China – a New Threat to the USA and the World

China - a New Threat to the USA and the World

Osama bil Laden may have been dead for years, but the very people who created him in the first place and used him as an excuse to execute the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York held off the announcement of his death until May 1, 2011 because timing the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world must be worthwhile. Americans would not have announced Osama’s death unless they could not have otherwise. With Obama’s ratings going down the toilet and an election time around the corner, the moment was auspicious and this one time opportunity was seized. But what now? Now that the death of the #1 threat to the USA and the world has been officially eliminated – who will the Americans use to fearmonger the public with? If you take a look around, the answer will soon become clear – China.

I always used to think that there was no way a dumber politician than Barack Hussein Obama could possibly exist, but Hillary Clinton has been outdoing herself so much she wipes her ass with Obama when it comes to dumbness. It’s kind of funny given that China happens to be America’s biggest creditor, yet Hillary Clinton visits the country and yaps her low grade mouth, denouncing China for “human rights violations” and lack of democracy. And while she was in China, criticizing China for human rights violations, US Homeland Security sent their SWAT teams to crack down on and beat the shit out of peaceful student gathering by Western Illinois University. This peaceful street party which is held every year in a small town in Illinois did not involve rioting of any sorts. The police showed the students never the less (see the video at the end of the post).

So let me rephrase it – Hillary the dumb one Clinton goes to China to bitch about their poor human rights record, while American police beat, tazer, abuse and arrest anyone they want because they are no longer held accountable for their actions. Because America is under a “State of War”, anyone can be arrested and held on sheer suspicion that they may be connected with the terrorist organizations. Human rights? Please!

China has been growing economically for years and that type of steady growth did not go unnoticed. Given their powerful military, close military ties with Russia (a country with immense nuclear potential, capable of wiping out the entire human race) and potential to become the strongest economy in the world within 5 years, China has become a new threat and now that Osama bin laden is dead, the US government is taking the advantage of the momentum to declare China the new threat to the USA and the world. In order to keep the gears of war turning, there must be an enemy. And if the enemy is eliminated, new one must be invented. Otherwise the gears of war stop turning and with it stop the billion dollar profits that the war generates for the privileged ones through lucrative contracts.

Funnily enough, regardless of how much Hillary Clinton yaps about China, the USA still owes them some $2 Trillion. If China decides to dump these assets, it would denominate the US dollar to a point that its exchange value would shatter, destroying the main source of country’s power. Who’ll be the last one to laugh then, Hillary?

Speaking of human rights violations that Hillary Clinton criticized China for – why would she not focus on violations of human rights of thousands of innocent civilians affected by US bombing in Libya? Why not worry about human rights of millions affected by the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan? How about human rights violations by the US military in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo prisons? How about secret CIA prisons scattered around the world used to torture the victims? The USA should be the very last country to criticize another for their human rights violations.

But China has clearly been chosen. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear something bad told about China at least once per hour. The brainwashing campaign to set up China as the new #1 threat to the USA and the world (to replace Osama Bin laden) is well under way. But try to explain this to your average Obama sheep. They went out in thousands to cheer after the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden was announced by their master. They bow down and take the Obama cock right between their ass checks and thank him kindly for the privilege of fucking them right in the ass without lube. How could people be this blind to not see the forest for the trees? Ahh well, Obama sheep are our future, right? They are the young generation, the students, the youth. They are change we can believe in.

If you feel like, check out the video on the suppression of peaceful student gathering I spoke about earlier:

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Mugshots of the Mega Millions Winner Holly Lahti and Her Estranged Husband Joshua

Mugshots of the Mega Millions Winner Holly Lahti and Her Estranged Husband Joshua

Couldn’t have happened to better people, right? I mean… just look at the mugshots and you’ll have to agree. These two definitely strike me as hard working contributors to the society who deserve the $190 Million fortune. Nevermind the fact that Holly Lahti sports a black eye in her mugshot. It was an art adjustment by her estranged husband’s fist. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Whole America was on their toes when Mega Millions lottery jackpot reached $380 Million over the New Year’s Eve period. People flocked to their neighborhood convenience shops to buy a ticket for their chance at this amazing mass of cash. And two of them struck jackpot. We’re only gonna focus on one – 29 year old Holly Lahti.

