China – a New Threat to the USA and the World

China - a New Threat to the USA and the World

Osama bil Laden may have been dead for years, but the very people who created him in the first place and used him as an excuse to execute the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York held off the announcement of his death until May 1, 2011 because timing the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world must be worthwhile. Americans would not have announced Osama’s death unless they could not have otherwise. With Obama’s ratings going down the toilet and an election time around the corner, the moment was auspicious and this one time opportunity was seized. But what now? Now that the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world has been officially eliminated – who will the Americans use to fearmonger the public with? If you take a look around, the answer will soon become clear – China.

I always used to think that there was no way a dumber politician than Barack Hussein Obama could possibly exist, but Hillary Clinton has been outdoing herself so much she wipes her ass with Obama when it comes to dumbness. It’s kind of funny given that China happens to be America’s biggest creditor, yet Hillary Clinton visits the country and yaps her low grade mouth, denouncing China for “human rights violations” and lack of democracy. And while she was in China, criticizing China for human rights violations, US Homeland Security sent their SWAT teams to crack down on and beat the shit out of peaceful student gathering by Western Illinois University. This peaceful street party which is held every year in a small town in Illinois did not involve rioting of any sorts. The police showed the students never the less (see the video at the end of the post).

So let me rephrase it – Hillary the dumb one Clinton goes to China to bitch about their poor human rights record, while American police beat, tazer, abuse and arrest anyone they want because they are no longer held accountable for their actions. Because America is under a “State of War”, anyone can be arrested and held on sheer suspicion that they may be connected with the terrorist organizations. Human rights? Please!

China has been growing economically for years and that type of steady growth did not go unnoticed. Given their powerful military, close military ties with Russia (a country with immense nuclear potential, capable of wiping out the entire human race) and potential to become the strongest economy in the world within 5 years, China has become a new threat and now that Osama bin laden is dead, the US government is taking the advantage of the momentum to declare China the new threat to the USA and the world. In order to keep the gears of war turning, there must be an enemy. And if the enemy is eliminated, new one must be invented. Otherwise the gears of war stop turning and with it stop the billion dollar profits that the war generates for the privileged ones through lucrative contracts.

Funnily enough, regardless of how much Hillary Clinton yaps about China, the USA still owes them some $2 Trillion. If China decides to dump these assets, it would denominate the US dollar to a point that its exchange value would shatter, destroying the main source of country’s power. Who’ll be the last one to laugh then, Hillary?

Speaking of human rights violations that Hillary Clinton criticized China for – why would she not focus on violations of human rights of thousands of innocent civilians affected by US bombing in Libya? Why not worry about human rights of millions affected by the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan? How about human rights violations by the US military in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo prisons? How about secret CIA prisons scattered around the world used to torture the victims? The USA should be the very last country to criticize another for their human rights violations.

But China has clearly been chosen. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear something bad told about China at least once per hour. The brainwashing campaign to set up China as the new #1 threat to the USA and the world (to replace Osama Bin laden) is well under way. But try to explain this to your average Obama sheep. They went out in thousands to cheer after the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden was announced by their master. They bow down and take the Obama cock right between their ass checks and thank him kindly for the privilege of fucking them right in the ass without lube. How could people be this blind to not see the forest for the trees? Ahh well, Obama sheep are our future, right? They are the young generation, the students, the youth. They are change we can believe in.

If you feel like, check out the video on the suppression of peaceful student gathering I spoke about earlier:

Video of South Jordan Police Officer Jared Nichols Shooting Wade Pennington to Death

This is a year old dashcam video from a police car capturing an incident in which a Utah man by the name of Wade Pennington was shot and killed by a South Jordan police officer Jared Nichols. Family of Wade Pennington filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Police and the agencies involved to get the case resolved and bring truth to light.

The calendar showed May of 2009 when 41 year old Wade Pennington was shot to death. Jared Nichols – the South Jordan police officer who fired the gun that ended the life of Wade Pennington was cleared by the West Jordan police department and the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office but the family is suing the police because their story does not match that of the dash cam video.

Even though actual shooting and death of Wade Pennington cannot be seen in the video – because the camera was pointing in a different direction, recorded audio captured what was being said and when the shots were fired.

