FAIL: Barack Obama Thanks Himself

Brian Cowen Delivers Wrong Speech Before Barack Obama Thanks Himself

All aboard the fail-boat. Barack Obama, the man who put a whole new meaning to FAIL is at it again, this time more epic than ever after he’d thanked himself for throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party and inviting everyone over. The “Obama Thanks Himself FAIL has not concluded the fail-boat of last night’s party at the White House. Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen – one of the invited guests delivered an epic fail of his own. What happened?

After Barack Obama delivered his speech (it was a pre Obama thanking himself speech), Brian Cowen stepped on the podium to deliver his speech. few paragraphs into his main act, he realized his speech, which he was reading from the teleprompter, sounded awfully familiar. That was when he realized he was reading the same sentences that were previously read by Barack Obama. Fail after fail.

Brian Cowen then came to and realized he was reading Barack Obama speech, to which US president responded by reading Irish Prime Minister’s speech and thanked himself for inviting everyone over. What a party!

As Barack Obama thanks himself, I couldn’t help but notice – doesn’t he throw parties at the White House pretty much every day? That dude is a party animal, I swear. And media continues making news with his cock up their asses. Sure, if Obama thanks himself, that’s funny. But when he says that Guinness beer tastes better in Ireland becuase Irish keep the good stuff for themselves, somehow the media fail to disclose that Barack Obama has never visited Ireland. That guy is full of poop and fail. But he’s got his fellow ass-kissers who will not hesitate to worship him no matter what. Congrats to all the winners.

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One thought on “FAIL: Barack Obama Thanks Himself”

  1. Interesting that the mainstream media has hid the video. Now why is that?

    Had Bush made this error, it would be ALL over the MSM by now.

    Check out Barack Obama’s teleprompter website too. It’s hilarious.

    Reading off a teleprompter does not render one a good orator.

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