Holly Lahti lives in Rathdrum, Idaho where she’s worked at the bank since 2007. She’s been married to Joshua Lahti for more than 10 years and gave birth to two of his daughters. Things were not going well between the two and one day they both ended up at the police station. Both were charged with batter but the charges were eventually dropped. Holly had her face bruised when the mugshots were taken.

Joshua Lahti has crossed path with law enforcement more than a dozen times and his criminal record contains several juicy items, including domestic battery, buying alcohol for a minor and drug possession. Buying alcohol for a minor? Really?

Holly Lahti and her husband Joshua have separated and lived estranged lives, but never divorced and as such remain legally married. And now Holly hit the big jackpot, won herself $190 Million yet she still has a husband and if I recall correctly, he may claim half of it for himself if she decides to divorce him. He could also insist on living with his wife since she’s his wife, right? Either way, Holly Lahti seems to be caught between a rock and a hard place, however, even if she were to spend half of this fortune on lawyers to ensure that her husband gets none of it, she’ll still end up being really well off. I suppose it’s not that bad in the end. Could not have happened to a nicer couple, though. Could not!

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The Old Shoe Tree on Highway 50 in Nevada Has Been Cut Down by Vandals

The Old Shoe Tree on Highway 50 in Nevada Has Been Cut Down by Vandals

The Old Shoe Tree of Nevada, the iconic tree with hundreds of pairs of shoes hung on it has been cut down by vandals. What a tragic end to an amazing landmark that had so many stories to tell. The ride down the Loneliest Road in America – Highway 50 will never be the same again.

The Old Shoe Tree was one of the most popular roadside attractions not only in Nevada, but all of America. Located near Middlegate on Highway 50, The Old Shoe Tree was more than just a tree decorated with unwanted shoes. Many local business relied on it as it attracted travellers to the area everyone would otherwise pass through. And now it is gone.

Resembling an oddly decorate Christmas tree, in an act of unspeakable selfishness, The Old Shoe Tree was cut down by vandals on New Year’s Eve, just before Nevada whopped into 2011.

The Churchill County Sheriff’s Department has launched an investigation, but even if the culprits are nailed down, it will not bring The Old Shoe Tree back.

History of The Old Shoe Tree

Nobody is really sure when and how the act of throwing shoes on a large silk tree started, but the legend has it that the first pair of shoes was thrown on The Old Shoe Tree in the early 90’s during an argument between a newlywed bride and groom.

Following their wedding, the couple was passing through the Nevada desert on their way to California when an argument sparked between them. Unable to reason with his new wife, the groom pulled over by a large cotton tree and dropped his wife there to cool down. He drove off to have a beer at the Middlegate Station Bar but when he came back, he found the bride still furious with anger.

In a bid to shut her up, the groom threw her shoes into the tree and took off to have another cold one down his throat. Upon his second return, he already found his wife calmed down and capable of reasoning so the two had patched things up and were about to get the shoes off the tree so they could hit the road again, but the shoes were tangled up so tightly, it proved to be a major headache so the couple left them there and drove away.

Overtime, the cotton tree attracted more people who sought refuge from Nevada’s desert sun and as they stood there cooling off, they noticed the shoes and added their own. It became somewhat of a rite as more shoes were being added into the tree until the tree got transformed into a major roadside attraction.

Sadly, due to wrongdoing of some selfish individual(s), The Old Shoe Tree is no more. It has been cut down and it will dry off and get eaten by fungus and bugs and before we know it, there will be no trace of it. Such a senseless end to an amazing tree. I hope you’re happy with what you did there, vandals…

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American Boneheads Laugh and Cheer After Killing a Human Being

I’m not surprised that things like Abu Ghraib abuse of prisoners by American boneheads or puppy toss by another one of them keep re-appearing over and over with staggering frequency. These American boneheads have zero respect for human life (actually, zero respect for life in general, human or not), zero dignity and zero honor which can be judged by watching just about any video from Iraq or Afghanistan that was recorded by one of these American boneheads. Twinkies are always heard cheering and laughing when another human being dies.

Why is killing another human being such a joke to American boneheads? They like to point fingers at suicide bombers, but how are they different from those who get off to Allahu Akbar after one or more of the braindead twinkie Americans get ripped apart by their IED?

