Miley Cyrus Pussy Photo – Upskirt, No Panties

Miley Cyrus Pussy Photo - Upskirt, No Panties

I knew it was only a question of time before a photo of Miley Cyrus’ pussy leaks onto the internet. And here it is. The not so saint Miley didn’t learn from celebrities who were all caught wearing no panties in pussy revealing photos when getting in or out of motor vehicles. The paparazzi never sleep and an opportunity like a panty-less flash is something none of them would want to miss. And this is the result.

But as was the case with other pussy flash celebrity photos of the past, Miley Cyrus’ snatch also seems undeveloped and shaved like the only men in existence are those who prefer pre pubescent girls. Big roast beef there, but no labia minora.

The best thing about this pussy flash photo is the paparazzi in the background. The “eww, pussy” expression he has on his face is priceless. He can’t even see the upskirt. Maybe Miley farted?

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Emma Watson in a See Through Top Showing Pink Areola

Emma Watson in a See Through Top Showing Pink Areola

The very personification of “gorgeous” – Emma Watson takes great care to make sure that she doesn’t end up looking like a slut despite being in a spotlight and having tons of paparazzi on her ass. It doesn’t always work out, but unlike other female celebrities, Emma Watson can still call herself a lady.

I’m not sure as to the origin and/or authenticity of this image, however even though Emma looks absolutely stunning with that short hair and the see through top (especially because it flashes her pink areola), I must say I don’t like her lipstick at all. Who the hell was her make-up artist for the day? She/he needs to get fired.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Flashing White Panties (photos)

Alessandra Ambrosio Flashing White Panties (photos)

While Brazil is the gore capital of the world and one of the most dangerous places for anyone to venture into, they occasionally breed a half decent looking ho. Otherwise Brazilian chicks are not hot at all. All those fake tits and tucked in dicks don’t do it for me, but most of all that displeasing Latino feel… ewww! Alessandra Ambrosio – when captured right looks half decent, otherwise she just looks too Brazilian which is plain nasty. However any slender chick who wears white panties and flashes them at onlookers and photographers gets a thumbs up from me, hence photos on Beer Steak.

As you know, Beer Steak is a family friendly blog so I can’t post naked pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio, however it is not difficult to find them if you’re willing to look. Perhaps that fact – the fact that internet is full of half naked pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio is the reason why she doesn’t even try to cover her coochie as she’s getting out of a car knowing damn well the paparazzi will have a ton of shots of her flashing her white panties. Why be a lady anyway?

Alessandra Ambrosio White Panties Flash photos by Pacific Coast News

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Tablet Comparison – iPad vs Ancient Stone

Tablet Comparison - iPad vs Ancient Stone

When comparing latest tablet with the oldest one, there aren’t many differences to spot. Above is a visual comparison of iPad tablet from Apple vs Ancient Stone as a tablet. Aside from the touch screen, the 2010 iPad is about as advanced as an ancient stone from 40,000 BC. That’s pretty much where Apple stands as a company.

Aside from having the capabilities of an ancient stone tablet, iPad also sports truly ugly frame around the screen that sports a 4:3 ratio (aka no widescreen), it has no support for Flash, no support for multitasking (that’s right, if you’d like to listen to music while you are checking emails – forget it, iPod won’t allow you to do that. It’s just too much for it), no camera – whether facing forward or back, no USB slots (WTF, seriously), need for adapters – you will need to buy whole pile of adapters if you would like to do something as fundamental as uploading your pictures from a digital camera onto an iPad, and you are limited to App Store with new applications – you simply can’t install an application you want, you can only install an application offered in App Store. iPad is plain and simple a prehistoric failure of bullshit. Steve Jobs has proven me right again – Apple Sucks!

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iPad and Flash Support Lacking Feature – Get Used to Seeing Blue Legos

iPad and Flash Support Lacking Feature - Get Used to Seeing Blue Legos

Apple iPad tablet was intended to be a replacement for notebooks, yet it lacks support for one of the most important components needed to surf the net – Flash. Without Flash support iPad will not be able to show content of website where Flesh elements are used (many, many websites use that) so instead of seeing their attractive, interactive features, you will see blue legos on the screen of your iPad. Great win on behalf of Apple. Fanboys can wipe off the cream from their panties.

iPad is the biggest technological failure of last few decades. It’s made by Apple so expecting it to suck is fair, but Apple went way overboard delivering suckiness when iPad was released without support for Flash.

Did you realize that all YouTube videos are playable on your computer only because your computer supports flash? That’s right and it’s not only YouTube. Most of the big players in online video sharing use flash platform to offer video streaming. The videos you see when you go to DailyMotion, LiveLeak, MySpace Videos, Google Videos, MetaCafe, etc – they all stream files with .flv extension which is an extension for Flash Video. So if you surf any of those websites on an iPad, instead of seeing their vids, you will see blue legos. Because that’s how Apple rocks. Blue Legos everywhere flash is needed. Count millions of websites, many of which are some of internet’s most visited portals. iPad = FAIL

Emma Watson Flashes her Pussy

Emma Watson Flashes her Pussy

This is the most awesome thing ever. Emma Watson had just turned 18 and has already offered us the divine view of her pussy when she flashed photographers on the way from her 18th birthday party. What better way to let us know she’s legal than by flashing her pussy straight after she’d turned 18. Thank you Emma Watson, you are the fucking best.

I’m completely amazed over how she can look good even in half assed pictures. We get a pussy flash shot, yet Emma always comes out of it as a good girl. I’m just really craving an unveiled pussy shot of her. We already know she wears pubes, you can see it through her see through underwear, but I crave to see her vagina. Emma please, don’t make us wait for too long. Your hot thighs need more attention. Give us the divine view of your naked vagina. We need it.

Images: Splashnewsonline, Wenn

For more pictures go to Emma Watson Pussy Flash Pics.

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