The incident started when the SUV driven by Wade Pennington was spotted by South Jordan Sgt. Allen Crist near businesses with high occurrence of burglaries. Sgt. Crist went after the potentially suspicious vehicle, only to have his suspicion confirmed when the vehicle runs over the curb and takes off.

Wade Pennington’s criminal record is quite large, but the police officers insist that they didn’t know it was him who was driving an SUV. Afterall, it was not registered under his name, but under the name of his fiancee.

The police pursuit leads into a cul-de-sac but Wade Pennington manages to get away. High speed pursuit exceeding 80 miles per hour continued through red lights, over a fire hydrant and into another cul-de-sac, but Wade Pennington managed to get away again.

Third time’s a charm and as SUV driven by Wade Pennington gets forced into another cul-de-sac, it gets rammed by the police cruiser driven by Jared Nichols and another cruiser driven by Sgt. Perez. Wade Pennington no longer pursues an escape attempt and remains stopped.

Officer Perez gets out of the cruiser and appeals to the man behind the wheel of an SUV to give in. Officer Jared Nichols gets out of his cruiser next and proceeds to open fire at Wade Pennington, mere seconds after getting the SUV to stop.

Jared Nichols can be heard in the video shouting, “Freeze or I’ll shoot you. Freeze!” Two gunfire shots follow and the officer calls for the suspect to Freeze one more time. One of the shots fired by officer Jared Nichols was fatal and ended the life of Wade Pennington. Even though the officer was cleared, the family of the deceased is suing the police for $1 Million and demands answers.

Based on the video above, do you think the police officer Jared Nichols had the right to shoot to kill or was the death of Wade Pennington an overkill?

Cop Paul Schene Viciously Beats Up 15 Year-Old Girl (video)

This is an extreme case of police brutality from Seattle, Washington. Recently released video shows two deputy officers from King County violently beating up a 15 year old girl inside a jail cell for throwing a shoe after them. Shoe Throwers rock!

The beat up of this fine 15 year old ass took place on November 29, 2008. It was entirely recoded on a security camera installed inside the cell where girl was being confined. She was arrested after her parents reported their car stole. The police tracked down the car, and arrested this girl who was a passenger. Because she’s a minor, her name has not been released. One name that was released as the name of that cock sucker who felt like feeling some 15-year-old flesh and grabbed at the opportunity as soon as it arrived. His name is Deputy Paul Schene and he’s being charged with assault. The other cop’s name is Travis Brunner. He’s the one who got the girl arrested after he’s spotted the car she was driving in in the middle of the night without headlights on. The car was driven by another 15 year old girl who was also arrested.

31 year old cop Paul Schene has been with the police force for 8 years. Deputies Paul Schene and Travis Brunner escorted the girl to a holding cell. Once she was in, Paul Schene asked her to take off her shoes. The girl slipped the shoe off her foot and kicked it at Paul Schene. The cop responded by kicking the teen, pushed her against the wall, then flinged her on the floor by her hair and deliver two punches, even though it is not evident from the video where the punches landed.

If convicted, Paul Schene could face up to one year in prison. He’s been on administrative leave since beginning of investigation in December.

Police Brutality Video – Maurice Harrington Beating Michael Cephus

Police brutality video from New York City documents an NYPD cop Maurice Harrington delivering extremely horrific, painful beating to Michael Cephus using his a collapsible metal baton in full swings.

The video has caused much controversy pointing out that extreme police brutality is reality. Maurice Harrington – a four year NYPD veteran has been since relieved from duty and had to give up his badge and gun while the case is under investigation. 46 year old Michael Cephus, the victim of the beating says the cop just started hitting him and the video seems to prove it, however Maurice Harrington claims Michael Cephus was drunk and tried to attack him with his fists and umbrella.

I don’t know about that claim, but from te video it looks like Maurice Harrington was mercilessly beating Michael Cephus with the baton while he was on the ground as another police officer is trying to put hand cuffs on him. I see no reason why Maurice Harrington would start to hit Michael Cephus’ leg with full power while he was down other than he wanted to show him ho the boss is and that he’s not to mess with a cop on duty. That pretty much means it WAS police brutality at its finest. Clear abuse of power. The case is still under investigation (makes you wander what excuse will be used to swipe t under the rug) but the video seems to depict Maurice Harrington as cop on power trip. What a pig!.