As videos of Iraq or Afghanistan continue hitting the web, American goons keep proving that they are naught but a bunch of cowardly childish, disrespectful, “fuck ye-yah” crying-out-loud yahoos from pussy whipped homes.

At time of this post, there have been 873,344 civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by American lead oppression and the numbers keep growing by the hour.

BTW, did you notice what a bunch of lying losers they are? Unable to fire a shot properly, they completely missed the target, wasting an expensive TOW shot and made up a story to camouflage their incompetence. American boneheads = EPIC FAIL!

Provoking Military Action Against North Korea – When Will the USA Stop?

Provoking Military Action Against North Korea - When Will the USA Stop?

Warmongering nation of the United States of America has been so blatant in their attempts to provoke North Korea into taking military action against South Korea and blaming it on the North, it’s become ridiculous. First Americans attacked and sank South Korean Cheonan, and now an unprovoked bombing of disputed border areas at Yeonpyeong island. Americans will truly stop at nothing. North Korea has long been a pain in their neck for being unwilling to bend over and take it in the ass (unlike much of the world) and that truly pisses the likes of Hillary Clinton off. So they resort to attacking their ally – South Korea, killing innocent people only to lay blame on a peaceful nation of North Korea. And since attacks so far have not resulted in large enough condemnation and declaration of war, they (the Americans) continue striking against South Korea, provoking their neighbour to the north by falsely accusing them of being behind the attacks until the global community endorses the war against North Korea.

This tactics of attacking friendlies is a well established one and has been used to start many a war. Just light one of your own buildings on fire, or bomb one of the affiliated areas killing innocent people, make it look as though the aggressor is the country you crave to attack and there you have it – full on support of your power hungry war from the people of your own country as well as the citizens worldwide.

Americans pushed North Korea to the edge and knew damn well that a few shells sent across the border will provoke them into returning fire. And that’s exactly what happened. North Korea would have had absolutely no reason to return fire had the Americans not provoked them by attacking their land first. North Korea is not a nation with history of unprovoked attacks against innocent people. The United States of America – on the other hand, the only country with history of (ab)use of nuclear weapons against civilian targets has a profound history of doing that. Add to it the fact that Americans have long wanted to attack North Korea as it is one of the last few countries that remain resistant to their abuse, the reason for provocation is undisputed.

This brainwash and mindless killing must stop. Enough of that abuse by the Americans, always looking to control and manipulate sovereign nations, exploiting their resources and people for their own benefits. The business of war is a very profitable one. Americans want war – no, they need war (at least the elite does) because it translates into massive profits. Private companies with ties to the elite get super lucrative contracts developing weapons to provide the soldiers with technology to kill. That makes the companies and people behind them ridiculously rich, even in slow economy because for as long as there is war, the budget for military equipment will be assigned and tax payers money used to produce it. And so the manufacturers cash in big time – recession or not.

That’s of course not the end of it. Going to war generates money for the elite by assigning lucrative contracts to their befriended companies, but there is a secondary, long term money maker of much larger proportions in sight when going to war. Subdued nation gets divided, corrupt leaders favouring the oppressors put in power, and control over natural resources and other lucrative areas of the nation fall under control of the oppressor and once that happens, the nation is screwed as a small group of people will take everything the country generates.

That’s why Americans are so desperate to provoke North Korea into attacking the South, so that global community gets angered and starts supporting military aggression against this otherwise peaceful nation. A lie repeated a thousand times become the truth and the Americans keep feeding the global community with their lie that North Korea is dangerous and poses global threat. What a pile of crock shit. The only country that’s dangerous and poses global threat is the USA. They are the ones with history of unprovoked attacks against sovereign nations as well as the one with history of (ab)use of weapons of mass destruction. No other nation has done it before – only Americans. They’ve done it before, continue doing it and will do it again. So why is North Korea perceived as a threat?

It’s time to wake up and face the real threat. Provoking of military action by attacking North Korea must stop and global community must make it happen. It’s time to stop blaming the victim and point finger at who really causes the problem. The USA must be forced to stop attacking North Korea and provoking it into military action against the South. We all who don’t voice against this aggression are guilty of innocent people losing their lives. Greed of the Americans must come to an end and peaceful nations not willing to give in to their power mongering must be left alone to go on on their own. Shame on us for not only not doing enough, but believing and supporting the oppressor. What a shame indeed.

