Miley Cyrus Pussy Photo – Upskirt, No Panties

Miley Cyrus Pussy Photo - Upskirt, No Panties

I knew it was only a question of time before a photo of Miley Cyrus’ pussy leaks onto the internet. And here it is. The not so saint Miley didn’t learn from celebrities who were all caught wearing no panties in pussy revealing photos when getting in or out of motor vehicles. The paparazzi never sleep and an opportunity like a panty-less flash is something none of them would want to miss. And this is the result.

But as was the case with other pussy flash celebrity photos of the past, Miley Cyrus’ snatch also seems undeveloped and shaved like the only men in existence are those who prefer pre pubescent girls. Big roast beef there, but no labia minora.

The best thing about this pussy flash photo is the paparazzi in the background. The “eww, pussy” expression he has on his face is priceless. He can’t even see the upskirt. Maybe Miley farted?

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Photoshop Fails to Make Miley Cyrus Look Good

Photoshop Fails to Make Miley Cyrus Look Good

When I saw these pictures of Disney’s top skank Miley Cyrus I could not help but feel sorry for retouchers whose job it was to make her look good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, these guys surely know how to use photoshop and have done an amazing job on Miley. I wonder whose legs they’ve used to paint over Miley’s real ones. Cause these slick, smooth, sexy legs did definitely not grow on someone with this face. No matter how much the photoshop artist work on Miley Cyrus, those upper gums that make her look like mad horse on rabies cannot be fixed. All this work was in vain. Any attempt to make Miley Cyrus look good with photoshop is bound to fail.

Gallery of pictures for some new ad with Miley Cyrus is below: