhevnikova already has a record in the Guinness Book of World’s Records as a Woman with Strongest Vagina in the World. My sources are telling me that she can only use special titanium alloy dildos. All other dildos look like they went through mean grinder after Tatiana Kozhevnikova reached an orgasm. She doesn’t even sigh when she orgasms – her pussy screams itself so neighbors think there’s Tarzan in town. I made all that crap up, but she still is a woman with world’s strongest vagina and can lift 14 kg glass balls by squeezing vaginal muscles.

Tatiana Kozhevnikova says she’s been exercising her vaginal muscles for 15 years. This vaginal fitness allegedly improves sex life – well duh! After Tatiana Kozhevnikova had a child, her vaginal muscle were weak (translation: her pussy was loose like old man’s mouth), so she started to study ancient tricks on how women used to deal with this back then. yes, back then women cared about pleasuring their man. Nowadays you can’t even get a decent blowjob unless you’re gay. She found out that ancient women were sticking wooden balls up their vaginas to achieve tight muscles even after giving birth to many children. Tatiana Kozhevnikova got inspired, saw a glass ball, shoved it up her pussy and worked those muscles until the ball was out. She says it took forever, but now, after 15 years you can put a barb wire in there and she’ll roll it around a coil in no time. That’s what I call a skill. Ancient art of quality blowjob among women may be forever lost, but the art of strong vaginas is still alive, thanks to Tatiana Kozhevnikova.

Video of Tatiana Kozhevnikova lifting glass balls with her vagina and a gallery of photos of this wonder woman are below:


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Breathalyzer Test Fail – Hilarious Video from Russia

Russian people are hilarious. They are the most violent and most honor-lacking, but girls are hot and based on a small sample of what I have had the privilege of meeting, they give great blowjobs. But let’s not go there. Yet! This hilarious video is from Russia as well. The police had stopped a car the driver of which appeared intoxicated, so they asked him to step out of the vehicle and submit to the breathalyzer test. Visibly drank grandpa agrees to take on the test and that’s where he fails in such hilarious way I’d never imagine.

When you’re so drunk that you grab at the breathalyzer and try to take sip of more booze from it, then you’re really effin drunk. The laughter that one of the police makes only adds to the whole awesomeness of the video. Gradpa smiles himself cause he thinks they pulled a joke on him by tricking him into drinking from an empty bottle. The fail in this case is truly epic. Instead of blowing into the breathalyzer, he went to drink from it. Does it get any better than that?

It might be different in Russia, but I know in Canada DUI lawyers make ridiculous amount of money exploiting holes in the drinking and driving law. However with video evidence like that, I don’t see how they could possibly make any case. Bye, bye drivers license 😀

Warehouse Forklift Accident in Russia Destroys $250,000 Worth of Vodka

Warehouse forklift accidents are not uncommon and if they occur, they typically cause a lot of damage. If you work as a forklift operator in a warehouse, you should know that it takes one second, one silly move and whole warehouse could get destroyed. The video above is from Moscow, Russia. At one moment, the racks were loaded with boxes full of bottled Vodka. Seconds later, a qarter million dollars worth of this alcoholic beverage was destroyed. No people were seriously injured in the accident, but employer was definitely not happy about it. Nevermind the cleaning shift.

Maria Sergeyeva – The Russian Sarah Palin

Maria Sergeyeva - The Russian Sarah Palin

Maria Sergeyeva, that hot chick in the photo above is 24 year old and already taking the world by the storm. And if all goes as planned, she could easily turn into storm and shake hands with world’s most powerful people. Maria Sergeyeva came out of nowhere to become the poster girl for Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin. Her ambitions are high – she’s tipped to become Russian minister who aspires to lead Russia. It comes as no surprise she was named The Russian Sarah Palin be several western media outlets.

The success of Maria Sergeyeva was started by blogging – she reached out for Russian youth with pro-Kremplin and pro-Putin speeches on the internet, expanding the reach of her political idols. To boost the popularity of her blog, Maria Sergeyeva utilized her undeniable good looks. And she doesn’t mess around. In one of her speeches, she bluntly told immigrants to leave:

“Immigrants should work in places where Russians don’t want to, or they should go back home.”