Video below is a raw footage of North Korea’s response to an unprovoked military attack against them by the Americans and their allied South Korean forces:

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South Korea Warship Sinking Torpedo Was NOT Fired by North Korea

South Korea Warship Sinking Torpedo Was NOT Fired by North Korea
South Korea Warship Sinking Torpedo Was NOT Fired by North Korea

Well played global brainwash regarding the sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan that goes on around the world at the moment is spine shattering. Just how easy it is for the Americans to blame North Korea for something they did not do? The United States of America, country with proven track record of attacks on their own people as well as various strategic targets of their own interest with intentions to blame it on somebody else to start the military aggression wants us believe that the torpedo which sank the South Korean warship was fired by the North Korean military.

It is no secret that the USA has had the beef with North Korea for a long time. The peaceful nation of North Korea has proven all of the US allegation to be false so the Americans have every right to be pissed. It was only a question of time when Americans would strike against the friendlies and sacrifice the lives of innocent people only to have an excuse to hit North Korea hard. Hillary Clinton, that stupid dumb b!tch then has the audacity to go to China to brainwash them into believing that the torpedo fired by the US was fired by North Korea. Of course she declares that South Korea has full support of the USA in this dispute – that’s exactly what Americans wanted by sinking the South Korean ship!

It was not so long ago when the USA was pointing fingers at North Korea claiming that there are reasons to believe they could use nuclear weapons against I don’t know whom! What a ludicrous accusation. There is only one country in the world with history of (ab)use of nuclear weapons and that’s not North Korea. If there is a country to fear, it’s the USA. It’s the Americans who won’t stop at nothing and they are proving it over and over again. They have done it before (used nuclear bombs), they could do it again. Peaceful North Korea has never used nuclear weapons against innocent people and there is no reason, other than the American bullshit to believe that they ever would.

Likewise, there is no reason to believe that North Korea would fire a torpedo that sank the South Korean warship, but there is every reason to believe that the Americans would do that. They’ve done it many times before and are well known for using this tactics to start military aggression against any country that doesn’t kiss their arse. No my friends, the torpedo that sank the South Korean ship was not fired by North Korea. Use your brain before you start believing what American government friendly media tells you.

Photo by Associated Press: Yonhap, Choi Jae-ku

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World Air Traffic As Seen from Space, 0-24 Hours Video

This is easily one of the most fascinating thing you will have seen your whole life. The video shows World Air Traffic for 24 hours as seen from Space (view from satellite). Each yellow dot represents a plane that’s in the air during a 24 hour period.

Since whole day of the World Air Traffic is captured on the video, you will see the day and night moving west from the east. It is amazing to take notice of how air traffic slows down and stops as night falls on an area. The least traffic seems to be in early morning hours of the day – between 2am and 5am.

You can also notice the overnight traffic from the USA to England timed to arrive in London in the morning. As the day progresses, the flights to Europe slow down and eventually stop and the traffic reverses with flights to the American continent. Air traffic over Europe is insane during daytime hours and the same happens in North America as European traffic slows down for the night.

Obviously, even though the video demonstrate the world air traffic, the yellow dots only represent larger aircraft. Smaller planes which are not equipped with transponders are not shown. Did you know that on a worldwide scale, 51,000 planes are in the air in any given minute? The pollution impact from air planes must be atrocious.

2010 Environmental Performance Index Ranks The Greenest Countries

2010 Environmental Performance Index Ranks The Greenest Countries

For all the green thinking people out there, the 2010 Environmental Performance Index was released on January 28, 2010 to show with of world’s countries are the greenest so to speak. the 2010 Environmental Performance Index was based on a research conducted by Environmental Law & Policy at Yale University and The Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) of Columbia University in collaboration with World Economic Forum
in Geneva, Switzerland and Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy. The 2010 Environmental Performance Index is their third release and is being revisited every two years after initial research started in 2006.

Not surprisingly, Iceland is the undisputed world leader when it comes to “addressing pollution control and natural resource management” as stated in the 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) press release. What does surprise me is the presence of Costa Rica in top 4 placements which contains countries with EPI scores between 85 and 100. Iceland scored 93.5 point and remains the only country with more than 90 points. Switzerland scored second with 89.1 points, Costa Rica ranked third with 86.4 points and top scores list is concluded with Sweden which scored 86.0 points.

Aside from surprisingly high scoring Costa Rica which is a very rough and vastly unsafe country, other than a few tourist trap spots, I was also surprised to see Denmark all the way down at spot #32, scoring mere 69.2 EPI points. Denmark has been ranking for many consecutive years as a country with highest standards of living in the world but surprisingly, they don’t seem to focus on the environment as much as I would like to think. Switzerland on the other hand that’s been hanging right behind Denmark in ranks of quality living is only a few points behind Iceland making it both environmentally friendly and high standard of living providing country.

My home country of Canada is way below Denmark yet. Shame on us. I know many Canadians think green and use reusable bags and what not, but we drive cars everywhere, public transport is a joke, idling is normal and oil field multibillion dollar companies only care about profits, not the environment, so I’m not that shocked Canada failed a bit on the 2010 Environmental Performance Index list.

I have been to Slovakia and can confirm that it is an amazingly green country with great laws in place ensuring protection of their beautiful forests and people always eager to preserve their stunningly jaw-dropping nature. Slovakia is one of the finest countries in the world and if you haven’t visited yet, you’ll be up for a pleasant surprise once you do. People and the country itself are amazing. You won’t find that anywhere else – except from maybe Iceland.

United States of America ranks worse than Canada on the 2010 Environmental Performance Index list. Perhaps for many Americans it could be surprising their country got this high because as it is with Canada, there is more than too much room for improvements when it comes to environment protection. Industrialized countries are known for being world’s biggest polluters so seeing Canada and the USA this low on the list is not all that shocking. Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution were main contributors to low ranks of our countries, but we didn’t go all that down thanks to forest sustainability and provision of safe drinking water.

I’m glad to see Cuba in top 10, even though I’m surprised Slovakia ranks below Cuba. I have visited both countries and would definitely consider Slovakia greener than Cuba. Slovakia is not a communist country anymore so profit often goes before health and many food producers dope up their produce to speed up and boost sales. This doesn’t take place in Cuba which is likely why their life expectancy and child mortality rates are some of the lowest in the world and quite possibly why it outranked Slovakia on the 2010 Environmental Performance Index. However water in Cuba is vastly unsafe which must have contributed immensely in loss of many points so seeing Cuba this high on the list is amazing.

Bhutan is another major surprise. This Asian country located on the slopes of the Himalaya mountains has been closed to foreigners for a long time and has only recently opened but restricts tourists rigorously making for an extremely exclusive feel for those who get a chance to visit it. These restrictions are in place to ensure that Bhutan’s nature and culture live on hence it’s surprising to see them all the way down at spot #68 – even lower than the Dominican Republic.

Speaking of the Dominican Republic – it’s another country I have visited and while there are places with pristine nature protected by the government, I didn’t find it all that green. However is anyone surprised that their neighbor – Haiti is one of the worst ranking countries on the 2010 Environmental Performance Index. It only proves exactly what I have said about Haiti before – it is one of the biggest shitholes on the planet and channeling millions of dollars to them after the earthquake may not be the smartest of ideas. Given how ridiculously corrupt Haiti is, the money will not find its way to where it’s meant to go. Most of it will disappear in the hands of corrupt officials, the rest will be stolen. And don’t forget to check out the difference between forestation on the border separating Haiti from the Dominican Republic. The reason why Haiti ranks at the bottom of the Environmental Performance Index will be instantly clear.

The 2010 Environmental Performance Index took into account 25 different metrics to derive their rankings from. 163 countries were put into test in 10 categories including air quality, environmental health, biodiversity and habitat, water resource management, fisheries, forestry, climate change and agriculture. More information about the 2010 Environmental Performance Index can be found on Yale University website HERE.

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Muslim Numbers in Europe, Canada, USA and the World

Muslim Numbers in Europe, Canada, USA and the World

You have probably heard that Christianity is no longer the largest religion of the world. It was passed in numbers by Islam. Muslims are multiplying with unprecedented rapidity while fertility rate in non Muslim societies is way below the rate necessary to maintain itself. The video below puts Muslim numbers in perspective against numbers of other social, cultural and religious groups.