Maria Sergeyeva however doesn’t stop there. When former chess champion Garry Kasparov criticized Vladimir Putin, Maria said he sold himself to American spies. She repeatedly appeals to Russian youth by posting attractive pictures of herself, saying that she only wears clothes that are made in Russia. She further appeals to Russians to follow her example and shun everyone who drives a foreign car.

Despite being hard core pro-Russia and anti-western-world, Maria Sergeyeva loves Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill because they are self made leaders. It must be said that only three years ago, Maria Sergeyeva was a big opponent of Vladimir Putin and supporter of Russia’s efforts to join the European Union. What happened that she turned around and became exact opposite is unclear. One of possible scenarios is that her potential was recognized by Vladimir Putin’s administration who hired her to be their poster girl and speak to the masses the message they want delivered. Maria Sergeyeva however vehemently denies these claims.

In regards t the photo posted above, Maria Sergeyeva described it like this:

I’m at a conference. Drunk – and after the banya [sauna]. It’s 3am. A plastic glass with champagne in one hand and single malt whisky, 12 years old, in the other. So I drink champagne after whisky. And wearing nothing but stockings and flag of Cuba. This is my way of finding adventures.

Maria Sergeyeva truly has potential. She speaks the language young people speak and talks to them in ways young people listen to. As such, she’s gonna have great success in politics. Current Russian leaders have already recognized her abilities and recognized the fact that the way she utilizes internet to pass on her message is an important way of propaganda that is not to be missed upon. That likely secures a well paved way through politics for this young woman. She will remain in the forefront in her home country of Russia. We may only hear from her when she posts some more provocative pictures of herself, and I’m sure there will be plenty. But as the time goes by, the name of Maria Sergeyeva will be making its way to the ears of more and more people around the world until one day… Quoting Maria Sergeyeva:

I don’t think Russia is ready for a female president. On the other hand, in 20 years’ time, when I am 44, this may change and it will be the right time for my presidency.

Watch out for this woman. She’s hot, she knows it and knows hot to use it to her advantage. She also knows what to say to get what she wants. These are powerful qualities that open many doors. She’s 24 year old and already had so many doors open, most of us will never even see from the outside. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot from Maria Sergeyeva in the future. Now if there was only a way to leak the Maria Sergeyeva and Vladimir Putin sex tape 😉

Sergey Tuganov Took Viagra, Fucked for 12 Hours, Died of Heart Attack

Sergey Tuganov Took Viagra, Fucked for 12 Hours, Died of Heart Attack

Sergey Tuganov is the shit. This fine lad died of sex… literally. I send my highest regards to the seventh heaven you became an honorable citizen of. Sergey Tuganov, hats off to you. May 77 lusty virgins suck on your cock forever.

What went down is a story to behold. Sergey Tuganov, 28 year old Russian was not getting enough sex. His two female friends were teasing him about it and made a bet that that he would not be able to fuck them for 12 hours straight. Lusty Russian bitches if you ask me. Sergey Tuganov took them up on the bet, there was $4,300 and two hot bitches at stake. Of course he would have taken them on that shit. Wouldn’t you fuck two bitches for 12 hours to win yourself nice cash? Hell yeah. I’d pay for that shit… if I weren’t fat as fuck and could actually locate my dick.

In order to support his little fella and keep him hard for 12 hours, Sergey Tuganov swallowed whole bottle of Viagra. Little fella did not let him down and drilled into cervixes of two frigid Russian bitches for 12 hours. Sergey Tuganov won the bet, got himself more action in 12 hours than me and you will have in our whole lives and then… few minutes later, suffered from massive heart attack and died. Seriously, he just wanted to fuck some more and bitches were exhausted so he went to fuck heaven where he will be able to fuck bitches 24/7. No Viagra needed.

Sergey Tuganov is my hero of the day. Seriously, his name should be put in science books – a man who died fucking.