It is likely that the world will be taken over by the Muslims within a few short decades. As the video states, research has shown that in order for a culture to maintain itself, it needs the fertility rate of at least 2.11 children per family. Any culture with lesser fertility rate than that will decline. As per historical records, no culture that reached fertility rate of 1.9 children per family was able to reverse the decline.

Many of the Western European countries have had alarmingly low fertility rates in past years, most of them below level needed to sustain itself. Some countries are even below 1.3 children per family fertility rate, which is the rate at which the decline of society is impossible to reverse as it would take 80 – 100 years to correct itself and there is no economic model that can sustain a culture during such long time. Below is the list of statistics of fertility rates in some countries in Western Europe:

  • France: 1.8
  • England: 1.6
  • Greece: 1.3
  • Germany: 1.3
  • Italy: 1.2
  • Spain: 1.1

Global fertility rate across 31 countries of the European Union is mere 1.38. With such low fertility rate, Europe would be bound to reach extinction, but their population numbers are not declining. The reason is simple – immigration. Most immigrants to Europe are Muslim, people from Islamic background. Since 1990, 90% of all immigrants to Europe have been Muslims. While French families have on average 1.8 children per family, Muslim families in France have on average 8.1 children per family. Muslims sure like to creampie their female partners.

As the video says, the world is changing. The global culture our children inherit will be vastly different that it is today. The demographics of the world is changing vastly in favor of Muslims. While Muslim numbers are growing, numbers of other ethnic and religious groups are declining. This is the case of virtually every continent. Europe has been hit with mass Muslim invasion perhaps the hardest, but there are frighteningly growing numbers of Muslims in Canada and the USA as well. It is predicted that by 2027, the numbers of Muslims in France will grow to such extent that 1/5 of the country will be Muslims. And in 39 years from now, France will be taken over my Muslims completely and will become an Islamic republic.

Number of Muslims in The Great Britain grew from 85,000 to 2,5 Million in the last 30 years. 50% of all newborns in The Netherlands are Muslims. Half of the population in The Netherlands will be Muslim in 15 years. 40% of the Russian army will be made of Muslims in a few short years. 25% of the population of Belgium are Muslims with 50% of all children born being Muslim. European government in Brussels predicts that by 2025, one third of all European children will be born to Muslim families. That’s only 15 years away. Germany federal statistics office made a point a few years back that the decline of German population can no longer be reversed and that by 2050, Germany will be an Islamic state. Europe will turn into a Muslim continent within a few decades.

The fertility rate in both Canada and the United States is now only 1.6 children per family. Islam is Canada’s fastest growing religion. In the United States, there were only 100,000 Muslims in 1970. Today, there are more than 9 Million of them. Our children will be born to a world ruled by the Muslims. Their numbers continue to grow while numbers of other cultures continue to decline. The video that puts it all in perspective is below:

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PA Congressman Paul Kanjorski: USA was 3 Hours Away from Collapse

PA Congressman Paul Kanjorski: USA was 3 Hours Away from Collapse

Pennsylvania Congressman Paul Kanjorski participated in an interview posted below and talked about conspiracy by US treasury and the Federal reserve that had intentions to hijack US economy. According Paul Kanjorski, the United States of America was 3 hours away from complete economical and political collapse that would bring forth martial law.

Paul Kanjorski says that in mid September of 2008, $550 billion was drawn out of money market accounts within a span of 2 hours. This, according to PA Congressman would have been the end of US economic and political system.

This whole thing kind of smells of illuminati bankers trying their best to collapse the world and secure the one government rule – their government – over the entire planet. Few wealthy families desire to hold the strings of every person alive, like we’re marionettes. Fact be told, most high rank US politicians are members of secret societies that meet to decide the fate of the world behind closed doors. I doubt their intentions are to help people who are down to go up and sacrifice some of their control over the world in the name of common good. We’re fucked, but not yet. They do have the power, but we still have the numbers. The revolution is now. It’s time to rise and fight. But seeing how many blindfolded Obama worshippers cast their vote for the Antichrist and still can’t get enough of brown nosing his salad, I have little faith. I guess I’ll just go with: we’re fucked.

It’s time for new revolution. Everyone should look into their souls and add two and two. It’s not that difficult. And do something about it – Join the Zeitgeist Movement! New World Order is real!

Video interview with PA Congressman Paul Kanjorski talking about how US and the world came within hours of complete collapse is below: